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Regardless of whether you’re new to SEO or not, there’s always something that’s worth learning. So why not learn from an SEO expert? As search engine optimization continues to be an important element for many businesses and individuals, here are 50+ best SEO blogs to follow in 2024.

AAM Consultants Blog

AAM Consultants is one of the Biggest SEO Companies in the world and they are publishing numerous useful and informative articles to their blog consistently. They are submitting exciting and unique content related to search engine optimization that you can read for free. Their SEO specialists share the advice that will help you to improve your websites’ rankings in the search engines. If you want to learn something new, informative, and helpful tips & tricks about SEO then must follow the AAM Consultants blog. banner

Moz Blog

Moz Blog is a great platform to find all the information for various aspects of online marketing but their core focus is on SEO. With a variety of tools available, Moz offers so much more than most, but it’s certainly worth utilizing when it comes to improving local SEO and more. There’s plenty of relevant news and tips that are worth taking advantage of too!

Yoast Blog

For anyone who owns a WP website, you’ll already be familiar with Yoast. It offers free SEO software that’s implemented into the dashboard interface that allows you to better optimize your pages. The software is just one part, but the blog offers plenty of helpful information regarding search engine optimization and how to optimize your eCommerce site, blog site, or business, whatever it may be.

HubSpot Blog

With HubSpot, the platform helps businesses to manage marketing and sales automation as well as customer service in one easy to find a place. Their blog is great for seeking out lots of information on increasing sales and inbound marketing solutions. With plenty of cheatsheets, checklists, and blog post templates, it’s certainly a blog platform that’s worth taking advantage of and keeping up to date with.

WP Beginner

WP Beginner is a great place for those who are just beginning their careers or businesses and need basic information and tutorials. From embedding YouTube videos to keeping your site secure, they offer it all. It’s a great place to find everything you need if you’re brand new to the world of search engine optimization and need some extra guidance and help.

GoDaddy Blog

GoDaddy is known to most as a domain registrar and website hosting business. It’s got great opportunities for many businesses and individuals, but it’s also worth taking advantage of their blog. They offer useful resources that help with marketing, whether you’re a beginner or you’ve got a few years of experience under your belt, it’s worth checking their site out.

WooCommerce Blog

For anyone with an eCommerce site on WordPress, then WooCommerce will also be a recognizable name. Like its competitor Shopify, it’s an eCommerce platform that helps those run their businesses effectively. Their blog is a great source of information in relation to eCommerce, whether it be marketing, security, or increasing sales, and improving online operations.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a very prominent figure in digital marketing and one you’ll have come across many times before. His website has become a common thing to backlink to especially due to all of his helpful knowledge when it comes to SEO and all things digital. He’s someone that’s been running his blog for a while now, and so if you’re looking for some of the best and most experienced advice out there, then Neil Patel is someone you want to look towards when it comes to your search engine optimization.

Ahrefs Blog

The Ahrefs blog is one that is fantastic for its blog resources. As it’s one of the best tools for SEO, you can expect their blog to be the best of the best. The number of in-depth articles is priceless in value and something that many will find a lot of use from, whether they’re new to the game or not. They’ve also started to do more video content, which is essential as more digital marketing nowadays seems to focus more on visual content. All the content is research-backed, and so you’re getting plenty of well-informed knowledge.

SEO Roundtable

With SEO Roundtable, it’s something that curates and gathers all the important threads from the SEM forums on there. It’s a great way of getting lots of information from multiple people rather than just the one expert. Forums are notably one of the better ways of having more information to hand, and learning from more than one person is always the best way of getting a balanced viewpoint on a topic or subject when it comes to SEO. It’s certainly a website to bookmark for further reading.

BrightEdge Blog

As one of the top SEO agencies in the UK, they’ve created a very well-informed blog that’s worth a read or two when you get a chance. They’ve helped a lot of businesses with some of the best tools on the market that are great for local SEO. So if you’re looking to build on your local search or if this perhaps is something of a weak or undiscovered spot, then it’s certainly worth tackling with BrightEdge under your belt.

Alejandro Rioja

As a self-taught digital marketer that also blogs, Alejandro Rioja is one person that can certainly offer a lot in personal experience. Sometimes, learning from those who are self-taught can often teach you a lot more. It can also provide you with more when your resources may be limited, especially financially. As an expert blogger in SEO, he gets very much in-depth with every article he writes. It’s worth logging on whether you’re a beginner or you’re advanced.

Single Grain

Expect a river of jealousy to run through you when we tell you that Eric Sui brought Single Grain for just $2 when the company was failing. It’s now a thriving digital marketing agency that has helped many grow their digital marketing skills. The blog section itself focuses a lot on digital marketing as a whole but don’t dismiss the site as there’s plenty of amazing articles on SEO that are well worth the read if you get the opportunity.

NavenPillai provides high-quality content that its visitors are able to gain digital marketing knowledge from someone with plenty of experience in the industry. As a growing SEO blog, it’s certainly one that is worth looking out for as we head in 2024. The quality of articles is certainly there when you read through them, and the content is varied.

Search Engine Watch

If you’re looking for a dinosaur in comparison to other SEO blogs, then Search Engine Watch is probably the oldest and still one of the most successful. Launched in 1996, if it’s longevity is anything to go by, then you can trust everything that this website has to offer when it comes to their blog. They publish a mixture of news articles and guides. They publish around 29 posts a month, so you’re definitely going to be getting plenty of content to look over for 2024.


SEMRush is a renowned site due to the number of tools that they’ve created to help those when it comes to their SEO and strengthening their website’s worth when it comes to the search engines. They post out plenty of SEO content – it’s usually one per day. With over 3,000 blog posts in total published to date, there have been plenty of well-known names that have contributed to it from other popular SEO blogs.

Cognitive SEO

When looking for SEO blogs to watch, Cognitive SEO is definitely one that is worth looking at. They’ve published plenty of good stuff as of late, and their performance when it comes to organic search, it’s certainly showing just how influential their work is. They’ve managed to triple their organic search traffic in less than a year, so if you want to achieve some similar results for yourself, then it’s definitely worth taking advantage of by checking out their content.

Gotch SEO

Since founded in 2013, Nathan Gotch has certainly transformed his company GotchSEO over the past few years. There’s been a big influence over the past two years thanks to his huge in-depth guides that have garnered over 750+ comments for some of his posts. It goes to show that a lot of people are reading and engaging, so it might be worth seeing what all the fuss is about when it comes to his blog section. However, the downside is that there’s only one guide a month on average that he publishes.


Builtvisible has definitely been built to look visually pleasing. However, appearances aren’t everything and what matters when it comes to an SEO blog is its content. This is where Builtvisible shows us that they’re not just pretty faces. It’s packed with plenty of quality content that comes from an industry veteran that has over 15+ years of experience under his belt. This is an SEO blog that is probably more suited to the more advanced but doesn’t be disappointed as there’s still plenty of content available that is aimed at beginners and intermediates as well.

Lion Zeal

As a relatively new SEO blog on the block, Daryl Rosser is becoming a household name when it comes to SEO. He’s known for the interviews he’s given with successful SEO, and you can find these via his YouTube channel but also in written content on his blog with video transcript. It’s certainly worth checking them out, and he’s one to look out for as we head into the new year. He’s another that is interviewing well-known names in the industry too.

Crazy Egg

This is a blog that’s also known as The Daily Egg. It’s a content machine for those who are looking for it, and you can certainly find plenty of information about SEO from all those who have expert knowledge in the area.

Matthew Barby

As a digital marketing consultant, there’s plenty that Matthew Barby has learned over the years. His articles are very much useful when it comes to focusing on SEO and the digital marketing side of the business too.

SEO Hacker

With plenty of SEO guides, there’s plenty that is worth looking at. There are every tip and piece of advice that comes to search engine optimization. They offer the best rank tracking tools and quality insights you’ll need for your business or as an individual.


Will Critchlow founded Distilled in 2005 and has co-created an online SEO university. If you need any more proof than that, then he’s also co-founded an SEO conference called SearchLove. Suffice to say, he embraces the world of search engine optimization with both hands. There are lots of helpful posts and guidance via his blog section, and there are many who contribute to it also. It’s worth looking at them for all things SEO-related.

Kaiser the Sage

If you’re looking for more help on link building, then Jason Acidre is the right person to go to. Kaiser the Sage has plenty of blog posts, all of which are very well-informed and helpful. He’s managed to help many of his clients increase the traffic of their websites, and there are plenty of SEO-related topics that he touches upon when it comes to his blog. From content creation to inbound marketing, it’s all worth a read.


If you’ve done link building outreach, then you’re likely aware of Buzzsream already. They are likely to be one of the best out there when it comes to outreach software on the market, and they also publish some great content on their blog too. They’ve heavily focused on link building and outreach, but you’ll still find that they cover some other elements of SEO in different areas that are worth knowing. Again, like Gotch SEO, they only post around 1-2 blog posts a month, but they’re worth the wait.


If you’re looking for technical-focused SEO, then Merj is definitely one blog site that you want to bookmark again and again. They only publish one article per month, but it can be a very useful post as it’s a round-up of technical SEO. The posts offer the latest in technical SEO news and are a healthy 3,000-word post. There are plenty of benefits that you can get from reading the posts on Merj, so be sure to check them out.

Evolving SEO

There’s a lot that Dan Schure covers when it comes to Evolving SEO, one of which is the podcasts. He interviews SEO’s about a specific topic, and these can often be quite specific based on whatever that SEO expert has inexperience and what they specialize in. It’s certainly worth going on if you enjoy podcasts, but there’s also some written content on there that’s also worth reading. However, if you’re a fan of podcasts, then this might be a better way of taking in the SEO knowledge.

Search Engine Journal

With a community-based approach, this has plenty of marketing content to help attract visitors from search engines. However, there’s plenty of articles that have knowledge of SEO trends, news relating to SEO, and strategies that are worth knowing. There are plenty of in-depth guides available to help those succeed when it comes to search engine optimization. Founded in 2003, there are years of experience on this platform.

From the Future

As one of the best SEO specialists and technical SEO agency, Ryan Stewart and Nick Eubanks have a combined knowledge that’s worth looking at their blog site From the Future. They provide all the freshest information out there for SEO requirements.

The Seer Interactive Blog

As an award-winning SEO agency, they offer plenty of information when it comes to this area of digital marketing. Not only does it cover PPC and analytics, but their extensive knowledge in SEO from paid ads to Google Analytics is worth investing some reading time over. There’s lots of information that’s necessary to digest when you’re working on your search engine optimization.

Official Google Webmaster Blog

As an official blog of Google, you can’t deny that this blog is going to have some of the best content and likely the most resources to pull the best of the best in SEO experts to the table. There’s plenty of helpful insights from the search engine gods themselves, and it can be helpful to learn all the hints and tips to boost your website’s organic rankings. It’s definitely worth bookmarking where you can.

SEO By The Sea

With SEO by the sea, you get to learn SEO directly from the search engines themselves. They focus on traditional but also evergreen SEO strategies are work well. Whether it knows about how search engines work for keywords, there’s so much information and knowledge that’s shared via this blog site. If you’re looking for technical direction, then this is definitely a good website to check out.


With Searchmetrics, you’ve got a well-known platform that provides helpful and competitive insights and market analysis. There’s plenty of SEO optimization tips as well as social and content marketing to take advantage of.


Rand Fishkin founded SparkToro and is also responsible for founding another popular site on this list – Moz. Rand is the only one, though, who writes on SparkToro, so you know you’re getting lots of in-depth and unique content from a legend. There are some amazing insights and case studies that are worth taking a look at, and there’s a lot of research that’s gone into them.

Deep Crawl

As a leading technical SEO platform, they offer plenty of cloud-based web-crawling technologies that help with a site’s organic growth. It’s frequent in its publishing of key insights and ways to improve organic rankings.

Marie Haynes

Marie Haynes is someone who has been helping businesses since 2008 when it comes to Google penalties. Her blog is a helpful insight into this area of SEO that might often be ignored or given less focus on.

Diggity Marketing

If you’re looking to gain some in-depth knowledge of SEO and other areas of digital marketing, such as Affiliate marketing and link marketing, then you want to check out Diggity Marketing’s blog. They have plenty of organic traffic that proves they’re worth taking a look at.

Dejan SEO Blog

If you’re looking for one to watch for 2024, then Dejan SEO’s blog is definitely one that’s turning into a place to find insightful information on SEO. The blog was founded by Dan Petrovic in 2015 and has since managed to build a considerable following and continues to churn out great content in this area.

SEO Book

With so many SEO blogs out there, it can be hard to compete. However, Aaron Wall, who founded SEO Book in 2003 has still managed to keep up the audience following and occurs a healthy amount of monthly organic traffic of upwards of 156K. It’s definitely worth reading a blog post or two, that’s for sure.

Quicksprout Blog

As a popular SEO blog that was founded by Lars Lofgren, it’s amassed over 732,000 average monthly views – and that’s organic traffic. With an incredible amount of monthly viewers, it’s certainly a great site to check out all the best and knowledgeable information when it comes to SEO.

Tubular Insights

With an average monthly organic traffic of 50k, it’s a fraction of what Quicksprout Blog gets, but at the same time, it’s a helpful insight into learning about digital marketing as a whole and for video creation too. There’s plenty of SEO content worth looking at.

Raven Tools

If you’re looking for plenty of SEO tips and technical topics, then Ravel Tool has a lot to offer. They provide tools that are helpful in creating marketing reports and finding the right data and analysis to incorporate into their customer’s strategy. SEO is something that they have plenty of hints, tips, and tricks on that are work keeping an eye on when it comes to this blog site.

This one specializes a little more in writing content but is not limited to just SEO content either. There are some that don’t even touch upon digital marketing at all. It’s worth looking at their blog posts as there are some interesting reads that are worth exploring and incorporating into your own efforts where you may think necessary.

Another oldie but certainly not one that’s stopped providing great content when it comes to SEO. It’s a site that’s been around since the grand old years of 1997. The topics are certainly modern, though, as they’ve covered augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, to name but a few. However, there is plenty of SEO quality content available for you to take a look at.

Content is certainly critical when it comes to optimizing a site, and this site has plenty of content under its belt that’s worth taking a look at. With entire reports and key insights, it’s a blog site that’s definitely a good one to look at. There are lots of great written pieces to take a look at when it comes to content creation and SEO in general.

It’s smart, creative, and focused on results. That’s the site’s tagline, and it’s certainly one that puts a lot of hope for those looking for the best advice and knowledge when it comes to SEO. It’s certainly one that has plenty of high-ranking and note-worthy content worth reading.

With so many useful insights to offer, there’s no wonder that Bruce Clay has been around since 1996. There is plenty of search engine optimization, and digital marketing topics covered on his blog and are worth looking at for those who are lacking SEO knowledge. And as he’s been operating for a while now, you can certainly trust the content he provides.

A site that helps to grow website traffic, this digital marketing agency offers plenty of helpful content when it comes to digital marketing with SEO being one of those. They also have plenty of free SEO tools to use. It’s one that’s definitely worth taking a look at in more detail.

Shopify Blog

Shopify continues to be a high-performing platform for eCommerce businesses, and so their Shopify blog is aimed at small businesses as such. It’s still worth a read, even for those who don’t fall into this category of SEO. You can probably still learn a lot from it.


With a focus on SEO-related issues, Biznology definitely offers plenty of information that’s worth knowing. There’s also plenty of coverage on content marketing too. It also focuses a lot on those who are wishing to start a blog, with plenty of beginner’s tips too. For anyone that’s relatively new to create blog content, this is definitely one to get on board with.

The SEM Post

Jennifer Slegg is responsible as editor of The SEM Post and has been the editor since she founded it back in June 2014. By providing daily news updates in relation to SEO, there are plenty of rich and knowledgeable articles that are worth taking a look at. Slegg often shares her insights into the many features that Google and Bing test in order to see how they’re changing and what that means for those working on SEO.

SEO is still necessary for many businesses and individuals to take advantage of, so be sure to bookmark all of these SEO blogs!

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