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Getting your business seen by more people will help you boost sales and increase brand awareness. Although marketing is a great way to put your businesses name out there, another effective way is business directories.

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Business directories and listing sites share businesses with those looking for specific products or services. For instance, if you are a construction company and a local resident needs construction services, the business directory will share your business among a list of others for the customer to choose from.

Adding your business to a directory will help more people discover your services and reach out to you for instance. A small profile will a list of services is all you need to increase sales. If you live in Australia, here are the best business directories and listing sites to share your business on.

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.


Google is the number one website to share your business with. Google is one of the most used search engines. Thus, you will want to share your company to reach the most customers possible.

To maximize your sales and customer reach, you will want to ensure to use of effective keywords. Keywords will push your business to those searching for them. For instance, if someone requires a local painter to their town in Australia, you should use the words ‘local painter [town name]’ to maximize search results.


Foursquare is another popular site for maximizing customer reach. A business can use Foursquare to promote its business to customers all over the world.

It is ideal for businesses that offer online services. Anyone in the world can access your business, contact you, and pay you for your services.

Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages is ideal for online and physical businesses. They categorize depending on location or service. When you upload a business profile, they will share it with anyone who searches for a location or specific service.

No matter if you are a lawyer, local restaurant, or hairdresser, you can promote your business on Yellow Pages.

True Local

For local businesses, True Local is a great business directory to list your business on. They allow customers to find businesses fast, leave reviews, and chat with businesses. It makes customer engagement much easier.

As customers can leave reviews, you will be able to attract customers that can see you offer good service, pricing, and results.

2Find Local

On 2Find Local, you can share your business with those looking for local services. When you attain good search results and feedback, you will be able to promote your business on their website advertisements. This will further push your business and help grow its awareness.

2Find Local are a company big on helping others. They are friendly and local to suit your local business promotion needs.

Community Walk

Community Walk is a business directory that works through mapping. A customer can search for a service and look for a specific place on a map. Whether they need assistance when they go out on errands across town or a business closer to home, they can find you on Comunity Walk.


Yelp is a worldwide business directory, with specific sites for specific countries. Yelp Australia is an effective listing site for your Australian based business.

Yelp offers customers roundups of the best picks. Thus, the more good reviews and customers you receive through the platform, the greater chance you will have to be promoted on their ‘best of’ lists. All businesses can join and enjoy the free promotion benefits.


Brownbook offers free business listings and company profiles to help promote your business online. It is a global site that can target specific Australian cities and suburbs if necessary.

Once you submit your profile, Brownbook will ensure to share your business with people looking for your specific services.

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Tupalo is a local business directory for Australian-based companies and customers. Your business will be promoted both on their website and app for further reach.

They allow customers to leave reviews and create communities, which can enhance your business awareness and help you attract more customers using Tupalo.

Word Of Mouth

Word Of Mouth is a customer review based business directory, which is ideal if you can attain positive reviews. The more reviews you receive as a business on Word Of Mouth, the more customers will see your business profile.

Customers can search for a service or location, or both, and your business will be shared. Or, a customer can specifically search for your company to look at customer reviews and decide whether or not they want to offer your service.

Pink Pages

Pink Pages is a local business directory that will promote your company to customers looking for nearby services. No matter if you run a hairdressing business or offer mechanical services, you can list your business and attract customers.

Reviews can be left by customers, which will act as an extra promotion. Asking customers that found you using the directory to leave a review will help you attract more customers.

Business Listings

Business Listings is a free Australian business directory for any company to enjoy. There, you can list your business for any Australian resident to see.

Your company can also be listed on the front page, which will act as extra marketing. You may be listed in the latest added tab for new businesses added to the directory that day. Or, there are ‘hot’ and ‘premium’ tabs that consist of well-reviewed and paying businesses.


Aubiz is an Australian based business directory tool that can help expand your marketing. Your business will be listed for all residents to see.

Customers can input a specific location or service to discover your business. Or, customers can search for companies to look at their reviews and other services, which can help them decide whether or not to use the business.

Using business directories and listing sites are a great way to cross-promote your business to attract more customers, increase reviews, and boost brand awareness. Many offer free listing services, which is a great and budget-friendly tool to reach out to customers seeking your services. banner

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