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Are you considering getting into marketing on social media to help to grow your business? Here are a number of tips to do so, successfully.

1. Discover The Available Platforms

The list is seemingly endless, from LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook, to Google+ and Twitter, when it comes to marketing on social media, there are lots of different platforms to choose from. While taking care not to ignore unconventional platforms, find out the ones the audience you are targeting is likely to sign up on and uses on a regular basis.

Find out how each of these platforms differs from each other, before taking advantage of the same. You can use Twitter to retweet positive quotes you discover, display on Pinterest your product line, and even use Facebook to share birthday offers with your customers.

Thinking outside the box can be quite rewarding as well. To rank higher in related Google search results, as an added bonus, you could post a how-to video on YouTube, or use the same content to write an article to be posted on your company’s website or on Facebook. All in all, you get to spread your message in more interesting and refreshing ways than is possible with regular business sites by marketing through social media.

2. Maintain A Consistent Brand Image

You will want to maintain the consistency of your brand image, even though all social media platforms will not be used for the same purposes. On top of having a unique look and tone, you should ensure that your logo and username are the same on all platforms. The only way a message will deliver positive results is if it can be traced back to you; as such, you will want people to recognize the brand easily. Don’t forget that appearances also have an important role to play – an amateur-looking Facebook page will cause more harm than good.

3. Stir Things Up

Being social is the main reason why people join social media. If all that you publish on your social media pages are ads for your products, you can expect your rate of dropping followers to exceed that of a politician’s Election Day promises. To get people to click on that subscribe button, get some funny or interesting articles, images, links and videos relevant to the industry you serve as a means of diversifying your posts. You can then slip in some posts, that doesn’t seem salesy or pushy, about your products amid all the informative and hilarious content.

To ensure that all your posts are free from errors, optimized and effective, consider using a social media editing service. More people will develop a liking for your brand subconsciously, in addition to seeing the important information you want them to see. You will have your very own marketing army, for free, before you know it.

4. Connect With Influencers And Engage Your Audience

One of the most important lessons we can learn from the internet is that people love to share their opinions, as demonstrated by the long list of comments accompanying just about any video on YouTube. Surely you can recall the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; to directly interact with your target audience and get more people to see your posts consider posting simple participation challenges and poll questions. You can also learn more about the preferences and motivations of your customers by doing this.

To connect with people your business would not be able to connect with otherwise, take advantage of the power of social media while you are at it. Identify popular influencers in your industry and start following them. If a popular celebrity posts a relatable tweet, great, retweet it as fast as possible. Things are changing, so read this piece on digital transformation strategy and the future of work.

5. Take Stock Of Your Success As Well As That Of Competitors

Taking stock of your progress by tracking data is easy when using social media for marketing. The easy-to-use Google Analytics is a great place to start. Feeling as if you are participating in a game whose rules you don’t understand is not a must. When it comes to determining what is effective and what isn’t, having the ability to see which post generated the highest amount of clicks can be quite helpful.

Conduct your own investigation as well. Look at your competitors’ social media profiles. Find out which platforms they are on, whether they have a larger following, how their approach differs from yours and how they are marketing their brands on these platforms. New trends are always cropping up; this is the beauty of social media. You can avoid trailing off by simply keeping track of what the competition is doing.

Your business doesn’t have to miss out on the opportunity for exposure offered by social media as you don’t have to be intimidated by it. Your destiny is in your hands, after you sign up for each account in mere minutes. So be creative and be bold. You will be putting your marketing message in front of an audience you could have otherwise never reached; take comfort in that. To be your brand’s newspaper, magazine and TV station, get started immediately!

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