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Content writing covers a range of copywriting projects, from writing for websites and blogs to emails and marketing content. The price of which you should charge for content writing varies depending on your experience, availability, location, and services you can provide.

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For example, if you live in a city that is in the same timezone as the company requesting the writing, you might be able to charge more as you can stay in touch and finish projects in a good timeframe. Likewise, you can charge more for having experience with content writing, as well as increasing the rate if you can offer multiple types of content writing.

A standard rule to follow is to charge for chunks of texts, instead of per word. This will help you navigate how much to charge for particular projects and ensure that you stay within the word limit. The prices will vary depending on the type of copywriting.

For website content writing, it should be a rough charge of around $10-12 dollars per every 200 to 300 words. Writing around 1,000 words should cost around $45.

Whereas blog writing will cost a little less due to the formality of the writing being reduced. Blog content writing is a much chattier and informal style of writing. These projects range from around $6 to $40.

Email and marketing content writing typically requires more experience and expertise. Therefore, charges will be higher. 200 to 300-word email projects can cost around $12, while marketing content (for the same word count) can cost $32. banner

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