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Before you can rank on a search engine, you need to have some links. Search engines can help to find your website posts and website pages more easily when they are linked to from other places online. Internal links are a good way to connect to your content and to give search engines a good overview of the whole of your website. Search engines can use the information that they have about you to create a hierarchy on your site. This can allow you to be able to give some of the most important pages more link value compared to other ones. That is why having a good internal linking strategy can really go a long way to helping to boost your SEO.

What are the internal links?

An internal link is when a link from one page of your own website links to another page of your own website. This can be helpful for search engines from an SEO point of view, but can also be important for your website users as well. Search engines will use internal links to be able to navigate through your website and get an idea of what your website is all about. If there are no links to a page, then a search engine won’t be able to find it.

There are a range of internal link types. As well as having links to menus on your website, home page, and so on, you can also add in links within the content on your website, called contextual links. These kinds of internal links will help to show users where some related content is, as well as helping a search engine to understand the value of the content that you share. The more links that a page receives, the more important it will look from an SEO point of view. So getting some good internal links really is vital for your Search Engine Optimization.

Why are links important to search engines?

Search engines will follow links to be able to find content on different websites and to then rank the content that it finds in search results. If a page of content gets a lot of links, then this is an indicator that it is an article of high-value. Talking about internal links or external links, this is the same for search engines. So internal linking is important, but the good news is that it is something that you as a website owner has control over. Choosing the right kind of links and using it to point to some of your website’s most high-value content can really help your SEO ranking.

An internal linking strategy

It is really important for your website’s SEO to help to improve your internal linking, and doing it on a regular basis. When you add in the right internal links, then it helps search engines to understand the importance, value, and relevance of pages, as well as the relationship that two pages have between pages. In order to set up an internal linking strategy, then you need to think about it carefully. Think about the goals that you have for the site, and the kind of keywords that you want to be ranking for.

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