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Similar to a search engine, a business directory or listing site is a compilation of companies, categorized by industry so that they can be accessed in one place when searched by an individual looking for a solution. This individual could be a local resident, or someone traveling to the area.

Business directories hold a limited amount of information about your business, but enough that if you pique their interest, they may well become a customer of yours. A business listing typically comprises a short description, location, contact details, and a link to your website or relevant information. A business directory is a great solution to extending your reach to more clients, driving more traffic to your website, and building your reputation.

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Benefits of listing your business in a directory

Listing your business in a directory comes with many benefits, including:

  • Build trust and authority
  • Verifies your business as legitimate to search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Create local relevance and in turn, more authority
  • Improve your local and overall search engine rankings as citations are a key factor
  • Establish a basic building block for your SEO strategy

Get your business listed on one of the best sites in Singapore.

Top Business Directories

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to   make your business fly.

Google my Business

Google my Business is a free business directory that allows you to connect with your customers across Google Search and Google Maps. Your business profile enables you to view insights on how customers are interacting with your business listing as well as post updates and important information about your business.

Yellow Pages

Yellow pages is a reputable online directory that connects people with local businesses in Singapore, offers advertising and website audits when you sign up for a free business account.


InSing is an online and mobile platform that provides comprehensive information about local businesses, events, and entertainment. It also includes day-to-day information including local news, food reviews, and shopping deals, acting as a guide on what to do and see.

Hot Frog

Hot Frog is a growing online community that allows you to search, book and review local businesses online. With a smooth and beautiful interface, they are known as Singapore’s freshest local business directory.

Zip Leaf

Zip Leaf is a privately funded, easy-to-use platform where consumers can locate a wide range of local businesses, from all industries, in one place. A relatively new platform that is quickly growing.


Foursquare is a unique directory, operating as a location data platform that understands how people move through the world. It is known to be one of the most trusted and independent platforms that can be used to connect people with local businesses.


Opendi is a platform that houses hundreds of thousands of local businesses all around the world, including Singapore. It also has thousands of reviews so you can be sure to find what you’re looking for.


A business listing on Yelu includes a business description, contact details, products, a photo gallery, and a map of your business location. Yelu is easy to use and provides an excellent platform to grow your business traffic and reputation.

Singapore Business Directory

Singapore Business Directory offers a simple interface to find local businesses, as long as your company is registered in Singapore.

Singapore Advice

Singapore Advice is a top local business search engine and phone directory, home to thousands of businesses across a range of industries in Singapore. The rankings in the listing are determined by the performance and reviews of each listing.

The Green Book

The Green Book is home to the most reputable and largest business and brands, consultants, marketers, facilities, and solutions and attracts more than 50,000 users per month.

Directory SG

Directory SG is Singapore’s number one directory for local businesses. The simple interface makes it simple for users to search across brand names and industries. Your business must be registered in Singapore to be able to create a profile.


Datantify is one of the world’s largest B2B companies list, with over 56 million active companies, and over 86,000 of them located in Singapore.

Singapore Business Federation

The Singapore Business Federation is a special directory that represents businesses in all kinds of fields, for example, industrial relations, trade, and investments. The Singapore Business Federation sees itself as a bridge between businesses and the government.

Singapore Expats

The Singapore Expats Merchant Directory is a website where your business can list information about its company, services, and products. There are customizable packages that include special advertising solutions, depending on your budget.


Yawla offers an easy platform to find businesses in over 500 industries.


Eguide is both a global and local directory, which houses hundreds of thousands of businesses of all sizes, whether micro, medium, or large. The goal of Eguide is to help boost the traffic and awareness of local businesses.

Kompass Singapore

Kompass Singapore contains over 20 million companies of all sizes and welcomes more businesses to their listings, as long as they are registered in Singapore.

Enter Singapore

Enter Singapore is a business directory that offers both a free and paid listing for a wide range of business categories.

Singapore SME

The Singapore SME directory was designed for small, local businesses in 1998 and certified as one of the top business sites by Its mission is to support business ventures and build their brand awareness both locally, and to foreigners.


Angloinfo supports all kinds of businesses, including expats who have just arrived in the country. Once you have listed your business, you can advertise locally or country-wide. Angloinfo has over five hundred thousand users.


Tuugo is a business directory that prides itself on being a community-based platform, connecting businesses, and customers together. Tuugo is completely free to use and operated in both global and local markets to increase brand awareness and business reach.

Times Business Directory

Times Business Directory is a listing site for small and medium-sized businesses that are properly registered, to help build B2B contacts as well as brand awareness. banner

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