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In and around your navigation of the online world, you’re going to encounter this function sooner rather than later: Social Bookmarking. Indeed, suppose you’re planning on getting involved on any level in digitizing your business or even your personal website to gain the traction that you’re going to want your website to enjoy. In that case, you’ll have to start familiarizing yourself with all of the associated jargon of this sometimes confusing but always stimulating environment.

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So let’s get cracking!

What is ‘social bookmarking’?

OK, consider this; there are over 1.8 billion websites on the internet today, and that number grows exponentially every single day. If you want your business’s website to be found in this giant online library of information, well – you’re going to want to make use of every tool you have in your toolbox to get that done, right?

We achieve that end by ensuring something known as “Search Engine Optimization (SEO).”

Simply put, the higher your SEO, the higher the ranks you’ll enjoy on search engines. The higher up the list you are, the more likely someone is going to find it.

Knowing how to use social bookmarking properly and do it regularly can help your SEO.

Social bookmarking is when you create a digital bookmark of a web page you’re browsing to read it later. However, it also allows users to keep track of the content on your page.

Social bookmarks tell search engine algorithms that the content on your page is of top quality standard, valuable, and of interest to consumers. This means that your credibility is enhanced, which in turn improves your ranking on keywords related to your business.

What are the benefits of social bookmarking?

One of the key benefits of social bookmarking sites is that they make it easy for people to find websites and help you generate backlinks to your website. If you learn how to do this correctly and do it in more social bookmarking websites, you’ll get backlinks from each website, and this will ultimately rank your page higher on search engines’ webpages or websites.

How to do social bookmarking?

It can sound intimidating when you’re not entirely comfortable with the jargon, but there’s no need to worry; we’ve broken social bookmarking down into five easy steps.

  • Step one: Select a social bookmarking site.

The great thing about selecting your site is that you don’t have to use just one – you can do, but you’ll get so much better results when you work with a combination of them. Some popular sites include Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, StumbleUpon. The best thing about all of these sites is this – they’re free. Simply register an account, and you’re good to go.

  • Step two: Upload links and bookmark pages.

Each of these sites uses its own method of uploading links, but the basics are the same, and it’s as easy as cutting and pasting. You simply have to cut the desired link from your page and upload it onto your account with one of these sites, and off you go.

  • Step three: Connect to social media.

Linking your sites to your social media makes it very easy to keep track of all the interest that’s taking place on your site and link, so it’s a well worthy pursuit of your time, and again – it’s free.

  • Step four: Tag the links.

Once you’ve uploaded your links onto these websites, go ahead and “tag” those links using particular keywords.

  • Step five: Use for SEO.

You cannot increase traffic to your websites just by using social

bookmarking, your ultimate aim has to be ‘Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and for that, you’re going to need to use keywords that will land you on the top ranks of search engines like Google, but social bookmarking is part of that process, and it’s well worth doing to the best of your ability.

You’ll be able to find which keywords are the most relevant by scouring through these social bookmarking sites, they’re handy tools, and when you take the time to learn how to use them and use them well, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

Top tips for doing social bookmarking well

First up, you need to understand the different ‘communities’ you can access and what they’re all about. Each community has its own ‘thing,’ and if you start posting random links or irrelevant content, you’re not going to be generating the kind of feedback you’ll want – believe us. The tech-savvy types know when they’re being played, and they don’t take kindly to it.

So if you want to generate the kind of traffic the makes sites and blogs instead of killing them, heed this message and heed it well.

Each social bookmarking site has tons of content that you can browse to give you a thorough understanding of the current relevant keywords and the hot topics or ‘trending’ headlines at that time.

We honestly can’t overstate this enough – take the time to know your new community and when you’re reading someone else’s content or blog, return the favor and comment favorably on their links too.

Top Tip: Create a schedule for this type of browsing, set a time limit to it, and stick to that limit or make no mistake, you will find that days have vanished and all you are left with is knowing how to set up your cat-cam successfully.

The golden rule of working in online spaces is this: it isn’t going to happen independently. Successful engagement with the online community means you have to proactively be in control of your website’s future and invest the time and resources into making sure it is as best placed as possible.

Remember this, and don’t forget it: we’re living in the 50-millisecond generation. That’s how long it takes for a consumer to make a decision. To put that number into context, it takes you longer to say 50-milliseconds than what it is, and that’s how much time you have to get a click. banner

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