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In any industry, starting a new business can be both exciting and frightening. A small SEO business doesn’t require much overhead or a lot of funding, so getting started is relatively simple.

As a business, you can help grow other businesses by offering SEO services. Many businesses depend on search engines to find them.

Helping them grow their website traffic and generate more sales/leads is satisfying for me to assist with improving their visibility in the search results. Taking actionable steps to start your own SEO business:

Hire An Accountant And A Lawyer

To start, you’ll want to speak with an accountant and a lawyer. Your business needs protection from them. What is the right choice for you? Expert advice on banking, insurance, and taxes from the beginning. The sooner you organize your books, the easier it will be to unscramble things later.

Design A Business Website

A business’s online presence is essential. Make your business website with WordPress – we think it’s the best CMS for SEO.

You don’t need a complicated site, but you should outline the difficulties your customers face – along with solutions. Pain/gain is the key to setting your website apart and driving prospects to your site (and, eventually, customers).

While writing your site’s content, consider your audience and the issues they face each day. Make every page call to action.

Here are some common pain points to address when it comes to SEO:

Put Together Your Toolbox

By choosing the right set of SEO tools, you will be able to streamline your workflow, allowing you to focus on your business growth while saving valuable time.

There are a number of free tools that everyone needs to have in their toolbox from the day that they start their business.

Create A Package & Price Model

Following a consistent pricing and packaging system ensures you can deliver your SEO services following a process. Sales are streamlined so you can hit a Worldwide Audience.

Packaging is the first step. Once you know what packages you will offer you can set your price.

Test Your Systems

It takes practice and time to develop effective processes. Start testing your system on your own website (or a friend’s website) once you get off the ground.

You need to fine-tune your communication skills. You should practice answering difficult questions. In addition to getting a glimpse of how your business works from the outside, you can also get input from practice clients.

Document Results

When you are a new player in a crowded industry, it is imperative that you create case studies and gather positive reviews to showcase your results.

When signing up new clients, consider future reviews. Keep a record of the campaign’s goals so you can see how the campaign is going and if the goals have been met.

The following four parts should be included in a case study (once results have been achieved):

  • The Problem — What was the most challenging aspect of the project?
  • The Solution — How did you propose to solve the problem?
  • The Results — Are the desired results achieved?
  • A Testimonial — What do the clients have to say about the services?

This guide only touches the surface with starting an SEO consulting business, but it will certainly get you started. Do you have any other tips that you could share in the comments? banner

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