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Forum link building is one of the key techniques used by experts to improve SEO for a website and brand. By posting on high authority forum sites, it’s possible to improve off-page SEO using forum threads and comments. This guide will answer some of your key questions and provide you with a huge list of forum submission sites that you can use for forum link building.

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What is forum link building?

Forum link building is the use of forum websites to increase the number of external links to your website. You can link to a site by creating forum threads or leaving comments that include a link to the desired website. The more external links there are to a website from other quality websites, the better the reputation the site will have with Google and other search engines. banner

Does forum link building help SEO?

There is some debate about whether forum link building is good for SEO. Some people say that it is a technique that relies on spam and a black hat approach to SEO. However, others advocate for the use of forum link building as long as it is done correctly. If the right methods are used and the correct forum websites are chosen, it can be a very useful way of driving authority to a site. It can also be a very cost-effective way to improve SEO, although it can be time-consuming. When a tailored approach is taken to forum link building, it’s a good way to build authority and doesn’t need to be spammy.

How to use forum link building to build authority for your website

The best way to use forum link building to build authority for your website is to find the right balance. You need to post on the best forums for your goals and you need to ensure your posts are valuable when you share your link on forums. Finding forums with authority is the first step to getting it right. They should have plenty of members and posts, and they should be active, with new posts every day.

The way to use forums to build authority for your website is to participate in the community. You shouldn’t simply be spamming the forum with links to your website. You should be providing helpful information, while being open but not pushy about the fact that you’re promoting your site.

How to build backlinks from forum submission sites

To build backlinks using forum submission sites, you need to be ready to provide a genuine contribution to the forum. You can’t simply turn up and start posting links to your website without context or you’ll be seen as posting spam. Instead, you have to take the time to provide genuine, useful information and comments. When you add a link to your website, it should be within the context of your post and make sense for what you’re saying.

You can link to your site in several different ways on a forum. There might be space in your member profile for a URL to your site. You might also be allowed to put a link in your signature so that it shows below your post every time you post or comment. You can also include links in the body of your posts and comments. However, you should be careful not to go overboard with posting links to your site. You don’t necessarily need to link to your site every time you make a post.

Things to keep in mind while building backlinks from forum submission sites

There are various things to keep in mind when you’re working on building backlinks on forums. Firstly, the choice of forum site is important. You need websites that have high authority and that are used regularly by a large number of members. If you use sites with poor authority, it can look like spam and it won’t do much to help your website’s SEO. The forum should also be relevant to your niche. The site itself might cover a broad range of topics, but there should be sections that are relevant to your niche that you can post in.

As well as choosing relevant forums, you also have to make sure that your profile and your posts are relevant to the site. People don’t want you coming in and spamming them or pretending to be something you’re not. Include important information in your profile and present yourself as a real person. You should be willing to put your name or your business’s name and contact information to whatever you post.

Remember that your focus should be on providing useful information and avoiding spamming the forum. You should only post when you are able to contribute to the conversation, instead of simply commenting for the sake of commenting. When you share a link to your site, it needs to be to provide more information for the reader. By clicking on your link, they should find something helpful that relates to the topic being discussed.

Be sure to follow the rules of the forum too. It’s essential to check the guidelines for the forum to understand what you can and can’t do. If you don’t follow the rules, you could have your posts removed or even end up banned from the site. The rules might cover lots of things, from how to title a new post to the kind of language that you can and can’t use. Pay extra attention to the rules for links and how to use them properly.

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100+ Forum Link Building Submission Sites for SEO – The official Microsoft Community forums, where people can ask questions and share their knowledge. There are categories for person use and for business and education. – A language forum for help with translations and vocabulary in a variety of languages. There are also general discussion forums for both language and culture. – Forum discussion for customers, developers and partners of Oracle products. There are resources to engage with experts, problem-solve and get business advice relating to technology. – A forum for people sharing tablature for guitar and other string instruments, with discussion of different instruments and styles of music. – A community where users can ask questions about Intel products, including hardware and software. Experts can help with troubleshooting and other concerns to support members. – Forums for the World of Warcraft franchise with everything from gameplay discussion to support. There is also a board for off-topic discussion of other subjects. – Forums for security products from Kaspersky, including both home and business products. As well as English forums, they are also available in a number of other languages. – These forums are for people to discuss the Linux Mint operating system. There are many subforums for different technical topics, plus general chat and different languages. – Support and community discussion for Ubuntu, Linux and other related interests. There is specialised support for different topics, as well as chat on all topics. – Audacity is audio software that is free, open source and cross-platform. The forum has help for different operating systems, special interest groups, and more. – Community support for TechSmith, which offers screen capture software and solutions. Join in with discussion about their products, including Camtasia, Snagit, and Audiate. – This forum is for the open source software from Apache OpenOffice. The productivity software suite includes a word processor, spreadsheet tool and more. – The Bitdefender Expert Community is a place to share knowledge about Bitdefender security products and meet others who are interested in the range of products available. – PDF solutions from Foxit can be discussed on these forums, which include forums for each of the tools offered by Foxit, such as Foxit Reader. – This free site tells people their IP address. The question and answer section of the site is somewhere to talk about technical issues. – AVS Forum is dedicated to home theatre owners and enthusiasts. There are forums about everything from speakers to displays and computers, streaming, and an industry area. – Spreadshirt is a T-shirt printing company that offers print-on-demand services and online stores. Forums are available in different languages for shop owners and designers. – Discuss laptops and notebooks, as well as operating systems, software, different manufacturers and more. An off-topic area is also available for any related interests. – A similar site to the one above but for discussion of tablets, with advice, questions and answers, news and off-topic chat for members too. – Part of the same network as NotebookReview, this site has forums for the discussion of smartphones. It includes Apple, Android and other products. – Forums that cover topics relating to digital cameras and deciding which one to buy. There are boards for different manufacturers, as well as photography. – A community for IT professionals, developers, digital marketers and technology enthusiasts. Forums and tags include topics such as hardware and software, programming and digital media. – This mountain bike review website is for owners and enthusiasts of mountain bikes. There are more than 450k members and over 14 million posts. – Provide support for users of Adblock Plus on these forums, with support for different browsers and operating systems and discussion of how the tool works. – This is a community for artists who use the software Blender 3D. It’s a smaller and more niche forum but has a dedicated user base. – A forum for the tool Parallels, which allows people to use Windows on Mac devices. There is discussion for users and developers on a range of topics. – Discussion for the programming language Visual Basic .NET and various related subjects, such as database development, office development, mobile development, and more. – A pop culture website that has forums on books and music, politics, sport, movies and TV, fandom, comic books, games, and specific superheroes. – Anyone who may be interested in moving to and living in Thailand can find valuable information on this forum and ask any questions that they might have. – Forum discussion for NeoSmart Technologies. It features news, a support centre with advice from experts, and boards for users to discuss their use of the tools. – This forum is for the discussion of designer fashion, with forums for different designers, both classic and contemporary. – Technical support can be found on this forum, which offers help with a huge number of topics, from home computers to car audio and alarms. – Forum discussion for RPGs (role playing games), including tabletop games and online games, as well as game industry talk. – A tech discussion forum that focuses on digital video, consoles, PCs and software problems. It also has a general discussion section. – Internet marketing and search engine optimisation topics are discussed on this forum, with boards for search engines, business and marketing, design, and more. – English language questions are asked and answered on this forum for people around the world who are learning English as an additional language. – Support for the freeware web browser Maxthon, which provides technical support for blockchain apps and makes it easier for users. – Forums for the Linux distribution Gentoo, including assistance, discussion and documentation, and international forum boards in different languages. – makes it easy to convert numbers into different units of measurement. The forums provide extra support and discussion for users. – These forums provide support and discussion for products from the Omni Group, which includes a range of productivity tools for task management, project planning, etc. – Lawncare and landscaping discussion and advice can be found on this forum website, for both individuals/homeowners and those running business operations relating to lawncare. – A forum for the Vtiger CRM (customer relationship management) software. The discussions are largely related to how to use the software and technical issues. – Community forums for Caspio, which enables the building of online database apps without needing to code. Support and ideas can be found on the forums. – A forum about all things mathematics, from high school and college mathematics to more complicated and advanced topics. – WebmasterWorld has forums relating to all kinds of topics of interest to developers, marketers and more. Boards range from SEO and HTML to Facebook and Twitter. – Discuss works of literature of all kinds on these forums, from religious texts to fiction and poetry. The forums have over 80,000 members. – A community for the website Comic Book Resources. The forums provide somewhere to discuss comic books and their characters, from Batman to Wonder Woman. – Owned by Houzz, the GardenWeb forums cover a huge range of gardening topics, including accessible gardening, ponds, and wildlife, with support and discussion. – MediaMonkey helps with organising your digital media library. The forums offer support and also have a space for general discussion and other languages. – South African National Parks provides a place to talk about the different parks in the country, plus discuss activities, animals and plants, travel and related topics. – Photographers can discuss their hobby or work on the Luminous Landscape forums, with discussions about equipment and techniques, art, and processing. – This forum is designed for Muslims to talk about all issues related to Islam, from culture to family, plus various other topics. – For the discussion of free website templates and other related resources. The forums also feature support for web design and development. – An apolitical history forum that focuses on the Axis powers during World War Two and also discusses the Allies and other subjects. – This website provides a place to discuss cybersecurity, as well as software, hardware and other technical issues, with more than 127,000 members. – For people who want to learn how to be a developer or improve on their developing skills or knowledge. – This Irish consumer forum helps people to manage their money, covering topics such as budgeting, tax, credit cards, health insurance, and even business. – A forum for the WYSIWYG Web Builder. There are boards for general questions, responsive design, links and navigation and more, plus off-topic discussion. – This forum is designed for discussing websites designed with It provides support and troubleshooting for different aspects of WP design. – Both professional chefs and amateur cooks can discuss the art of cooking on this forum, as well as equipment, recipes and off-topic subjects. – A community for OVHcloud, where users can discuss the cloud, data and artificial intelligence, web hosting, telecoms, open source software and more. – This forum is for TiVo users, where they can post about TiVo products and services, ask for support and make suggestions too. – Another forum that is useful for help with mathematics that could be good for promoting educational websites and tools. It’s an active forum with plenty of questions. – A forum about forums, this community is for people who own bulletin boards, helping with software, social networking, and many other topics. – Home theatre fans can find forums about home theatre, entertainment and physical media. There is info for beginners, experts and everything in between. – Discussion of cell phones, including different makes, operating systems, service providers, and more related issues. Off-topic discussion for phone fans is there too. – This forum is for dBpoweramp Music Converter, which can both convert music files and rip CDs. The forum covers their products and other topics. – A Taiwanese forum in English, this is a global platform where many different subjects are discussed, from politics to animals. – These search engine forums are ideal for marketers or similar businesses that want relevant forums to post their links and promote their brands. – Users of the Linux distribution Debian, also called Debian GNU/Linux, can find resources on this forum for learning, troubleshooting, development, etc. – An online community for internet marketing, web development, and general business. The forum is relevant to all of these topics, with more than 283,000 members. – Support for ConfigServer Scripts, with general discussion and suggestions for several different categories. A smaller and more niche forum, it has about 8,000 members. – These forums are for people interested in digital videos. It has general and more specific sub forums for discussion of varied topics. – A forum for discussion of various matters relating to security, from employment and retail security to security technology, equipment and training. – Users of the Alice virtual environment and animation creation tool can get more information and support from their forums, even if they’re beginners. – Free discussion of all sorts of topics, including hobbies, philosophy, science, religion, world issues and politics. – This site is somewhere for people to share the deals that they find, letting people know where they can get coupons and save. – Work at home mothers visit this forum to find information, promote their businesses, learn how to save money and discuss life. – An affiliate marketing web forum for sharing knowledge about this type of marketing. It has more than 221,000 members. – EcoModder is an automotive community that focuses on fuel economy as the marker of performance. The forum focuses on topics related to this. – A forum for people who are learning Greek or Latin or are interested in the classical languages, with learning advice. – Focusing on web domains, this forum provides guides and a marketplace, as well as general discussion about domains and industry. – This is a webmasters community that has forums for talking about SEO, making money online, web hosting, internet promotion and more general discussion. – A website that provides a forum for people who like to unicycle, which includes equipment, riding advice and general discussion about unicycling. – BlackBerry products are the main topic of discussion for these forums, ranging from troubleshooting to the latest product releases and tools. – Security discussion and advice can be found on this forum, related to cybersecurity and all things online, plus general tech talk. – A forum for members of The Skeptics Society, who take a logical and scientific approach to the world. Includes skepticism, religion, science, and more. – This community is for Axigen, software that is for mail server, calendar and collaboration tasks. It provides support and discussion. – A forum for actuaries and people looking for actuary jobs or training to be actuaries with plenty of sub forums. – A community space for Deaf people covering a range of issues and interesting topics, from dating to hearing aids, ASL and Deaf rights. – A forum for cycling enthusiasts with places to talk about bikes and cycling, plus classified ads and useful information for cyclists of all types. – This gardening website has forums for gardening of different kinds, from fruits and vegetables to herb gardening and water gardening, plus home discussions. – DeviantArt is a site for people to share and promote their artwork. The forums are not just for art but all kinds of topics. – This forum is for people interested in ecology and the environment, including animal concerns. It’s small, with around 2,000 members. – This site has forums for a range of marketing topics, including copywriting, ecommerce, growth hacking and a variety of other interesting topics. – Forums for people with links to the fashion industry who want to ask questions and help out by providing answers. – A forum for digital scrapbooking with the MyMemories software. It includes information, challenges, and places to share the creations members have made. – Cryptocurrency is still on the rise, and this forum offers a place for people to talk about all of the latest news and issues. – Discussion for knitters who want to get advice, show off their creations and tools, and share their love of knitting. – This forum is for people who love vintage fashion. The topics cover everything from identifying vintage pieces of clothing to general fashion questions.

Remember that you can also look on big forum sites like Reddit and Quora for opportunities to share links.

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