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Twitter is one of the amusing and thriving social media platforms. Most of the people move into Twitter to make themselves enjoy and entertain. It is a little risky and challenging to make people always engage with your account, particularly for business persons. Just think if you are publishing worthy and interesting content to your audience, but the result is not up to the mark; it means your efforts towards designing your content will be wasted. The problem is you are weak in generating engagement with your content. When you are running Twitter for your business, your top priority is to boost your engagement.

Here you will get to know 15 powerful strategies to boost twitter engagement.

Maximize Your Visual Post To Raise Your Retweets

If your goal is to make your audience attracted, connected with your content, and receive more clicks from them. Then jump to publishing more visual content that is post tweets with images because studies report that tweets containing images reap more Twitter retweets. Make sure your image is glued with your tweet text. A large image with a short caption tweet will be the best combination. Tweets with pictures receive 35% of the retweets rate. Photos can be anything pick eye-catching snap for your tweets.

Post Memes And GiFs To Shine Your Identity

Along with visual posts, add memes and Gifs to your tweet to make your content extremely fascinating. This type of post shows that you are updated with the current trends of the Twitter world. Through Gifs, you can create your brand style and separate identity for your product. There you can showcase your workplace areas, employee’s picture to create the story behind your brand. There is a separate fanbase for your memes and Gifs content since it’s trending and popular stuff on Twitter.

Use Twitter Polls To Interact With Your Followers


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People have the habit of raising their opinion or voice towards any topic on social media. They always want to be recognized, and their opinion or feedback must be cared for. Twitter polls will be an effective one to place people’s choice of their preference. This way, you can also generate interaction with your followers. Frame questions that something beneficial to your industry, whether it can speak about your brand and industry. After the result, you can gather valuable info about your people’s minds and how your product is conveyed to your audience. These details help you process further improvement.

Take Part On Twitter Chats


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Take part in a Twitter chat to enhance your brand personality and reach. A Twitter chat is when a group of an audience discusses a specific topic followed by specific hashtags. You can use this place to showcase your brand or product by speaking about your industry field. Through your conversation with the people, your brand will drive more followers. Did you know? 67% of people prefer to buy brands on Twitter. To participate in Twitter chat when you find a relevant topic of your industry.

Start Twitter chat

Move one step from participating in running a Twitter chat. You can host your own Twitter chat. Before that, select a topic that connects to your brand and audience. Pick the same hashtags for that topic. Prepare yourself to make people engaged with your event. Once you have decided to start, ask your followers to introduce themself. Create a question to ask with your participants once the discussion is over. Invite everybody to join in the chat.

Make Use Of Pinned Tweets

Use the pin option to give extra privilege to your best content. When your tweet is pinned, it will appear at the top of your profile; it is like alerting your audience to view your tweet post. It will not be removed until you remove it.

Post Standalone Graphics Content

Simply posting the image is not useful if it’s not necessary. Your content should have any information that is beneficial to you, but the audience visiting your tweet will also benefit. Add an image with text better for a standalone graphic picture to include some text in your image. You can add any quotes, discount offers, and brand details; you can add any shots of information related to your product or business.

Be A Social Listener

If you want to build trust and loyalty, then react to your audience interaction. Responds to the people who mention your username or brand name in their tweet. Reply to the people who ask any questions to you regarding customer issues or complaints. When you respond to your followers’ questions quickly, they will feel cared for and happy. It is one of the important ways to increase customer satisfaction.

Share Your Experience

When you spot something hilarious, jokes, or more informative and useful, you can share that particular post to your audience. This will increase engagement in your post. You can post connected content to build brand exposure and awareness.

Double Your Engagement Using Hashtags

Hashtags have the strength to double your engagement rate. Using hashtags, you can discover exact content or events on Twitter. You can join conversations about current happenings using hashtags. With the help of hashtags, your content will appear to your followers as well as non-followers when they search-related topics. Use trending and famous hashtags with one or two numbers. Better create your own hashtags and trend it.

Publish More Videos

People love to watch video content on Twitter. The research study shows that 80 % of people are clicking the video content. Create more videos to get the audience’s attention. You can post tutorials or educate types of videos. So that people will find it profitable.

Use Twitter Ads

If you want to gain immediate engagement for your particular post or increase click rate quickly, run Twitter ads. You can promote your tweets, choose your existing tweets, or create a new one. Second, you can go for a Twitter campaign. While running Twitter ads, make sure you target the right audience, followed by the right keywords.

Post At Right Time

Before posting, you must know your active audience time so that posting at your audience’s active time will receive more interaction with your tweets. Follow Monday- Friday afternoon time is best. Post randomly to get audience time.

Twitter Cards

 Twitter cards

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If you want to drive more traffic to your website, then use a Twitter card. Using a Twitter card, you can post product images with description text when people click to drag them to your website.

Increase Emojis

Avoid creating plain text; instead, use emojis to divide the sentence, add funny emojis to give soul to your tweet. It helps to raise your favorites on Twitter.

Winding Up

We hope these actionable tips will help you to boost your Twitter engagement rate. 

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Kaira Ralph works at Rousesocial as a social media strategist and a content writer. She contributes a lot of articles focusing on the latest social media trends to many blogs across the web. Her passions involve reading, painting, and travelling.

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