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Guest posting is a great way to earn some extra money when you have time to spare and ideas in your mind. While there are many things you can write about, travel posts are extremely popular and will be perfect for anyone that loves exploring the world and has advice and experiences to share.

With that in mind, it helps to know where you can submit travel posts as a guest. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top travel guest posting sites around:

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enests isn’t solely a travel blog – it has other categories for readers as well. However, amongst the travel section, there is room to write about so many topics relating to holidays and vacations. This includes tourism information, travel guides, and much more. Only high-quality, relevant content is accepted on the site, and the minimum post length is 1000 words. It’s $50 per guest post, which is a worthwhile investment if you want to get eyes on your articles.

Anew Traveller

Anew Traveller is a site that includes a whole host of travel articles for everyone to enjoy. They have a lot of destination-heavy stuff on there, so if you’re been to a unique location or can share expert travel guidance, this could be the site for you. You can also blog about food & drink on your travels, as well as things like the best travel books to read. The site really enjoys strong photo and video content, and they’re all about providing useful information through a polished writing style.


HostelBookers is dedicated to providing the world with the latest and greatest travel articles. They have a range of sections dedicated to things like travel inspiration, budget travel, eating & drinking and events & festivals. So, there’s a lot of scope here for you to write relevant posts. They’re mainly looking for informative guides that are aimed at budget travellers, with a 600-1000 word limit.


GoAbroad is actually a website that’s set up to help travellers that are looking to go abroad for an extended period. They have different programs and provide resources for volunteers or students. Alongside this, they have a blog section with many travel articles and guides. As such, they are accepting guest posts from volunteer writers. Most of the articles are related to what the website does, meaning they contain useful information on studying abroad, volunteering, going on a gap year and so on.

Best Agencies

Best Agencies is one of the leading websites in the UK for readers and buyers. It attracts a lot of web traffic, making it the perfect place to promote things to numerous readers at once. Therefore, if you’re looking to submit a travel-related post that promotes something – or you just want to get your work out there to as many people as possible – this is a good site to consider. They do charge £25 per guest post, but the flipside of this is that your work will definitely be seen by a large audience.

Global Grasshopper

A travel blog with a strong SEO score, Global Grasshopper is a brilliant site to capture a wide audience. Looking through the blog, you can see that list articles are the main preference here. Whether it’s listing things to do or see in certain places, or tips on dog-friendly travel, the content is of high quality and gets straight to the point. Contact the owner via their website, letting them know you want to submit a guest post, and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


WorldWideTravelGuide constantly accepts guest posts. They have a section on their site that explains the type of posts they’re looking for. Primarily, they want ones that tell people about different destinations, provide information on global cuisines, describe backpacking adventures, or anything else weird and wonderful that’s happened on your trip. Articles must be at least 500 words long and you’re entitled to one link within the content and another in an ‘About Me’ or ‘About Us’ section at the end.


DIWYY – or Do It While You’re Young – is all about providing ambitious women with travel advice and ideas. It largely focuses on ‘things to do’ style articles, but there’s a broad range you can write about. The site has a strong core audience, so you can get plenty of eyes on your posts. You’ll need to contact the site owners directly to talk about guest posting, but they usually accept posts that align with the writing style and content on the site.

Lonely Planet

One of the biggest and most well-known websites for travel resources in the world. Lonely Planet constantly scores high on the SEO charts, driving loads of traffic to its pages every day. They accept contributions from writers as well, provided it meets the standards they set. Primarily, Lonely Planet is only looking for daily news stories and travel news from around the world to inspire others. If you have something that fits this description, email them your pitch and they might accept it.


eDreams is a travel blog that loves delivering different stories to its audience. The great thing about this site is that it has a broad range of subcategories you can choose from. It posts interviews, news on events around the world, gastronomy, responsible travel, top destinations to see, airline info, and much more. Your article can include one follow link to a blog, website or social account, and it must be unique.

The Planet D

Dubbed one of the leading travel websites on the internet, The Planet D is always open to new submissions from guest writers. Mainly, they want articles that are destination-specific, including city guides. Posts are typically set up in the ‘things to do’ style, so keep that in mind. You will need a minimum of 7 original photos for your article to be accepted.

Contact any of the sites on this list if you’re looking for travel sites that accept guest posts. Make sure you read their individual guidelines before submitting, and try to match your content to the site’s style. banner

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