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Great digital marketing strategies need strong follower base, increased engagement, actions, clicks, likes and shares. Instagram is one of the best social media channels available these days that can help your digital marketing campaign to reach new heights of success. This is the reason most digital marketers, B2C and B2B companies are getting the most out it.

However, SEO is most crucial part of any online marketing strategy, but small businesses with low budget can’t beat the big brands to get the rankings on page one of Google search results.

This is why small businesses are using the power of digital marketing when it comes to grow your brand research and strengthen your online presence. Best of all, you don’t need thousands of dollars to still be effective on social media.

If you are still not leveraging the power of Instagram, now’s the time to incorporate in your digital marketing strategy and get the best results you want.

Here are some effective branding strategies that will help small brands to succeed on Instagram and increase their reach.

Use Catchy Visuals

Users are more likely to engage if they can recognize your brand easily. You can achieve that by creating interesting and compelling visuals that are consistent in style and quality. Choose a color scheme and stick to it. If you are using filters, make sure to use the colors. Avoid overcrowding your images and captions with too much text.

If you implement well, chances are your brand will be easily recognized by your audience, even if they only glance at any image of your brand in their stream.

Let’s take an example of Nike here. This big brand feature their products in almost their every single post but in a very clever and subtle way.

Nike uses the iconic slogan “Just Do It” in their every social media post. They don’t need their brand name or logo to promote their products.

So, be creative and unique. Come up with something different and engaging that your users want to share.

Hire a Team of Professionals

If your images are not getting enough attention, don’t worry. Consider employing a professional digital marketing company that knows the trick of boosting social media engagement. Keep in mind that turning your followers into loyal customers will take a lot of efforts and strategies than simply posting stunning images on Instagram. So, it is always the best idea to invest early.

If you already have a social media manager who is performing well, consider outsourcing visual assets. Photographers can capture images professionally that you can use on your website, blog, and social media. If you are SaaS startup or a B2B company, it is advised to hire a graphic designer to help you illustrate your services or products.

Use Your Visuals Wisely

It is a common practice of the majority of brands to share the same posts across their social media profiles. However, the best practice is to always refine your message according to the digital platform and type of audience. And when it comes to visuals, they are liked by a majority of the audience than text.

You can upload the same image on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Great and engaging images have the potential to entice your audience and triple your reach. But don’t forget to optimize your images for each digital marketing platform.

And if you have already a presence on other social media networks, you can repurpose some images to boost your Instagram campaign.

Use Hashtags

Instagram for digital marketing

Hashtags help users discover your brand on Instagram. The maximum number of hashtags that you can use in one Instagram post is 30. But it is advised to don’t overcrowd your posts with unnecessary hashtags. Use five to ten only and check how well they are performing. Check how many new followers you are getting and are you successfully achieving high level of engagement.

You can create your own brand oriented hashtags and use some famous hashtags to widen your potential reach. Keep in mind that the number of hashtags in not everything. Instagram search tool provides an easy and quick way to check which hashtags are popular. They key is to find the best ones that can increase your brand reach.

Share Entertaining Posts

Your audience will love interesting and entertaining posts that have no sales pitch. So, it is advised to make your posts inspirational, entertaining and informative as well. Instagram advertising feature for businesses can be used to drive action, so investing in Instagram ads is a great option.

Promote Other Brands

You can partner with other brands by using unpaid shout-outs. Both brands promote each other and get benefits from increased exposure. You promote their brand and they promote yours.

And when it comes to paid shout-outs, you pay a brand or industry influencer with a strong following base to promote your products or services. This is indeed a great way to gain a

massive following faster.

Make sure you ask them to use a strong call to action in the shootout so they will compel to follow your account.

Repost Images

Reposting is another trick that you can use to strengthen your digital marketing efforts on Instagram. You can repost user-generated content related to your brand on your personal feed and tag them. This is a great way to show that your brand values your customers.

Engage, Engage and Engage

Regardless the type of platform you are using, you have to be social.

It is recommended to engage with your followers and other users. Search for industry influencers, thought leaders, famous bloggers and partners, follow them and engage with their content. You can follow publishing platforms and magazines as well that will increase your chances of getting featured in the future.

Change Your Bio-Link

digital marketing with Instagram

You have surely known the fact that links are unclickable in your Instagram posts. The only place where you can take the advantage is Bio section. Many brands use this to link to their website only. You should consider adding your product or service page, sales offer, new product launch, blog or landing page, especially during product launch and promotions – any link that brings in more value to your brand at that time.

Track the Results

As there are a lot of marketing tactics available, your all efforts will be in vain until you figure out what works best for your brand and audience both. You can find numerous guides on when to publish your posts, but the key is testing that will give you desired results.

Social media management tools can help you schedule your campaigns posts in advance. But you have to regularly check social media analytics in order to measure your progress. Check the number of new followers, engagement, clicks, and shares in order to improve your Instagram marketing strategy. And adopt things that performed well.

In Closing

These are a few most important digital marketing strategies to improve your brand reach and presence on Instagram. Create engaging, interesting visual content for Instagram and reach to the more wider audience by using this amazing social media platform. Good luck!

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