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If you live in Jordan and are looking for a fast, cheap, and effective way to give your local business some publicity, online directories in Jordan can help you do all that and more. Online directories are great sources of local business information.

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People who visit these websites do so with the intention of finding companies that can provide the services that they require. This is why directories are in such high demand.

Getting your website listed on online business directories will not only result in increased visibility, but could possibly lead to your business getting higher search rankings. This means more people will find your website on the search engines leading to increased revenues and profits for your business.

The following are some of the top online business directories in Jordan that you can list your website on:

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.

Jordan YP

This is Jordan’s version of the popular YP directory. This is a highly ranked directory that not only attracts online traffic, it also drives a ton of traffic to websites that are listed in its directory. People and businesses who use agree that it’s a great place to find any solid business in Jordan. The good thing is that registration on Jordan YP is free, and the verification process is quite straightforward.


This is the country’s version of Expat, which is a global online business directory. You can find tons of businesses like yours here, along with their contacts details and location. When you join, you’ll also be doing the same thing. The process of adding your business is pretty simple and straightforward. And it generates a lot of traffic, so you can be sure that you’ll get great exposure from the traffic.

GBIBP Business Directory

This is a good online business directory that caters to all types of business in Jordan. So whether you’re into manufacturing or are a fashion designer, you can list your goods and services here so that people can find you and hire your services or buy your products. It has great reach within and outside the country. Websites listed here tend to enjoy decent search engine rankings as the link juice is passed on to the business website.

Yellowpages Jordan

This is Jordan’s version of the highly popular and global online business directory brand, Yellow Pages. It offers local businesses the opportunity to not only list their businesses in the local dialect, but also in English. If you want wider local reach for your business, Yellowpages is a well-known brand that’s capable of delivering such results. They offer free website listings on their online directory and are well ranked on the search engines. This gives you double benefits of traffic and higher search engine rankings.

Jordan Business Database

This is a huge online directory that lists almost 44,000 businesses in Jordan. It covers largely B2B businesses and has their business names, phone number and address boldly displayed. If you have a business that you want listed, the listings are free. This is a great source of free visibility, traffic and higher search rankings. This is because the website has a high trust rating. Adding a website is pretty straightforward and easy.

Jordan Business Directory

Known as the nation’s first well-known online business directory, Jordan Business Directory is a great source of good information regarding other businesses. Business owners in Jordan who are seeking to increase their website traffic, number of leads, and search engine visibility will largely benefit from this directory. It’s a free directory and only requires your business name, location and phone number.

Eye of Riyadh

Although this has an online business directory, it’s largely a news website. This is a great thing because that means that the website generates and attracts a lot of website traffic. Also, because of frequently published news items, it ranks high on the search engines for lots of keywords. Having your business listed in their directory means that you’ll benefit from the traffic generated from their news items. Your business’ chances of getting ranked high on the search engines, are also better if it’s listed here.

eArabic Market Business Directory

As a popular and well-known business directory in Jordan, eArabic Market is a great place to list your website and business. It contains many listings of high profile and smaller businesses and brands in the country of Jordan. Sign up is pretty easy as they offer free online business directory listing. Unlike many other directories that largely serve he B2B community, this one serves everyone, B2C and others included.

Jordan Business Directory

Although it might seem as though there are a number of online business directories named thusly. However, this one is pretty rock-solid and capable of helping your business get some well-deserved attention. This is all possible thanks to its traffic flow and search engine rankings. Registration is free, with the only condition being that your business be actually registered ad operated within the country of Jordan.

Amman Snob

Don’t take the name seriously as it’s actually an all-inclusive and easygoing website that caters to business people across the website. You’ll find everything from bankers to fitness professionals. But you’ll find more of salons, spas, entertainment, and restaurants. If your business falls in one or more of these categories, you should actively seek to join and become a part of this online directory. It generates decent website traffic and ranks fairly well in Google in Jordan.

Gulf Business

This is a popular B2B online directory where businesses offering B2b expertise can enjoy better exposure to both local and international clients. Although their listing practices are pretty straightforward, they work hard at meticulously vetting every business that’s listed in the directory. However, once your listing is accepted, you’ll see a slight uptick in your website traffic, as well as increased leads and more business.

Express Business Directory

This is a popular online business directory that caters to all categories of services and businesses. So whether you’re in the B2B industry or the retailing business, your website can attract some of the traffic that the website enjoys. banner

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