Reflection of “Why massive open online courses (still) matter by Anant Agarwal.”


The “Mr. Anant Agarwal” delivered pretty informative ideas in the TED talk under the title of the “Why massive open online courses (still) matter” in the year of 2013. Anant Agarwal is a Researcher and Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. 2013 was a hype year for MOOCs. Great big hopes and great big numbers were followed by some disappointing 1st outcomes. Anant Agarwal is the head of edX, makes the case that, massive open online courses still matter as a way to share supplement traditional classrooms and high-level learning widely. The speaker shares his point of view about blended learning where educators create the ideal learning practice for the twenty-first-century students.


MOOCs (massive open online courses) are innovative and pretty helpful for students from all over the world. The MOOCs system will be more innovative with the help of different strategies such as facilities in paying a fee, lectures delivery, assignment solution and accessibilities to the discussion board at every time.


The target of the MOOCs system may include internal students on the course, internal students not on the course, potential students’ national, potential students international, parents, potential students of high school, alumni, lifelong learners, professionals, and government. One of the most significant targets of the MOOCs is individual who wants lifelong learning.


There are numerous environmental challenges faced by MOOCs. Environment plays a significant role in the development of the product or system. MOOCS is an international based system; therefore, it faces numerous challenges that are national and international. MOOCs face different environmental challenges such as feedback, isolation, expert’s blind spot, and no silver bullet.


In the education industry, MOOCs is the recent phenomenon with the proliferation of players like as Khan Academy, EdX, NoveEd, Udacity, and Coursera. MOOCs are open to anybody internationally. A course can attract numerous individual to enroll in a course.


There are numerous advantages of the MOOCs. Innovative startups, reputable institutions, and other top colleges have made a large range of the top quality education accessible with the help of MOOCs, and it is growing and increasing all the time. Whether you desire to learn about the neuroscience, entrepreneurship, computer coding or something else, it`s pretty easy with the help of MOOCs. Due to MOOCs, there are numerous courses which are free. One of the most significant advantages of the MOOCs is flexibility.

The benefit of the MOOCs to women is more than men for the reason that women face numerous difficulties in learning such as transportation etc. So, with the help of MOOCs women get higher education at their doorstep. The individual who is working in different organizations can study more and more with the help of the MOOCs along their works. The students in MOOC learning can take classes at any time in 24 hours. So, the MOOCs study system is beneficial for every person.


MOOCs has some disadvantages with its benefits such as MOOCS course are frequently simplified, lack of interaction and individual did not give much time to study due to their other responsibilities.


We will market the MOOCs system with the help of internet advertisement, attracting potential student and use various sources to market the MOOCs system. I would like to say that market segmentation is also a helpful tool to market the MOOCs system.


The future of the MOOCs is bright for the reason that students want comfortable learning. In these days students want to read books on laptop or tablet, and the professor is on the computer or mobile. They can pause, rewind and stop their professor with the help of the MOOCs.



To innovate based on media affordance and technology, to re-bundle the value propositions, and to shift the teaching from teacher-centric design are some opportunities for MOOCs.


MOOCs are threats to quality education, and there are no standard commercial models for how MOOCs will generate revenue are some threats for MOOCs.


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