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The Mobile users are increasing just like stars in the sky, according to a report almost half population of the World uses the smartphones while 30% of the remaining half uses the computer for their daily activities, like study, work, entertainment, etc.

That’s the reason the technology giant the big G (Google) has moved towards the mobile devices and has now also started focusing on the smartphone more than ever; the reason is the smartphones will rule future.

And at this point, the number of developers is also increasing as the hotcakes sell in a famous bakery. I mean (According to a report) 1.7 new apps are released every single minute (imagine the number of developers out there). It says 2.5 thousand new apps and games are developed daily, and UKTVNow Apk is one of them, and out of these apps, 98% apps are just like the old Pentium 4 computers which nobody wants to use.

Well, all these stats and calculations were just for the sake of intriguing you, that if you do not focus on developing a nice app, then you may end up wasting your time and efforts. That’s why here I will be sharing the six most important tips for effectively design your app.

1. Research

Research is the base of anything, without proper research about your app, designing it will not be fruitful. If you are going to design a simple app like a calculator, then do research and list out the things like what functions your app would be supporting, how and when they should be used, where the basic buttons will be placed for the best performance. All of this stuff goes in the research section.

Doing detailed research of the app functionality will help you to make the things easy, and you will end up creating a cool design for your app.

Bonus Tip! Just check the similar apps to your ideas, if you found any similar app like your idea, install it and use it. Find bugs or unwanted/bad things and make your app better than that one.

2. Navigation and Placement

Proper Navigation & Placement setting of different functions or tools of any app is very important because the whole user experience is based on the way how the users will interact with the app and how he/she will navigate through the app to find the things he/she want to use.

Just look at the Settings App of Android, everything is well arranged, and the placement of the settings is also according to the taste and the use of the users.

Bonus Tip! Always keep the most important things at the top of the navigation so that the users can access them quickly as needed.

3. Optimize for Different Devices

Designing the app in keeping a set of devices or people in your mind will end up making the things go wrong. Whenever you have a chance to design the basic structure of your app or game. Consider the devices where the app will be used. Will it be used on a Tablet or a smartphone of the smaller screen?

Bonus Tip! Take a look at the screen sizes of the different devices and then guess on which device your app will be used the most. Then make that resolution the main one and then use the responsive elements for the other screen sizes.

4. Optimize the App Design

The biggest mistake which most of the developers and the designers make is the optimization of the app. If you are using an app which is fast and responses whenever you tap on the things then you will be happy with that but what about those apps that response too late.

The late response of apps is caused by two reasons one: the device where the application is being used has not very good hardware like limited RAM or CPU, two; the app itself is slow and is not well optimized.

Bonus Tip! Don’t use too many animations as they are good for making the focus of the users but too many animations will slow down your app.

5. Make the Design Simple

The requirement of every app is different than the others. If you are going to design a game, then it should be fancy and must have more functions on a single screen then any simple app like Uber or anything else.

Depending on the functionality of the application under development, the design should be optimized. Keeping the design attractive and straightforward is always recommended as it helps the users to make focus and keep their eyes on the screen.

Bonus Tip! For the best most straightforward design make sure your app features minimum to one action on one screen by doing this the users will get the things done very fast and reliably.

6. Make Clarity in Design

The basic function of designing an app is to make it simple and easy to use. So, Clarity is one of the main ingredients of any application. Clarity means removing any unwanted or unusable part of your app and making it easy to understand.

Bonus Tip! Add a survey to the app and ask the users whether they are understanding the apps’ functionality easily or not, if you get maximum Yes then you have already make the Clarity in the design.


Developers are always in the research of some new strategies which can help them in developing, even more, better apps, if you are a developer and want to develop an app, then the first thing you should consider is the design of the app. The final design of your app will simply decide whether the hundreds of the people will use your app are it will be stuck like a car stuck in the sand dune.

Whatever, I hope you liked the tips I have shared above. If you found it useful then please consider share it with your social network, however, if you have any question you can ask in the comment. If you want to add something to this topic then you are also welcome.

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