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Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.

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Austrian Association of Commercial Agents

Commercial agents work with commercial enterprises to arrange the sale of goods between businesses. They are represented by the Austrian Federal Association of Commercial Agents, a business directory that provides the first point of contact for trade and provides its members and partners with information and contacts for business matters in Austria.


HelpLinks is an eclectic business listing site in Austria that allows businesses to register their profile and gain access to a large market. The website is free to join and gives you a range of listing options based on your search requirements.


Europages is a comprehensive European portal for business listings. You can find listings for many B2B companies on this website in many countries, including Austria. In addition, you can list your company according to company type, country, or company category – such as furniture. This also provides an efficient way of searching for the business you need.


If you want to go down the more official route for your business listing, then opt for EBRA. This stands for The European Business Registry Directory and provides one of Austria’s most trusted platforms for finding business and commercial information.

Advantage Austria

Advantage Austria is the number one business directory in Austria. The website is the commercial wing of the Austrian Embassy and provides top-quality listings for business and commercial enterprises linked to government commercial interests. This includes enterprises in the areas of environment, technology, health, heavy industries, and more.


Colist is a very helpful online agency interested in improving connectivity between international businesses. They provide a wide range of services such as translation and website services. They also provide a top business listing service for specific countries, including Austria. Select Austrian for the dropdown menu and search for your business in the Google-like search bar.


BizExposed is the Yellowpages of Austrian online business searches. Whether you are searching for commercial interest or looking to list your business on an accessible and widely known listing platform, BizExposed is a top choice. Easy search commercial interests by business, product name, city, or county. is easily one of the top business listing sites in Austria. Commercial interests are separated into a wide range of categories to make listing and searching for simpler and more focused businesses. The list includes everything from accounting companies to wood and furniture businesses. You will find major business listings as well and smaller service providers.


Bizpages gives you all the tools you need to list your business in Austria and promote it. The website is a business listing hub for industries and professional services. It is easy to find online and straightforward to search. Whether you want to find a commercial interest in the country or create a new listing for your business, Bizpages has everything you need.

BIZIN Europe

BIZIN Europe is a top professional business directory based in Austria. The website is clean, professional, and easy to navigate. Like, BIZIN Europe has separate categories for every industry you can think of, making it extremely efficient to find what you’re looking for fast.

Express Business Directory

Express Business Directory is a free and easy way to list your business in Austria and make it visible. The website is intuitive and straightforward; you can set up your business listing in minutes and promote it right away. The best part is this listing site is completely free of charge and popular with B2B companies. is unlike other more commercial-focused listing sites on the list. This website is multi-dimensional. It is primarily a hub for ex-pats but includes a business listing area for related businesses and services in Austria. Their goal is to help businesses generate new customers with a data-driven approach.

If you have doubts about any on the listing sites for your business, head to Still, one of the most extensive listing platforms in the country, you will list your commercial interest quickly and access huge sections of the Austrian market immediately. Moreover, setting up your listing is quick and straightforward.

Invest in Austria

There’s no better place to find out about setting up and promoting your business in Austria than Invest in Austria. This website is completely focused on mapping your business interests in the country. As well as listing your business in the directory, you can learn about funding, investment, and other commercial opportunities.


City by App is a top way to promote your business in Austria! You can list your business on this website for a nominal monthly fee or a discounted annual fee. In addition, the directory will promote your business with events, videos, advertising, and sponsorship. More people use mobile now than ever before, so it makes sense to list your business on an app.

Austria Business Directory

Austria Business Directory is a powerful search engine for commercial interests that is intuitive and far-reaching. Industries are separated into categories to make them easier to find and list. The directory is primarily focused on the Austrian market, so you access the most relevant customers for your listing.

If you want a business listing on a site with an extensive Austrian Business directory and excellent supporting features, look at Although this directory is not focused primarily on Austria, it does compete with some of the most extensive dedicated Austrian databases. Benefit from a free trial and competitive pricing.

Bold data

To hit the ground running in the Austrian commercial markets, list your business with Bold Data. Bold Data prides itself on being one of the most accurate business directories in the country for B2B and B2C customers. Using their data, they can give you the best foundation on which to build commercial foundations in the country.


Bizzlister is a business listing company with a dedicated Austrian webpage. It breaks industries down into categories and provides users with an intuitive search bar to find you on the site. Simple, intuitive and pragmatic, Bizzlister is a popular choice for B2B and B2C interests in Austria.


Soo Page is a free Austrian Business Directory interested in listing detailed information about listed companies. Since it’s free, you will compete with more businesses in your niche, but you can easily index your business here for visibility and promotional purposes. banner

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