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The designing industry is one of the leading and the fastest-growing company of this century, and there is no comparison to this field, especially when it meets with technology and creativity. The designing industry has provided the creative minds a big platform to showcase their innovative thoughts and thrive in their career. Designing is not only creative but also one of the challenging, visionary, and fast-moving industry to work in, and let us not completely ignore the fact it is also one the greatest financially rewarding industry.

It would be inequitable to say that the designing industry has only been able to make its way in any one country or region of the world. It has been reaching the heights of success in every other growing country and starting with the biggest business countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, China, and UAE to other struggling countries like Korea, Pakistan, Germany, and India.

Top-Paid Fields within the Design Industry

There are many diverse fields that are highly demanded and successful branches of the designing industry. These areas of designing had doubtlessly proved itself to be the superior of all and keep on elevating to the top day by day. Discussed below are seven of the top-paid sectors within the designing industry.

1. Video Animation

If you want to have a look at the topmost field in the entire designing industry, then take a peek in the video animation field, where video animators earn around $65,000 monthly on an average scale and higher than $116,000 annually. If anyone thinks that they have the aptitude to create the most ravishing animated videos, cartoons, animated presentations, or animated visualizations, then get proper training and enter in this field to get a lifetime opportunity to make money more than one can dream of.

2. Mobile App Designer

Mobile app designing is also one of the most leading fields in the designing industry. Since mobile apps are created for different operating systems or platforms that includes Android, iOS, or cross-platform (for both Android and iOS), it takes a very deeper study to learn about the average salary of the mobile app designer/developer. On the median scale, Android app designers can earn up to $144,000 annually, and iOS developers can earn around $139,000 on an annual basis.

3. Product Designing

It might appear like a very easy job to design a product, but try to think for it a little while, and you will be astonished to realize that what a difficult task it is to think of unique product design. There is something that is even harder than designing a new product, and that is redesigning the existing product to enhance the user’s experience and provide them with a better encounter with the product. As it requires great mental capability to think productively many largest businesses in the leading countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Dubai, hire the product designers to work for them, and pays them around $89,000 annually on the average scale.

4. Video Game Designing

Video gamers that possess a creative knack in their spine can earn so much in the video game designing industry, more than they can even imagine. Video game designing is considered to the fourth largest and highest-paid field of designing industry all across the globe, whether it is the world’s leading country or any struggling country, video animation has successfully reached the highest point of fame and triumph. Video game designers earn up to $86,500 on an annual basis, as they are hired by preceding companies of the world to not only design the gaming characters, but also to create e a story, program the entire game, and also make a stunning visual art all rolled into one to give the gamers best experience.

5. Web Designing

Web designing is one of the leading and the strongest field of designing up until yet, as it does not stand on a sole platform, but it is a blended area of technology and designing. Website designing surely needs a lot of skills and the right knowledge about all the primary concepts for designing a striking webpage. Web designers who are hired by big web designing American companies or any other leading country are responsible for planning, designing, and building the websites, for which they get around $60,000 annually on the average basis.

6. Logo Designing

Logo designing might seem like a very petite occupation, but there are numerous companies in the world’s leading countries like UK, Australia, and even professional logo Dubai companies that are working on the new and exciting techniques to make logo designs more enthralling for the viewers. The novelty has reached to such extent that the logo designs that were once seen in the static form can be seen easily in the animated form on the digital screens. Professional logo Dubai companies are truly working in this area so well, hiring the most talented logo designers to create unique and long-lasting trending logo for numerous brands, and paying their designers around $50,000 annually for the services.

7. Illustration & Clipart Designing

Artists have the capacity to create a piece of art that can be displayed covering the physical space, but illustrators are refined version of the artists as they create the piece of art in the digital world, bringing perfectly designed images, clipart pictures, and illustrations on the digital screen. If you have the flare to create eye-catching images to display on the digital view, then you can also pick the option of working in the illustration field, and earn $50,000 annually on the average scale. Get yourself trained in using the professional tools to create the illustrations, and practice more to get your career started.

8. Retouching work

During this pandemic sections a lot of eCommerce websites are now dominated the online marketplace, which means Lot of web design, product photography, and eCommerce product photo retouching works also increased. Photo retouching service not only apply for eCommerce product photography its have huge uses for fashion photography, magazine website owner, and real estate business owner. And Photo retouching price also very high. If you research the online marketplace you see for high-end glamour retouching a designer charge 10-70$ for one photo retouching. So you think now if you developed your current skills how essential for your carrier nowadays.

Summing Up

So, if you are trying to figure out which area of designing is the best option for you, you can simply look into the above-conversed fields of the design industry, and you will be able to find the best occupation option for yourself. There are countless choices for you to begin your career in this industry that will not only pay you a hefty amount of cash, but will also provide you the best platform to bring your visions in front of the world, represent your innovative skills, and excel in your profession with the talent you possess. Get proper knowledge/education and training in any of the fields and get your work started!

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