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Well, the android phones or Android gadgets are the best and most trending these days. Google advances the Android mobile operating system. The same operating system is based on the customized version of Linux Kernel and another open source software. The Android is only designed for touch screen devices such as tablets and smartphones. Not only is this, but Google also established some other things like Android Auto for all various types of cars, Wear OS for the watches for the wrist, Android Television, and many other gadgets also.

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The other variants of Android are utilized on consoles, games, PCs and all other electronics. These days the Android operating system is run mostly on every person’s mobile. With the help of Android phone, everything becomes easier for the people these days. There are various features available in the Android mobiles. The Android operating system comes in different types of models which the users and people buy according to their choice. Individuals and people can easily buy these Android phones from many online stores as well as from the offline markets. Go ahead with the best marketing podcasts ideas for a successful marketing campaign.

Five features that Android Phone Require

Here you meet up with the 5 main features that your or even every Android mobile require. So, one must read and understand mobile website design carefully. The mentioned are some features that Android Phones needs –

  • Repair the fragmentation problem – Well, the Google declared the new and fresh version of Android, and that is OS. Now the main question is that what is fragmentation? Here you find an easy and simple answer to the same question. So, let’s begin with the main concept when people who make use of an older version of their operating system which mainly the enemy of Android. Because it means that not every user can make use of the latest Android features. The fragmentation presents the variation in the experience of Android and also makes some mobiles late to receiving patches of timely security. Now there are almost 3 main reasons why fragmentation and the three reasons are as follows –
    • The first and the foremost reason is that allowing the phone makers to the modified interface of the software that stand on top of the Android is the main strength.
    • Secondly, the phones or mobiles which are high-end are mainly those who get updates first as compared to others. On the other side, the mid-range phones are not even getting the updates for a long time.
    • Thirdly or you can say finally the phones or mobiles of the previous-hardware which are a kind of entry-level are not even able to support some tricks of software. To resolve with the same, the Google-developed Android Go to combat.
  • Consolidate to one killer messaging app – The Google is far better and far ahead in the concept of voice assistant. In Android, there’s an amalgamation of almost four apps. In it the messages for mobile, those don’t work when connected to Wi-Fi, are only for data texting. After then it comes the turn of Allo for messages on mobile, for video chatting or conferencing duo is available and also the Google Hangouts for mobiles and Gmail inbox.

The same thing does not look like a big deal, but the story of android messaging is a kind of another form of fragmentation. Rather than developing one messenger go-to, the Google asks you to check up mainly to four. These things do not include third-party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger.

  • Provide a more in-built interface – Well to provide proper flexibility and accessibility, one needs to give or deliver the proper and intuitive interface. The Google added the layer of complexity, as an app tray to place all the apps so one can easily arrange or settle as many home screens as they want accordingly. From the earlier time people have too long press on the home screen to change the widgets or wallpapers. The same spirit of elasticity and tucked-away features make it harder for Android for the first-timers.

These days the biggest and more problems come in Android Pie’s gesture layout and support. The motions that are delivered are not in-built and also the appearance is not maintained properly. One has to click on the pill-shaped button to move back on the home screen and also for multitask they have to swipe to the right. So, Google can even do far better to perform the same thing.

  • Spread Android’s scope beyond mobiles – Like an operating system with more usability globally, it surprises people to watch Android flail in TVs, tablets and even in smartwatches also. The great Android TV, laptop and watch develop your Android mobile more valuable – think about sharing the data or media files from one mobile to another. Now the Android and Google get another chance to make a mark.
  • Good syncing from the mobile with another device – There are many people an individuals present who make the use of the same account on numerous Android devices, the syncing is not even work smoothly. When the people dismiss the notifications from their mobile phone, they still watch it on their tab.

Similarly, when they delete notifications from their smartwatch in which Android OS operating system runs, they will see that those notifications get disappeared, but the same thing not work only on your secondary devices such as Chromebook and tablet. These notifications are come up again when you reboot your handset again.

So, the above mentioned are the five main features that every Android mobile needs to have. The more and more they make use of these features the more they get effective and positive results from this.

Final words

In a nutshell, in order to get away from the problem of fragmentation one needs to buy the high-end Android mobiles and if not possible then buy the mid-range Android mobile and update it properly to the latest version. It is the best and great way to get rid of the issue of fragmentation.

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