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Using Feng Shui in an office is just as an important use of Feng Shui as it is for the bedroom. All of us have a tendency to spend many hours in our offices, whether it is an outside work environment or in a home office.

It is a very good idea to try to connect all of the dots, to see if using Feng Shui in your office offers a solution to some of the challenges you may be experiencing at your office.

Pay Attention to Your Work Environment

If you have neglected your work environment, take time to pay attention now to the Feng Shui inside of your office. We mean to truly pay close attention to what is occurring within your workspace.  Answer some basic questions about Feng Shui, like, for example: what is occurring behind your back? What is the first thing that you see when you first come into your office?  What is the quality of the air that you breathe in?  How is the quality of light in your office?

If you apply basic and simple Feng Shui office tips can help to improve your well-being and productivity at work considerably, indoor water fountains are a great way to bring the water element of Feng Shui indoors. In addition to creating subtle changes in relationships, you have with your co-workers.

So, let’s take a look at a brief Feng Shui case study, as an example of the best way to deal with Feng Shui challenges in your office.

The following are some effective Feng Shui solutions. Look to see if you can apply any of these solutions to your office environment.

When you spend numerous hours working at your desk, Strong Feng Shui Backing is very important

If your back is to overall office traffic, window or door, your energy will have a tendency to get insecure and weak. There are many ways you can create strong Feng Shui backing – from repositioning your office chair slightly so that the wall is at your back to putting a row of large lush plants in the back of your seating area.

Poison Arrows that point towards you are created by Angled Furniture

Sha Chi (which is the Feng Shui term for poison arrows) is attacking energy that may weaken and deplete your energy, so that is why it is so important for this situation to be remedied.

The easiest way that you can deal with the problem of Feng Shui poison arrows is to reposition the furniture slightly so that there are not any sharp angles that are pointing in your direction while you are working. Also, you can place any item that is suitable for your office in front of any sharp corners to neutralize the bad Feng Shui energy.

Use High Energy Images to Nourish Your Energy while You are at work

Office-appropriate objects like art that bring you uplifting, happy memories that may be very helpful. For any office, whether it is small or large, this is an absolute must, since in the office your personal energy can be depleted very quickly.

It is up to you what you decide to bring up. For example, if your child’s best art will look good in your office, then, of course, bring it in since all of us tend to be deprived of colour at work.

Clear the Clutter Off of Your Office Desk

That doesn’t mean you need to go Zen and not have anything on your desk. However, what it does mean is only have the items on your desk that you are working on for that day. Allow your deck to breathe. A cluttered mind is created by a cluttered space. We have heard that many times because it is true.

Use Plants to Bring in Some Alive Energy

Plants do the best job of providing you with fresh energy coming from nature (that is if you take really good care of your plants!). Make sure to select plants that not only look nice but also purify the air (a majority of office spaces have high levels of indoor pollution).

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