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These days, it is hard to discuss anything related to business or hiring without hearing about Millennials. One of the things that makes this younger generation so attractive to businesses is that they grew up in the digital age, meaning that they are familiar with how to use the latest technology. Even if you already managed to get some people in this age group on board at your business, you need to start thinking about how to keep them around.

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The tips below will help you create an attractive work environment for all of your employees including Millennials.

1. Attractive benefits packages and a company culture that is a good fit.

Most Millennials decide where they want to work based on not only the salary but also the benefits and the company culture. You can make your business more attractive by taking advantage of platforms like Perkbox and by focusing on building a company culture that appeals to a younger generation.

2. A less rigid work environment.

Formal meetings are a thing of the past. Today’s most successful companies take a much less rigid approach, having employees check in on a weekly basis rather than making them sit through long, ineffective meetings. This is not only better from a productivity standpoint but also makes them feel more independent, which can build a deeper sense of loyalty.

3. More Millennial co-workers.

Most people are attracted to companies where they can work with people their own age. Once you start hiring Millennials, more will naturally be attracted to your business. You can also ask your current employees to reach out to their own personal and professional networks when you have job openings to help you find other Millennial applicants who are a good fit.

4. Fast information access.

The ability to get real-time answers to any questions that they have is important to many Millennials. By keeping your intranet and databases up-to-date, you can make it easier for them to get the answers that they need. You may also want to look into the workflow and information-sharing platforms like Zoho or Slack.

5. Allow employees to collaborate.

Relationship building is particularly important to this younger generation. Instead of assigning individual tasks, consider finding ways that people can work in groups.

6. Reward hard work.

Most Millennials like it when their hard work is acknowledged. Take time to recognize what they have accomplished and to validate their performance to keep them feeling happy and engaged.

7. Long-term financial benefits.

Most Millennials are extremely conscious about the importance of saving money for the future. Adding an attractive pension to their benefits package could be more than enough to keep them around.

8. A flexible work schedule.

Today’s workers appreciate flexibility, both in terms of their hours and in terms of the location where they work. There are many coworking spaces available throughout the world. If it is feasible for your business, consider allowing employees to work remotely so that they have more freedom to live life on their terms.

9. Integrate technology in your day-to-day workflow.

Millennials and technology go hand-in-hand. Spend time bringing your business into the modern world in terms of the technology that you use. Upgrades can range from revamping your website to adding tools like Signable, Trello, or Google Drive to your workflow.

10. Focus on positivity.

Ultimately, the goal of any business owner or manager should be to create a work environment that people love. Focusing on employee satisfaction is beneficial for every age group and can help you create a stronger company with greater worker loyalty.

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