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If you familiar with the term AR and VR then you must know why they are so popular in the gaming industry. In this era of advancements, people are falling towards the trend of using AR and VR in gaming, architectural, designing, and other industries.

Apple is also investing heavily in creating its augmented and virtual reality games and applications. These easy-to-use applications are designed by some revolutionary 3D radar system. It is expected to be launched in the coming three years. Because of the heavy software and detailing process,
the designers and manufacturers are planning to create a new OS with so many adjustments. According to the rumors, the coming three years will generate more revenues for Apple. It is also expected that fans will get to see the new iPad Pro in the first half of 2020 with two camera sensors and #D enabling features. And, after some time the company will launch the most awaited AR and VR headsets for gaming.

If you wonder where this idea came from then you can watch previous WWDC where the company was trying to indicate people about the new product launches. After being so focused about the iPhone, new operating system, MacBook, iPads, and other products, Apple has finally taken the step to continue working with the virtual and augmented reality.

apple vr ar

Here is how the company is planning to process further with the latest tech and trends regarding VR and AR technology:


From gaming to the architectural world, virtual reality apps and games are assisting people. The advancement in VR architecture design is helping designers to delve into new and unique experience. When you talk about VR tech, the first thing that might pop in your head is the VR headsets and games. And being the top brand in mobile technology, Apple is planning to launch its own AR and VR related technology in the market. The company is expected to invest in virtual reality gambling games headset typically. It will be a new game which can only be played if you wear a distinctive Virtual reality headgear. The specific headgear will allow you to experience more than you could imagine. That’s because the gaming requirement and features will allow you to explore new challenges. The fun and excitement of the games will make it stand out among other ordinary games.

Apple is also planning to invest more in building its own games like online pokies. Similar to the games in a casino, the company will allow people to enjoy several games like slots and others. You can even play the game with multiple users at a time and can add as many difficulty levels as you want. The rumored games that Apple is preparing sounds fun and you’ll be able to play it in your desktop and laptop also. However, your regular system won’t be able to give you the fine quality that you need.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has speaking about the AR tech for so long. This shows that the company was planning to launch it soon in future. Though the time has come when Apple is all set to create its own AR and VR tech. he also stated that the smart software is at the root of Apple’s first big. Which means that the company has been developing the software for so long and you can see some of its hardware drive previous iPad and iPhone models. In addition to that, it will be the core of the latest 3D radar system. The designers said that they have been trying to indicate the audience about the coming features by adding little advancements in the previous products.

The CEO further added that the mix of both virtual and augmented reality garner more attention of the audience and allow the user to interact more with the real and virtual world. The software will also enable the user to engage with others by managing digital data like text messages and navigation via maps.


After hearing all the rumors and statements from Apple, it is clear that the company will soon launch AR and VR headsets in the market. The company has been showing its clear interest in the augmented reality games. The time virtual reality headsets and games were launched, the company was too excited to launch this gadget. Finally! The wait is over and Apple is working on creating its AR and VR headsets to reveal it in 2020.

However, the rumors said that fans will not be able to see any AR or VR product until 2021 or 2023. It is expected that the company might share its plans related to the latest tech but the products will take time to enter the market. Tech veterans are expecting to know more about the product in coming WWDC which will help them understand the idea regarding the user-friendly apps and design.

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