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Digitalization has changed the entire world. With innovations in technology, all the industries have started shifting their businesses on the web. You can grow your business by running a successful website with good traffic. You can only achieve good traffic on your site through Search engines. With a reliable digital marketing company, you can attract more visitors to your site by ranking it in the search results.

On the other hand, there are many bloggers, technology people, and brands, who have their websites. Most businesses now using different platforms to advertise their brands. If you want to rank your site in the Search Results, then here we have listed down the reasons behind it.

Reasons why your Website isn’t Ranking in the Search Engine Results:

1. Maybe your site is new?

Most people who have just launched their websites on the Web do not become aware of the Google listings. It takes a few days of time for Google to index your sites properly. If your site is new, then you need to wait for the Website to get indexed first. You have to submit your website URL to Google’s Sitemap to let it index properly on the Google. Have some patience and let Google handle things correctly.

2. Your quality of content is not appealing.

Quality content builds the base of your website and its future. If your blog’s quality of content is weak, then your site will not be able to rank well in the search engine’s results. Google regenerate their algorithms regularly, and they always focus on the quality of the content. If your website’s content is not up to the market, the traffic will gradually decrease. Make sure you only publish the content with high-quality.

3. Not focusing on the Keyword.

To rank your website well in the Google’s Search Engine, you have to focus on the Keywords within the content you publish. It is extremely important to focus on the right Keywords to get constant traffic to your blog or website. If you have used the right keywords, it will generate correct traffic. With proper keywords, you can target the right traffic. Focus on a longer-tail keyword to rank well on the Google’s search results.

4. Maybe your website’s design is not right?

If your website doesn’t have a reliable user interface, then it will neither attract the users nor search engine’s algorithms. SEO is constantly evolving and to set up things properly; you should go with the best SEO company. Make sure you spend more time in SEO. You have to optimize your website’s all web pages one by one. It will be more beneficial to your blog in achieving excellent and constant traffic.

Bad user experiences will leave your website with no traffic. It will not do the right thing for your business, and you will become disappointed in the very short period. Focus more on optimizing your website’s web pages.

5. Bad linking

New SEO strategies allow the bloggers to create high-quality backlinks from other popular blogs. However, if you have created bad links to your website from gaming sites, casino sites, and adult sites, Google will not recognize it, and your website may even go for a penalty by Google. Bad linking also affects very badly in the Search Engine ranking.

6. Is your website Mobile-friendly?

Over 50% of website users come from mobile devices. If your website is not designed correctly and not optimized for mobile platforms, then you have to face many difficulties with ranking. According to Google’s latest update, you have to optimize your website for mobile users. This will help your blog to gain more users.

7. Does Google penalize your site?

Google has set out some rules and regulations for the users in the Google Webmaster’s Guidelines. If your website is violating the policies, your site will be Penalized by Google. Once Google penalizes your site, its ranking will be dropped suddenly. You will see a drastic change in the traffic which would be on the floor. You can submit a reconsideration to Google to remove the penalty.

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