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Search engine visibility is an area of marketing that more and more people are focusing on. To many, it’s still a new term, however. Also known as your SEO visibility score, this could have a significant impact on your marketing strategy. As you might expect, it relates to how many people see your links and visit your content.

There’s much more to this, such as what a good score is, among other factors. To properly take advantage of your SEO visibility, you’ll need to know a few things about it. Once you do, you can improve your overall marketing and generate new leads.

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What Is SEO Visibility?

SEO visibility has also been called search visibility or search engine visibility. Regardless of the term used, it refers to the share of clicks that a website gets from its organic search rankings. In short, it’s used to measure the effectiveness of your search engine optimization efforts.

You may be wondering what a good SEO visibility score is. That can depend significantly on your industry, among multiple other factors. Typically, a good average score ranges between 15% and 30%. If you have several other marketing campaigns running concurrently, then this can fluctuate regularly.

Depending on your SEO visibility score, you can determine whether your strategies are working or whether you need to adjust. That makes it a key metric in your overall marketing strategy.

How Is It Calculated?

You could find yourself asking how your SEO visibility score is calculated. There are multiple data points that are drawn into this. That can include the number of keywords used, your ranking positions, and several other things. Where on the search engines your links rank will make a significant impact on this.

Different rankings will have different weightings, depending on who is doing the calculations. Your search rankings will have slight differences in how it’s calculated, depending on the position. This can be ever-changing, which means keeping up with it can be relatively complicated.

There are several ways that you can improve your SEO visibility score, however. While some will have a different impact than others, they’ll each do so positively.

How To Improve Your Search Visibility Score

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords can be quite competitive. That makes ranking well for them extraordinarily difficult, as multiple companies will target them. If you’re new to SEO, you might target any relevant keyword that gets a lot of searches. That could be a mistake, as they may be less relevant than you’d think. Targeting them also mightn’t be useful.

If you focus on long-tail keywords, you could see lower levels of competition. While you’ll still have to make sure that you’re targeting relevant keywords and phrases, it could reap higher rewards than more specific options. That’ll improve your rankings and click-through rate, which will improve your SEO visibility.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Smartphones and other mobile devices have become increasingly popular in the past few decades. They’re now how most people browse the internet. If your website isn’t optimized for this, then you could miss out on a lot of clicks. If people do click on your site, it will be difficult to navigate, leading to them clicking out swiftly.

Both of these will have a harmful effect on your SEO. Developing your website to be mobile-friendly, or even mobile-first will ensure that this doesn’t happen. Google and other search engines also look for this, so having it implemented will improve your overall rankings.

Improve Title & Description Tags

A webpage’s title and description will be all someone sees on a search engine. It’ll be up to these two areas, possibly alongside an image, to convince someone to click on your site. While you’ll have the site optimized to rank well, it also needs to persuade a potential reader to click through.

Naturally, that click-through ratio will have a significant impact on your SEO visibility. The higher the CTR is, the higher your SEO. Addressing your title tags and descriptions will make sure that your SEO is functioning as effectively as possible.

What Is A Good SEO Visibility Score? It’s Complicated

Achieving a good SEO visibility score can take a lot of work. There are multiple strategies you can do to improve your score, however. Many of these focus on improving your search rankings overall. As a result, enhancing these will lead to more awareness among potential customers.

When done right, that leads to more conversions and sales. Starting with the above and continually adapting and tweaking will make sure your score improves. banner

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