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There is a delicate balance between the fun and the productive. When constructing a stylish office space, it is imperative that both of these important aspects of a comfortable workplace are carefully considered.

In addition to considering how fun and functional your office will be, it is important to understand the office space from the perspectives of the employees who will be working and living here for a good portion of their lives.

Will they feel motivated to work or will they feel like hostages in Toyland?  The differences lay in how the creation of the stylish office take place. If you are interested in improving your office space for greater productivity and a happier workforce, the following article has all you need to know to get started.

Natural Lighting

Windows get all the attention, the more windows the better. Natural lighting is cheaper and healthier for the eyes and human body. Arrange the desks in your office space accordingly. If desks are oriented toward the sources of light, like so many sunflowers, the occupants will feel less like mindless-toilers and more like inspired professionals. Obviously, ensure that the light isn’t shining heavily on people, custom roller blinds can help with this.

If you are working in an environment with limited or no windows or natural light, this point is even more important. Do everything you can to minimize unnecessary objects in the environment and make the room look clear and breezy. Consider adding natural images and patterns on the walls in the form of wall art and textures.

Create a Relaxed Environment

Sometimes the best way to emphasize productivity and time-efficiency is to take these points completely out of the picture. While the workplace should be geared toward productivity it should not be designed this way. Fun, relaxation, and socialization should be clearly defined.

To this end, consider a game room, social hangout, or other spots for leisurely rests from the demands of a busy mind. If workers feel like there office is a home away from home they will more readily contribute their vast creativity and professional resources to their engaging workplace. Not sure what to add in your workplace? That’s good! Trying to accomplish this without the input and direction of your employees will come across as pretentious and puerile. Some ideas to proffer your workforce are listed here:

Break-Out Breakrooms

The coffee room was a terrific idea, but far too often become another extension of workplace oppression and the essential battleground for any feuding colleagues. The important thing to remember is that humans are social creatures and desire communication to feel productive and fully-engaged. The importance of the breakout space is to completely change the scenery and tone of the environment. This should be more conducive to free expression and relaxation even work in an alternate setting that can be more conducive to creative critical thought.

The Balance between Individuality and Teamwork

In the office space, there are many people working and interacting with each other to get the job done. This means that everyone needs the privacy and serenity to work effectively while not having their locations isolated or cut off from the communication stream or other colleagues.

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Encourage Positive Interactions and Progress

A great deal of stress and tension can be reduced from the work environment by making sure there are plenty of equipment and space to do the job without employees developing sharp elbows. This has to do with everything from the color of paint on the walls to the comfort of the seats used in the office. Ergonomic furniture is the only way to go as this will allow your employees to remain on point and focused for longer periods of time.

Reflecting your brand identity

Another important part of keeping your employees on point has to do with presenting your brand identity in the workplace. There are many ways to do this effectively and also ways that can make your logo a terrifying totem completely counterproductive to your workplace productivity. Avoid this by making every addition and inspirational one. Make sure the colors used are conducive to peace and relaxation. Fogged glass logos are especially attractive and improve workplace identity.

Individuality is key…

In conclusion, your office space will present you with its own set of challenges and opportunities that must be faced and overcome, this is where your individuality will lie and this will be the flavor of your work environment. By slowly considering the tastes and appeal you how to provide your employees and even your clients, you will improve your productivity and inspirational levels.

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