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There are many strategies used for on-page and off-page SEO. To boost the ranking of your website, however, it is always recommended to use white hat SEO techniques. One of the quality techniques to increase your SEO score is article submission.

Article Submission for SEO: What is it?

Article submission is an off-page SEO technique where you write an article and publish it on a third-party website. Article marketing is a strategy to promote your business by writing articles that can be submitted to various article directories. Using this, you can create a no-follow or a do-follow link. The goal is to generate a huge amount of traffic to your website with little effort and cost.

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Article Submission Benefits and Negatives

Creating backlinks and creating brand awareness is the objective of article submission. It isn’t just about publishing your articles on directory sites, but also about posting them on social media platforms such as Facebook so that you can gain attention and traffic.

Numerous article submission sites offer free marketing services for your articles. That being said, you also have to make consideration for any down sie to article submission if you want to make the right choice for your business.

By writing relevant articles and submitting them to hundreds of article directories or resources, you could get quick links back to your website. As a result, the website performed better in search results.

The question remains, however, whether article submissions are still effective link-building tactics. Article submissions are one of the activities that SEOs have parted with following the Panda and Penguin updates.

Here are some reasons why article submission is a poor link building tactic, and why we should publish our best articles on our own site instead of article sites:

  • By submitting articles to article submission websites, we will get backlinks for the article site rather than our own site.
  • If the articles submitted to article submission websites attract links from other websites, blogs, etc., then they will go to the article submission site and not to our website.
  • Visitors who find our published article when they search for it in a search engine will probably land on the article site instead of our website as they are more likely to stick with the article site for the information they are seeking.
  • A great article would serve the purpose more if it were read by the visitor to your own site, but if it was placed on an article site, it would have no effect.
  • Because the search engines do not trust many article sites, its backlinks hold little to no weight.

Getting Traffic by Submitting an Informative Article

  • In order to drive traffic to the website, you can publish informative articles and share them through social media, press release sites, etc.
  • The backlinks from the articles increase page rank. Republishing your article on several sites creates more links to your site because more sites share it. Search engines value these links more and they can also generate more traffic for the website than other links.
  • Creating a credible and intelligent article will increase traffic for your website, especially if it reaches more people.
  • The creation of content that’s shared on social media and syndication is vital for SEO, but it has to be unique and relevant. You must not submit your article in too many article directories.
  • Make sure your articles are packed with information. By writing articles that are relevant, you will become more of a brand as an author, and your site will be more successful. A higher search ranking can be achieved with more unique content.
  • Article titles are incredibly important, but so are the “title” tags in your HTML. Title tags should contain relevant keywords for the site.
  • The first paragraphs are considered most important by both search engines and readers. All of the best information can be put there to capture their attention. Make your content fun to read, but do not give too much away.
  • Submit a high number of articles. Keep a consistent tone when posting articles on blog networks. Just one keyword can only be effectively promoted if many articles with that keyword are submitted. A keyword that is highly competitive should be submitted to at least five directories and ten public blog networks. A good ranking is achieved by posting at least fifty articles for private blog networks.

A website’s success is heavily dependent on the quality of its content. In the end, all the time and energy spent developing a website is for nothing if the website’s content is not useful to its visitors. In addition, poor content hinders your SEO efforts. We’re pretty clever at spotting poor content and so are search engines.

When it comes to article submission for SEO, you need to make sure you consider both the positive and negative. There may be some downsides to it, however, if you put the time and commitment into it can pay off. banner

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