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If you’re looking to optimize the performance of your website, then technical SEO is something you need to become familiar with. The term encapsulates the steps you take in order to improve the ways search engine ranking bots crawl your site for information. As the algorithms used to determine page ranking are always changing, so your strategy for technical SEO needs to keep up. Really, the term means any optimization work done to your site apart from content creation.

Improving Website Speed

One of the factors which can really help is website loading speed. This is hugely important for good site performance. Simple things such as:

  • Keeping templates simple
  • Minimizing things such as plug-ins, tracking codes and widgets
  • Optimizing image size
  • Limiting redirects
  • Repairing error pages through Google Search Console
  • Leveraging the browser cache

-can all help to reduce loading times, keep your site speed fast, and improve your rank and customer satisfaction.

Making It Mobile Friendly

As most site traffic now comes from people browsing on a mobile device, Google have updated their algorithms to give a lot of weight to the mobile friendliness of your website. Ensuring that your website design is optimized for mobile browsing through things like text formatting, function buttons and reduced imagery, is an important part of technical SEO, and can especially help improve your local search rankings.

Adapting Your Site Architecture

The whole structure of your site is hugely important when it comes to improving technical SEO. Look at elements such as:

  • Your robot.txt file
  • Sitemap
  • Clear, logical URL structure
  • Secure browsing

With simple improvements you can make big changes in your site visibility.

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