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Guest posting is a great way to build backlinks as well as drive relevant traffic to your website. Guest blogging also helps you to attract and target the new audience to generate more sales. Guest blogging has several benefits like instant traffic to your website, relationships building, stimulate social media shares, quality backlinks and grow brand awareness etc. I think guest posting is one of the most important and best SEO strategies you should work on. Here is the list of 50 plus best guest posting sites which would allow you to submit your guest posts.

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Digital Marketing & SEO

  1. AAM Consultants

AAM Consultants is one of the best guest posting sites in the world. You can submit digital marketing or SEO related articles to AAM Consultants’ blog. The requirements regarding guest posting at AAM Consultants is only that the content should be the minimum of 1000 words long. Moreover, it must be self-generated content which is user-friendly and in easy wording.    


If sharing your knowledge through topics like WordPress, digital marketing, or social media sound like a routine that you can’t imagine your day without, knocking on the virtual door of UnderConstructionPage is the move to make! If your pieces are related to the mentioned topics, informative, well-written, and 100% plagiarism-free, you have a good chance of being featured on their blog.    

WP Newsify

WP Newsify is a blog run by folks that are obsessed with WordPress and everything related to it, and if you share the same passion, you’re one step closer to publishing your article on their site. Your piece must be valuable and informative for their readers, written in proper English and it mustn’t violate any copyright laws. The content must be at least 1500 words long, so keep that in mind before pitching your ideas for submitting.    

Enstine Muki blog

If you’re a skilled writer that covers a variety of topics related to the digital word (whether it’s marketing, social media, blogging, or something along those lines), Enstine Muki blog is the place to submit your next guest post. This blog covers a variety of topics, ranging from tutorials, infographics, and recommendations, and with it’s traffic and domain authority, it’s a great place for featuring your next piece. banner

ResizeMyImage blog

Apart from the handy tool for resizing and editing your images, the ResizeMyImage website also runs a blog filled with various design tips, theme and plugin recommendations, as well as digital marketing topics, so it’s basically every marketer’s paradise. You can also join the pack by submitting your guest post revolving around relevant topics, with a few guidelines in mind – the content must be at least 1500 words long, plagiarism-free, and exciting for the readers. You can check out the rest of their requirements on the site itself.    

Theme Circle

A blog filled with WordPress-oriented articles, with various tools, hacks, and tutorials available for readers who strive towards becoming blogging experts is what Theme Cricle blog is all about! It’s a healthy mix between blogging, social media, design, and digital marketing, united for providing the best possible content for the readers. If you believe that your expertise could be a significant addition to the blog, scoot over to their “Write for Us” page and check out the simple guidelines for publishing your next guest post. a platform for authors and publishers to post their guest posts with backlinks. the website has Health, Technology, Business, Education, niche with fine worldwide traffic which helps authors to rank their keywords and traffic on keywords. Authors, entrepreneurs, and publishers can share their articles with a relevant niche in just a click. If you are an author or publisher and looking to publish your content, you are always welcome.

  1. Digital Marketing Trends

The #1 Source For Up-To-Date Digital Marketing Tips, Tactics & Strategies. An online magazine for the Digital Marketers, Strategists & Entrepreneurs. Gather Digital Marketing professionals to share their knowledge and experiences. For the latest news and trends today on the issue and create a network of networking among all participants in the web. All this through collaboration and co-creation. This daily Magazine wants to become one of the reference websites for Digital Marketing professionals. Both for people who write it as for the read. A website must be updated daily to see what is happening in the world of Digital Marketing, what are the current trends and what experiences are of industry professionals.

  1. Tricky Enough

If your website is based on the services of the digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then you can create links to your site at Tricky Enough. This site has a good domain authority, and huge traffic can be redirected to your site by blog posting on this site. This site requires that your content would be unique and free from grammatical mistakes.

  1. 99 Signals

If you are a good writer and can create a unique and user-friendly article, then you can promote your content by sharing it on 99 Signals. There are various topics on which 99 Signals are asking for guest posting for your site. The top of the list is SEO and the social media and digital marketing. The article would be of 800 words and must not have published anywhere on any website. Moreover, the anchor text must be free from any affiliated links.

  1. Mind Stick

If you are wondering about the guest blogging sites, then Mind Stick is available for you. This is considered one of the most powerful websites for guest blogging to promote your site based on SEO and digital marketing services. The length of your article must be more than 500 words. There should be no error of Grammar as well as it must be free from any plagiarism. Mind Stick will welcome only those articles which are user-friendly.


  1. BizSugar

There are various sites based on business and services related to business. The link building of these types of sites is highly recommended. The reason is that link building will be helpful to grab the maximum organic traffic. BizSugar is offering you to write for them. If you are a writer of the business articles, then you can publish your article on BizSugar. It will provide you with a Do-Follow link which will be helpful to boost your ranking in the Search Engine.

  1. Training Zone

Trainingzone is offering you the building of website links services for your website on the business training category. There are various benefits to join this site for guest posting. Your membership will be free from the whole of the life. There are various experts attached to this website. Whenever you post an article about training, they will analyze it and express their expert’s opinion to improve your article. They only required that your article must be free from grammatical errors and must not be published anywhere on the web.

  1. E Secret

If you are looking for the guest blogging, then E-Secrets is considered one of the most powerful sites on this list. If you have a good article on the topic of marketing, entrepreneurship, small business startup and the social media, then you can publish your content on this website. Your article must be of more than 1000 words and must be written in native English. Only two links are allowed, and you must have to respond on every comment posted on your post.


This is a blog on multiple topics, and you can write on the topic of career success, networking, job types, resume tips, job interviews, LinkedIn, recruitment and selection and telecommunication etc. The contributors must provide valuable content that is actionable for the audience. You can get the Do-Follow link by writing for them on the topics mentioned above. The article must be from 1000 to 2500 words, and the overall summary of 400 to 600 words must be added with infographics. Moreover, the article must be free from plagiarism and grammatical mistakes.

  1. Pestle Analysis

The websites which are based on the business organizations of the world can use this site for their link building. PESTLE Analysis is offering you the facility of guest posting for your business site as per their guidelines. The content must be unique and never published on the web. It must be relevant to the concerned topic or organization. The article must be from 500 to 1400 words limit. Moreover, if your content is user-friendly and the formatting is as per the guidelines, then your content would be published at this site.

  1. Small Businesses Do It Better

If you are looking for the guest posting websites related to Small Businesses, then this website is one of the best sites. This is so powerful as compared to other blogging sites because its focus is entirely on the topics related to small businesses. This site is recommended that your posted article must be original and would be self-generated. You have to use the correct grammar and spelling etc. Furthermore, your article must be of minimum 600 words, and you can send the article in word, HTML or PDF format.

Blogging & Writing

  1. AAM Consultants

If you are wondering for link building of your writing and blogging site, then AAM Consultants would be your best option. It has the best domain authority get hundreds of impressions direct from Google every month. The requirements of AAM Consultants for guest blogging are so simple that your content must be free from grammar and plagiarism issue. Moreover, if you are writing small sentences and the small paragraphs, then you are eligible for guest blogging at AAM Consultants.

  1. Resume Ok

Majority of the people have the passion for writing, and they have a good command on Resume writing. If you have a blogging and SEO website and looking for guest blogging sites then Resume Ok is one of the best guest blogging sites available on site. If you wanted to write for this site, then your content must be self-generated and free from any plagiarism. You must have to share the article on your social accounts so it could get the maximum reach of people. You must have to follow the simple instructions available on this site for guest posting.

  1. Blog Brandz

The Bog Brandz is accepting the blogging on multiple topics about the content marketing. Social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). If you wanted to get services of link building from the Blog Brandz, then you can get a Do-Follow link by writing for it. The guidelines are saying that your article must be of 1000 words and article would be original. Your article must not be published at any other site on the web. Moreover, if you have any factual data, then it must be linked with the supportive site.

  1. We Bring Ideas

We Bring Ideas offers guest blogging opportunity to blogger to share their creative ideas with our huge reader base. It is the best place to gain exposure and introduce your website to our fast-growing blog. We will give a dofollow link for reference that suits better. Guest post should be unique, self-generated content instead of the spinning article in easy wording, free from grammatical mistakes and must have minimum 500 words. Tips or ideas on any topic will be accepted.

  1. Pro Blog Booster

If you wanted to boost your website and to get Do-Follow link from the internet, then Pro Blog Booster would be the best option for you in this regards. This site is offering you the facility to write on various topics, i.e. SEO tips & tricks, Blogging, Android errors and solutions, Social networking and HTML, CSS and JavaScript etc. Your article would be of 1200 to 1800 words. The keywords must be of 80-100 characters. Every article must be of above 300 words of introduction. Moreover, your personal and professional image must be in your article.

  1. All Tips Finder

This is one of the fastest growing communities in the online world. Hundreds of people are visiting this site on a regular basis. You can get a Do-Follow link for this site by way of writing for them. The requirements are simple as your content must be of 1000 words. It must be the user and bot-friendly. There should be no any spelling and Grammar issues as well as the headings must be in a chronological arrangement of H1, H2, H3 and H4 if possible. The Do-Follow and No-Follow links could be received as per your demands.

  1. Dtech Web Blog

Guest Blogging is one of the best ways to promote your website. There are various websites which are offering your guest blogging services, and Dtech Web Blog is one of them. You can write on various topics including blogging tips, social media, computer and mobile tips and tricks and the tips and tricks regarding the latest technology for this site. If you can generate the self-written article in native English and your post could be modified as per their demands before its publishing. This site is not offering a Do-Follow link, but readers could read for a lifetime.

  1. Blogging Kits

If you are interested in writing on the topics of gadgets, technology, blogging and tips related to technology, and then you can share your post on blogging kits. The requirement of this website is so simple that your content must have to pass the Copyscape test. In case you are going to add an affiliate link in your content then your blog would be rejected in the first attempt. Moreover, your article must be of 800 words and in case if you wanted to remove any blog after posting it on Blogging Kit, then your request never be entertained at all.

Technology, Computers & Gadgets

  1. TechGenYZ

If your site is based on technology and you wanted to get the organic traffic on a regular basis, then you can get an affiliate link from TechGenYZ. This is in one of the most authentic sites on the internet. You have to write for them, and they will offer you a Do-Follow link so the traffic could be redirected to your site. The positive information about any topic would be entertained, and negative would be rejected. The title must be compelling to attract the readers. Moreover, the word limit must be between 600-800 words.

  1. Teckrr

The Teckrr is offering you the services of link building to your site. This is the best way to generate the organic traffic to your site. If there is a lot of traffic on your site, then your site would be a good site as per Google, and it will grow rapidly. You can get the free traffic from Teckrr by writing an article for it. Your article must be free form plagiarism and any grammatical mistake. It must be consisting upon a minimum of 700 words.

  1. iLounge

ILounge is offering you the services of guest blogging for your computer, and technology related websites. This is one of the best and the highly ranked blogs on the internet. This is offering you a Do-Follow or No-Follow link to your site as per your demand, but there are some certain requirements. The article must be unique and free from any grammar issue. You have to be abiding by the rules and regulations set by this site. The article would not be posted in any other place after posting at ILounge.

  1. Creately

Creately is one of the most popular platforms for the guest posting. There are over 100, 000 visitors who are visiting it on a regular basis and every day five articles are getting posted on this site which could get above 500, 000 visitors on a monthly basis. If you are a professional writer, then you can write and promote your article at Creately, but your article must be of above 500 words. Whenever you are going to submit an article you have to take care of its formatting. Their editing team could make minor modifications as well.

Web Design & Development

  1. Designer News

Those sites which are based on Graphics designing can get organic traffic to their sites by writing articles for Designer News. It is one of the latest and well-renowned websites which is specifically offering its services for the promotion of graphics designing. You can visit this site and get an overview of the topic on which they are asking. They only required the quality content free from any error.

  1. Web Designer Hub

Anyone who has a brilliant experience in writing can become the part of the writing team of this site. The web designer hub is offering you to write for them, and it will provide you with a huge range of free traffic to your site. You can get backlinks for your website which would be the best for the promotion of your site to be visible in search engine. The article must be of 500 words, and this would never be published in any other place. Moreover, the article must be self-generated instead of spinning article.

  1. Cad Crowd

Cad Crowd is considered its community as its greatest strength. If your site is for product designing or related to graphics designing, then you can get organic traffic by writing for Cad Crowd. They required the quality and original article and your article must be of 1500-2000 words. The use of the appropriate images, charts and graphs must be included in the article. Cad Crowd highly recommends the relevant header, brief biography and the published content on other social media.

  1. Code Mentor

Code Mentor is one of the most authentic and valid websites which is providing you with the best services of free blogging for your site. You can get free and organic traffic from the search engine by writing articles for this site. Your article must be free from any grammatical mistakes. It must be cleared for any grammatical mistakes. Moreover, your articles must be based on designing of the ideas, and the technical tutorials etc.

  1. Web Design Ledger

If you had a passion for web designing and wanted to write on the topic of web designing, then web design ledger is the best option for you. You just have to fill up the form available on its official site. After that, you can share your article, but it must be as per the requirements of this website. There is no restriction on the length of article for this site but minimum 500 words of an article and it must clear the test of Copyscape before posting.

  1. Reseller Club

You can get the link building services from reseller club by writing an authentic article on the topic of the tricks in development of the websites and their hosting and web designing as well. It is considered one of the most popular websites from the publishing of articles. Articles on business tips must be based on the web development and designing, branding, relationship building and social media analytics. The web hosting topics are included in cloud server architecture, use cases and the load balancing. Moreover, the how-to tutorials must be related to these topics. There would be no link available for your gaming site, and the article must be of 800-1000 words.


  1. Just WP

WordPress is one of the hottest topics of this era. You can write about the themes, plugins, tutorials, showcase and the top 10/25/50/100/250 etc. The requirements are so simple that article must be of 600-1200 words. You can link back this article to your blog or site so readers could be redirected to your site. Your writing must be a general article type instead of any press release etc. There would be no any issue of plagiarism, capitalization and the Grammar mistakes at all. About one to five days of time is required after the successful submission of your article.

  1. WP Content

Various people have various ideas in their mind regarding WordPress. If you had any idea in your mind and wanted to share it with such a huge community, then you can contact WP Content in this regards. You do not need to write an article on your idea just send your idea to the official address provided by this website. The team of experts of this site will check it out and then ask you to write on it. After the submission of your article their team of editors will review your article then they will publish it. This site will pay you for writing an article, and if you have a PayPal account to get paid then you can increase your income by writing for WP Content.

  1. WP Blog

WP Blog always appreciates the talented bloggers and developers. If you have any idea about the WordPress blog then you can write on that topic and provide it to WP Blog it will publish your article on their blog. The topics to write for WP Blog are short guides and tips, WordPress tutorials, the review of themes and plugins etc. Following guidelines must be followed before writing, i.e. the topic must be from the mentioned above; it must be free from any plagiarism. Moreover, the article must not be published at any other place.

  1. Design Rope

The brilliant writers who have full command over their subject can write for Design Rope. You can apply as a writer for this site but make sure that your article is not any duplicate content. They required the articles not only of high quality but also useful for the readers. The more detailed article is highly recommended, and it must contribute on a regular basis. The further details would be provided you on your emails and in starting you only have to show your willingness in writing for them.

  1. WP Mobile Pack

This site is designed especially for the content creators. All the bloggers and the small and medium publishing companies can get the organic traffic to their site by writing the quality content for this site. If you have practical knowledge and the reader will solve his problem after reading your article, then you can apply here as a writer. If you are going to include any statistical information, then you must have to support by citing it.

  1. Planet WP

The Planet WP is one of the most popular content creating networks regarding WordPress. They are also offering you the services of link building. It means you can become a guest blogger for this site and can get the free and organic traffic for your site. There are multiple topics on which they are offering you to write for them, i.e. how to, step-by-step guide, basic WordPress features, fixing the common errors, maintenance of the speed and security, SEO, content planning and marketing, membership sites and the E-Commerce etc. Your article must be of 1000-2000 words, and there would be no issue of plagiarism and the Grammar issues at all.

  1. How To Plugin

This is one of the most popular sites in the list of the understanding the Plugins used for WordPress. If you wanted to write for this site, then you have to contact them with your unique idea. This site has a policy that it is accepting only the WordPress related articles. The guidelines are so simple that article must be self-generated and user as well as the bot friendly. The author bio must be in 2-3 sentences and your image as well as the link of your Twitter profile required. You can get a Do-Follow link by providing the quality article for this site.

News, Politics & Economy

  1. WN

Is your site is based on world news, politics and economic situations and wanted to increase your organic traffic? WN would be your best option in this regards. This site is one of the most popular sites in this niche. You just have to create quality content for this site regarding the topic of local or international news, the political and the economic situation of any country. Your article must be more than 500 words, and there must be no issue of plagiarism and the Grammar issues at all.

  1. Economic Journal

Economic Journal will appreciate as well as entertain your guest blogging service if you write as per their guidelines and policies. The article of 400-800 words is recommended for this site. Your write up must be related to the entrepreneurship, economics, finance, startups, coffee industry and the business in general. The article would be in native English language and must be self-generated and original. Economic Journal has full rights to edit your article.

  1. Global Risk Insights

If you can analyze the situation or any matter, then you can become the guest blogger for Global Risk Insights. They are recruiting their team members of the political risks experts from whole over the world. The requirements are simple as other sites are asking for it like it must have excellent English writing skills. The writer must have the interest in the economic, politics, and business and their related risks. The writer must have a bachelor’s degree, and the article must be of 500-1000 words.

Health & Fitness

  1. Fitness and Power

No one can deny the power of the unique written content and on the same principle, health & fitness is working on. This site has above 2.5 million unique views on a monthly basis which is showing that you can get the maximum reach of your content written for this site. They required only a few things like other sites. Your article must be of 400 words. The paragraphs must be short like 3-4 sentences. A summary just like a Tweet must follow every article. There would be no any issues of Grammar and Plagiarism at all. Moreover, you can add one link to your site in your content.

  1. Yeg Fitness

If you are looking for the guest blogging sites for your health and fitness site, then Yeg Fitness is considered one of the most suitable sites for you. Your contribution towards this site would be considered as a donation. You have to double-check your grammar and the plagiarism before the submission of your article. Your article must be informative and to create awareness of the health and fitness. If you wanted to get the traffic from this site by back linking, then you have to pay $50 per post. Moreover, an image of 1200 by 800 resolutions must be added to your article.

  1. Zigverve

Zigverve is fully aware of the importance of the fresh content on the site. For this purpose, this site is offering you the guest blogging services for everyone. If you have some information, tips and news, then you can contact this site as a guest blogger. The general topics related to health, fitness, beauty, fashion and lifestyle could be covered in your article. You can add a no-follow link to your homepage in author bio which would be consisting upon 2-3 sentences. The article must be original and consisting of 750 words, and it must be free from any grammar and capitalization issue.

Self-Development, Motivation

  1. Healthy Leaders

If you have an article about the topics of the leaders or leadership development and how to form the leading culture, then you can become a guest blogger for this site. This site is specially designed for the awareness of the leadership development. Your article must be free from the grammatical and plagiarism mistakes. Moreover, the article must be user and bot friendly, and it must not be posted on anywhere on the internet.

  1. Goal Cast

The basic purpose of the Goal Cast is to create awareness and motivate the readers about their future career. The best thing about this site is that above 500,000 unique visitors are visiting this site on a monthly basis. So, if you have a productive idea, then you can change the life of the various people in this world. You can contribute your article consisting upon 600-1000 words, and your writing tone must be positive, confident and energetic towards a solution. Cite within the content if you are going to add a factual statement in your content.

  1. About Leaders

Thousands of the leaders are reading the content available at about leaders. If you had content regarding the leaders of this world and wanted to promote it with the maximum people around this world, then this site would be your best option. You can get an idea how to write for this site by reading their some of the latest articles. You also can review the blog guidelines to get more exposure. But every time, your article must be free from plagiarism and user-friendly. This must not be published at any other place.

  1. Zen Mind Body Life

Those writers who are willing to write about the healthy lifestyle habits, spirituality, personal growth, healthy diet, relationship and Yoga then this site would be useful to promote your content. Your content must not be copied from the internet. You can add your link in your short bio at the bottom of every post. There would be no referral links allowed in your post. Moreover, after posting your content on our site, you would have to publish it on your social sites.

Gardening & Home

  1. Sumo Gardener

Are you wondering about the guest blogging sites for your website on gardening? Then Sumo Gardner is the best sites for this purpose. You can write excellent content for this site and get a do-follow link to your site. They have some certain requirements for writing that your article must of 800 words and have a catchy title. In case you are going add any image then the resolutions of the image would be 1000 by 800 and must be original. You also can include your bio in every article.

  1. Bustmold

This site is offering you the services of link building and the guest posting services. The content must be unique and free from any issue. This site is offering its services both as a guest blogger or paid. The content must be on the topics of mould removal, environmental services, air duct cleaning and the water damage restoration etc. Your content must be self-generated and would never be used at any other place on the internet. Each article must be consisting upon above 2000 words. The use of the heading and the subheadings is highly recommended.

  1. Gardener Corner

Are you a guest blogger? If yes then you can boost your passion by writing the quality content for this site. The topics must be covered in your writing would be raising the livestock, survival, food preservation, recopies, frugal living and the woodworking etc. Your article must be of 1000 words and would be free from any grammatical and plagiarism issues. Your article must use at least one image of 400 by 400 resolutions.

  1. Igarden Planting

Igarden planting is one of the most authentic sites which are directly participating in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This is an affiliate advertising program and offering you the services of guest posting around the world. If you are willing to write for this site, then your article must be free from any issue like grammar and plagiarism. The article must not be a spun article. You can add one link to your home page in your bio section.


  1. ICMS Institute

It is one of the top education guest posting sites. High-quality Traffic and with good DA and instant approval guests post. A good and informative article can help drive traffic and value to your website.

  1. Honest College

This site is working along with the Abode, Sony and Honest Tea and more recognized brands. You can write on any new and creative product or service for the education-related audience. You can get do-follow and no-follow links for your site from Honest College. Your article must be original and free from any issue of Grammar and plagiarism. At the time of applying as a guest blogger at this site, you must have to send your sample.

  1. Bilingua

This is an international innovation which is aiming to become the smart language exchange application. If you have a professional and experienced writer, then you can apply here and become a guest blogger. This site is accepting articles in all languages. Your article must be of 500 words, and it must be of high quality. You are free to write on any topic whichever you like. Moreover, there is no time limitation, and you can write one blog on a weekly basis.

  1. DragDropr

DragDropr is a universal drag & drop page builder that works on any leading content management system. All users can create, edit and design the content of their website, webshop, or any other web content by simply dragging and dropping. It does not matter which CMS you use – DragDropr fits them all. The content marketing team at DragDropr primarily publishes actionable tips about web design. Other than that, they also welcome inspiring guest authors to share their tips and tricks about website management, blogging, eCommerce, WordPress, and digital marketing. You can submit your pitch by following their guidelines and requirements on their ‘Write for us’ page.

  1. Tutor City

This site belongs to a registered tuition agency in Singapore that provides dedicated and experienced home tutors to parents and students. Their blog focuses on balancing informative and relevant content on education, health, jobs and parenting needs.

  1. Real Life Global

Education is the cultivation of the human mind. If you have an excellent idea about the education and can contribute towards the development of education of this world, then you can become a contributor of this site. This site will always accept the original article must not be posted on anywhere. You must have to take care of the punctuation, grammar, language and the capitalization throughout your writing. The topics could be related to English speaking, language learning, funny stories about English and the learning resources etc.

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