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An SEO audit report can help you to evaluate a client’s website or your own to see what are the levels of effective SEO strategies. You can see if you are meeting your standards, falling short of them and where you are making errors.

In the process, you will be able to create data spreadsheets and produce documentation that will give you the ability to create a really interesting and detailed report. The issues you will need to deal with in order to have an effective SEO audit are plentiful, but none of them are too hard to overcome. We’re going to explore now how you can prepare an SEO audit report for your client or for your own business.

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What is the point?

The point of an SEO audit report is to examine how effective you are doing the following:

  • Organic traffic. Are you pulling in brand new visitors and customers as you would like? It’s important you measure organic clicks as opposed to clicks from consumers already a part of your network.
  • Are you making enough impressions on social media and other advertising hotspots? It’s key to spread your brand name around and getting out in front of people where they can see and experience you is vital.
  • Do you have good landing pages? The bounce rate will need to be measured and you should be able to see if your landing pages are retaining those who click on them.
  • The backlinks. Are you making a good link loop? You want customers to stay on your content for as long as possible which will mean it’s easier to convince them to make a purchase.

What to include

So what should you include in your report? The best things to focus on are the heart and soul of SEO, which will be organic growth, outreach, and the ability to see if you are holding customers on each and every click, be it just to stay on the page longer, make a purchase or click on ads.

  • You need a summary of the link strategy. This will be mainly on the links that focus on backlinks, authoritative outbound links, and keyword linking strategies. As you can tell there is a lot to do.
  • Make sure you focus on the quality of your backlinks. Make old content new again by adding to it and create a link loop that essentially takes customers on a journey through your content.
  • The ranking report is important. You want as many organic search rankings as possible, which again means the impact of your keywords and content.
  • Summarize the overall SEO effectiveness by referring to the number of domains you are backlinking to, (don’t keep linking to the same sites), and what the trust flow is like. Social media power and follow links, as well as data or numerical links, are also vital.

Showing the results

Getting onto the results of the SEO audit report, you will need to examine the effectiveness of each keyword. Spot patterns, make graphs include click-rate, bounce-rate from pages, and content effectiveness.

You should also question if you are using long-tail keywords as effectively as you could. This means using the best and most commonly used descriptive words relevant to your products and services.

The number of links you need to outrank the competition is also important. It’s not just the number but the quality. Outbound links should be to more and more authoritative websites. The SEO difficulty score for your keywords should also be present in your report. The search volume and the estimated clicks of your keywords and future keyword options should also be present.

Reach a conclusion

Finish off the report with a conclusion of what you’re doing right, what could be improved, what you need to stop doing i.e. change strategy, and what the future holds for your SEO tactics.

All of this should be able to provide you with an outlook of your link strategy, keyword strategy, user interaction, favorability, and the things you need to improve on to keep them on the page. Chief among them will be your SEO content strategy, where you need to keep content fresh, relevant, ideal for your keywords, and have brilliant backlinks.

If you would like to know more about SEO audit report strategies, you can always contact us. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, and we will answer it for you. banner

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