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Are you a politician, a teacher, a tutor or perhaps someone who is looking to give advice on homeschooling? Educational guest posts are something you may have been thinking about for a long time. It can get your name out there and help you to find a professional job, a following or parents or just people in the academic world.

It’s not easy to find websites that want to take articles that are heavily academic, unless they have been approved by journals and they can be written in layman’s terms. But if you find that you can explain complex concepts easily and help people to understand ideas quickly, then these educational guest posting sites should help you to find a platform you can really springboard from.

Best Agencies

This is one of the most read UK blogging sites. Millions of people in Great Britain read blog posts every day. This could be for fixing up something around the house, improving their bench press, or perhaps losing weight. Any number of topics and millions of people reading is a great market to be in if you want guest post services. They only charge you about £25 but they want you to meet certain requirements.

They look for those with a medical background but are happy to take anyone with some kind of health knowledge and or experience. They don’t want certain topics to be touched, however. Don’t speak about arms sales and deals. They do not want any kind of adult content. They would rather you stay away from political messages and not use any kind of foul language in your writing. They would like you to give them some details about the piece, such as the audience, the key messages, the facts and statistics to back them up and why the topics you are covering would be good for them to consider publishing on their website.


Another great option if you want an American audience is Enests. They want an article to be about 1,000 or more. The reason for this is, 1,000 words offer a 5-minute read or more. This helps for readers to stay on the page, and thus there is more chance of them clicking on an ad. However they want to know some bit of information about you and the article first.

They need a brief description of the readership you are after. What age group are they, what subjects would they be into and how does your article link to those in any way. But they want to know what key bits of information you are leaving in the article? Any statistics and or facts taken from studies and academic papers? They would like you to use personal stories if you can, so speak from your own experience if it supports your claims. They also charge you about $50, which is pretty good. If you want existing article links to be in your piece this may be another $50. But you can link to your own article if it is already published, creating a nice content loop for you.


If you have something rich to say and you may come from an academic background, Harvard is a great website to begin posting your research and other articles. They offer guest posts to particular types of academics, those that have proven themselves in the field or have been acclimated in journals and other educational magazines. This might be something you are looking for if you are a successful business person as well. You just need to have proper academic terminology as well as laymans’ terms to help different people understand.

Their Harvard business school and medical school are well known around the world. Getting in touch with them is easy on their websites. You just need to back up your claims in the articles and have something powerful to say. Speaking about techniques and studies is a great way to get your foot in the door.


They want something fresh and thoughtful. This means they want you to offer a unique perspective but also not be too opinionated. Be open-minded and allow yourself to explain what you mean and give differing points of view. They want debate and discussion to thrive on their platform and the only way you can do that is to provide a balanced view.

They have something of a kinship regarding the New York Times essay format. They want something that is high-quality, easily marketable and not a product pitch. If the article reads like it’s a press release, like you are trying to gather a crowd around you in a shopping mall, they won’t want to accept it.

Career Addict

On this website they would like you to write about articles for those that want to step up a ladder peg in their careers, switching careers or just want to further their education in their profession. -they have some set standards for who you should be however.

They want you to be a career expert of some kind. This could be working in a profession for many years. You may also be a HR specialist whereby you can share knowledge about modern day recruiting methods. You should also be a recruiter if you can, able to write resumes and provide tips. You must be a native English speaker and be able to apply proper grammar to your pieces. You may get ahead of the line if you have SEO marketing practices, ability to use keywords and trending topics etc. you must show passion in your writing and be authentic as you can. banner

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