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If you handle SEO for your clients, you need to make sure that you provide them with progress reports so that they can understand the efforts you are making and the impact that they are having in terms of their search engine presence. With that being said, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about creating SEO progress reports.

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What is an SEO progress report?

An SEO report is a successful way for you to communicate to stakeholders, either your client or your boss, the impact that your SEO efforts are having on your business. At the very minimum, your SEO report needs to cover the progress you have made, the activities you have undertaken and the impact of them, and recommendations for driving further growth.

With SEO reports, it is all about conveying the metrics that matter and successfully communicating the progress against predefined KPIs. it is also about successfully offering commentary on what has led to this success, why it has been so effective, and the different activities that you have embarked on.

Why creating progress reports is important?

There are a number of different reasons why progress reports on SEO are so important. Ultimately, it comes down to effectively communicating your efforts with your client and building a good relationship with them. You cannot expect your clients to know what you are doing if you do not explain this to them.

There are many knock-on benefits that are associated with creating progress reports. This includes the fact that you can easily track the progress of your SEO efforts. Aside from this, you can show your clients the efforts you are putting into your site so that they can see all of your hard work and efforts. Often, clients can assume that you have not really done much because they do not see what goes on behind the scenes, and so a progress report is critical in terms of conveying the work you have done.

Aside from this, SEO progress reports enable you to monitor social media sharing, backlinks, and views, as well as monitor the number of sales and leads, and also the conversion rate. You can also understand the areas of your website and SEO strategy that need to be improved. This can be beneficial if you want to convince your clients to invest in another type of SEO service. You can show them the work you have done so far, as well as highlight the gaps in the company’s SEO that really need to be worked on next.

What should I include in my SEO report?

There are a number of different elements that you should include in your SEO progress report. Firstly, you need to detail all of the specific tasks that you have completed. This conveys the work that you have done so far.

Aside from this, we also highly recommend that you include keyword rankings. You can use Google’s keyword planner or another keyword tool of this nature and include some screenshots with a written commentary so that your client can understand the keywords they are ranking for and how SEO is going in this regard.

You should also make sure you detail backlinks, i.e. how many backlinks point to the website, the quality of each link, the anchor text used for every link, and the number of referring domains, as well as the link source and target page.

Recommended improvements, such as user improvements and technical improvements, should also be detailed in the SEO report.

How to create an SEO report for clients

To create an SEO report, you need to start out by determining your objectives. Once you have done this, and established all of the KPIs, you can then start building the Seo report. You can use SEO templates to put this together with ease. There are a lot of great tools and software solutions on the market today that will enable you to put your SEO report together effectively so that you can easily and quickly convey the progress of your SEO efforts to your clients.

Final words on creating SEO progress reports

So there you have it: everything that you need to know about SEO progress reports, why they are important, and how to go about creating them. We hope that this has helped you to get a better understanding so that you can create effective progress reports for your clients so that they can see your SEO efforts and the impact they are having. banner

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