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What is Weebly?

Weebly is a straightforward website building tool, including a website creation plan. With the help of Weebly, you can design and publish a responsive and attractive site, an online store, and a blog. This website building tool has plenty of pros including site stats and attractive themes for design.

Weebly has a user-friendly interface, and commerce options. The free plan includes 500MG storage, a domain name (Weebly-based), and a max file size of 10MB. Many people ask is Weebly good for SEO? To answer that question let’s explore the topic of Weebly and SEO.

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Is Weebly good for SEO?

In a word, yes. Weebly is good for SEO because it has several in-built SEO features. Weebly can help you optimize your site in many different ways. You can customize the page URLs, meaning you can describe your page content and include the appropriate keywords. Weebly users can also easily create meta descriptions and titles for all pages. These sites load quickly, another factor that helps to support SEO. It’s simple to create your own website blog, to improve your digital marketing and search engine optimization.

The Weebly platform offers a handy SEO checklist, helping you to adhere to SEO best practices. The checklist includes tasks such as, ‘Initial Keyword Research, Custom Meta Tags On Each Page, Add Unique Content and Check Internal Links’. Each point comes with brief suggestions about what each step entails. When it comes to Weebly and SEO there are many benefits to using this website builder.

How can I use Weebly for SEO?

You can access the SEO settings tab and fill in the ‘keywords’ and ‘description’ sections. You can fill these in for your whole site as a whole, and each page individually. Input page descriptions, page titles and meta keywords by accessing ‘Pages >Edit Page > Advanced’.

Naturally, optimizing these sections relies on knowing something about SEO title page optimization. The Weebly site offers brief SEO tutorials on how to do this.

Once you’ve optimized your URLs, titles and blog posts, Weebly makes it simple to integrate with Google Analytics. You can use GA to monitor the progress of your SEO efforts and make improvements.

Perhaps you’ve already got a website with another web host? If you’re looking to switch to Weebly you won’t want all your SEO efforts so far to be a waste. The good news is you can redirect the traffic using the Weebly ‘301 Redirects’.

Simply access the ‘Settings >SEO’ and then input the page permalink of your old website. Next, you can input the new page, and hit ‘Save’.

What are the cons of Weebly and SEO?

When you optimize your title tags and meta tags you’ll be able to improve your keyword rankings. You can use your Weebly blog to support your SEO efforts further, which is great for small businesses. Weebly is good for starting out with SEO, but as your business grows you might find yourself needing more advanced SEO features and tools.

Some argue that Weebly is lacking because it doesn’t allow you to design category pages that are SEO-targeted, (whilst sites like Wix and WordPress do).

The takeaway on Weebly and SEO

Weebly is a useful website-building tool, making it easy for small businesses and freelancers to get started with SEO.

With the help of Weebly users can easily customize URLs and page features to improve their rankings. With the help of a blog, users can offer unique and optimized content to support their digital marketing efforts.

To learn more about the Weebly SEO functionalities, check out the tutorial pages. banner

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