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What is directory submission in SEO?

SEO is a brilliant way to build up your business online. The term SEO is more of an umbrella term, all with the aim to increase search engine optimization. Although this may, at the surface level, not appear relevant or helpful to your business, SEO is one of the best new ways to help grow your online platform’s traffic and brand awareness. One of the techniques under the SEO umbrella, joining the ranks of nofollow links, dofollow links, and branded keywords, is directory submission.

Directory submission is one of the most used off-page SEO techniques you can learn. Directory submission involves submitting a website URL to various different directories online in order to improve the number of backlinks. This should generate more business growth via more traffic to the intended site. An example of directory submitting is if your website is a sports content site, you will submit it under the category of “sports”. Some directories require a fee to submit your website, while some require you just to input some information about the site itself. There are different types of directories, such as a paid or featured web listing, like the one aforementioned. This means the directory owner will charge for your submission and post the link at some point on a subscription basis. The next type is a free web listing, which sounds great; however, there are no guarantees your website will get listed, and often it takes a long time to do so. Finally, there is a reciprocal web listing where you have to post a link on your site for every link submitted to the directory.

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How does directory submission work?

There are many different ways to go about submitting your website to a directory. Firstly, you should endeavor to research the best directory suited to your business. It would help if you considered key factors such as the size and quality of the directory itself. Next, choose which category relates to your business the most. For example, if your site is for teaching, you would click “education” as your category. You should make sure to choose the category the fits the most with your website to get the best results from this process. Once you have selected a category, you can then think about any sub-categories that may come up. Most directories allow you to choose a sub-category for your website, so you can be as specific as possible. After this, the only thing left to do is to press the submit button that should lead you to a page where you give all the required details for your site. Typical elements include the URL, title, and description to finish off the submission. It would be best if you tried to be as accurate as possible through all of these steps for optimal results.

Is directory submission still effective for SEO?

Whilst there is a lot of discussion surrounding the effectiveness of directory submission as a tool to build site traffic compared to other methods, it is clear that a directory submission is an essential tool for business and site growth when used correctly. There are ways to make directory submission more effective, such as using and paying for higher quality directories to generate more site traffic. There are many benefits to directory submission, such as fast indexing on search engines so your website is easy to find, and not to mention accessible social media sharing through the directory, higher page ranking on Google’s algorithm- all leading to high site traffic and brand awareness.

How do I find directory submission sites?

In order to find a directory submission site, you must do as much research as you possibly can. There are plenty of lists out there on the internet of the best high-quality directory submission sites this year that will provide you with quality backlinks to improve your website’s ranking overall. Ideally, you want to build up your website’s domain authority so you have the best search engine optimization possible. The easiest way to find a directory is to search “directory submission” and add the most relevant category at the end of the search term. This should help the search engine pull directories that are most relevant to your site, thus optimizing your use of this technique. It may also be helpful to submit your website in a range of directories to cover all bases and increase site traffic. banner

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