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When you are trying to promote your business in Portugal, you always need to approach it from a number of angles at once. That helps to give you the best possible marketing for your business, and it is something which you can be sure is going to give your business a fantastic early start and boost too.

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One of the best ways to promote your business is to find and make use of business directories and listing websites. Here are some of the very best of those such sites to be found in Portugal, so you can start marketing your business as soon as possible.

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.

Adds Era

If you are a new business and you want to promote your business fast, you can consider making use of Adds Era, which allows your ads to be promoted to the top of the page straight away. The kind of effect this can have on your business can be really profound, so it is worth checking out this site today.


If you are specifically an expat living in Portugal, and you run your business there, then you might want to check out Expatica, which offers you the chance to promote your business as long as you are an expat in Portugal. Add your listing to this site and you will find that you can promote your business to whoever might benefit from it.


Sometimes, some of your best options are not specifically located in Portugal itself, but are nonetheless popular in that part of the world, and as such are still very good options to consider. Oorgin is the perfect example of this, and it’s one that you are certainly going to want to try out for yourself.

Portugal Sport & Adventure

If you specifically run a sport or adventure business, you might want to think about trying out Portugal Sport & Adventure, which offers you the chance to list your sport business as long as it is based in Portugal. This can help to get your business in touch with just the right customers.


Another international site that has good standing in Portugal is Glassdoor. You can access Glassdoor easily from anywhere, and it is commonly used by startups and other businesses in Portugal to ensure that customers can be found easily enough. What’s more, it’s completely free and very effective in most cases.

Better Business Bureau

You can use the world-famous BBB in a number of locations, and one of them is Portugal. In fact, it is particularly popular in Portugal, and with good reason – after all, it is a frequently-visited site and it can be extremely powerful for hosting a profile of your business for people to come across.


Many people know LinkedIn as a kind of social networking site for professionals, but there are many sides to it which you might want to discover as well. One such feature of the site is that it has a classified section for businesses, so you can make use of this to improve your business’ chances of success too.


Although it is not often remarked upon as being one of the main options out there, it’s amazing how powerful Superpages can prove to be. You can list your website here for free, or you can promote your business further by simply paying a little extra for the listing and having it bump up the page. This is a truly local form of advertising too, which helps a lot.


Once known as the Yellow Pages, the modern version YellowBot has quickly become one of the most powerful places you can possibly list your business in Portugal or elsewhere. You can gain a premium advantage over your competitors by directing to the local site in your area and placing your ad.

Google My Business

You really can’t expect to gain as much of an advantage as you might like if you don’t make a point of using some of the best out there, and one of the very best is Google My Business – no matter where in the world you might be.


If you haven’t already started listing on Yelp, you should make this a priority as soon as possible. With Yelp, you only have to pay a small fee for an ad – and your listing will last a long time for that charge too, so you can really get a lot out of it.

Angi Business Listing

You might not have heard of Angi Business Listing yet, but it has long been doing a lot of powerful marketing work behind the scenes. It is mainly known for promoting home and healthcare services, but you can also use it for any business type you might have to promote.


No matter where in Portugal you are, you can always make use of Facebook. There is one really powerful advantage to Facebook, which is that it is quite simply where all the people are. This makes it a fantastic choice for any business, so you should definitely think about checking it out today.


If you have a smaller business, then you might want to check out Manta, which is tailored for the smaller businesses. It is a free site, but you can also use it as a paid marketing site if you want to improve your chances. Either way, it can be hugely effective for businesses which are trying to grow.


Foursquare offers a lot of services, not least the fact that it allows you to be listed as a business on the map. It is what Uber and other services use, so you can be sure that you are in good company. If you want to be known more in your local area in Portugal, getting on Foursquare is a very good way to do it.

As you can see, you have many options for business directories in Portugal, so you should definitely try out a number of these at once if you want your business to succeed. banner

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