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Are you eager to amp up your marketing game with meme-based content? The masses have traditionally turned to memes for fun and entertainment purposes. However, only a few people know that memes can be leveraged as a marketing tool. Having recognized their hidden potential, marketers around the globe are increasingly making memes an integral part of their content marketing strategy.

Nowadays, you can find an overwhelming abundance of captivating memes on social sites like LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest. The boost in the popularity of memes can be attributed to the global internet penetration rate, which is rising rapidly. Since the internet is flooded with many memes, you must instill uniqueness into your content to outdo competitors and stand out from the crowd. The best part about meme marketing is that it can help you reach out to bigger audiences quickly.

In contrast to popular belief, you don’t need to break your bank and hire a professional meme maker for your campaign. With a web-based GIF meme maker, you can create scroll-stopping memes within minutes.

If you are new to the world of meme-making and don’t know where to start from, you have come to the right place. This blog will cast light on six smart tips that will help you carry out your meme marketing strategy seamlessly.

Understand your audience’s preferences

When creating memes for marketing purposes, understanding your audience becomes a crucial priority. Tapping into your audience’s mind will allow you to build the roadmap for creating engaging and impactful memes. The quickest way to learn about the preferences of your target audience is to study their internet browsing habits.

Apart from checking online behaviour, it would help if you also considered age, gender, lifestyle choices, etc. Once you have sufficient data at hand, you will be better able to devise your meme marketing campaign. Furthermore, a deep understanding of audience preferences will prove beneficial in the long run as it will enable you to create memes that resonate with people.

Leverage an online meme maker

Creating a meme is no longer a tough and time-consuming task, and the credit goes to modern digital advances. An online GIF meme maker can speed up things and simplify the process of meme-making to a great extent. Web-based meme-makers boast a user-friendly interface and give you access to 5000+ meme templates. You can take your pick from the template library based on your campaign’s theme.

Once you have made the template selection, you must import images from your device and add the relevant text. You can further spice up your memes by experimenting with different font styles. After the meme is ready, you can download the file on your laptop. Alternatively, you can share the meme across different social media platforms with a single button click.

Infuse originality into your memes

We live in an era where hundreds and thousands of memes are created daily. Since every other marketer is sharing memes online, the competition is getting fierce. Plagiarising ideas from other meme creators on the internet will not benefit your campaign. You must put in some extra effort and add a touch of originality to your content to get noticed. Consider including a slogan or unique logo in your memes for branding purposes.

Align your memes with your brand personality

One of the biggest mistakes meme creators make is that they don’t consider their brand personality while creating memes for their audiences. Although your prime goal should be appealing to the audience, you must maintain brand consistency throughout the meme-making process. Memes that don’t resonate with your brand voice might detrimentally impact your marketing endeavors. Your meme marketing efforts must make your brand more relevant in people’s sight. Therefore, you should always focus on making meme content that matches your brand’s personality.

Stay updated with social media trends

Staying abreast of changing trends online is vital for running successful meme marketing campaigns. It would help if you kept an eye on what the masses are talking about on social media portals like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Memes created according to popular trends have a higher likelihood of going viral online. So, see to it you follow all the latest social media trends to spot meme-making opportunities as and when they arise.

Publish memes on a regular basis

People come across plenty of different marketing materials every day. Therefore, you must publish meme-based content frequently to keep your target audience hooked. If you don’t share memes consistently, your marketing campaign may not yield any fruitful results. Of course, you can decide the content publishing frequency on your own. But the memes you create should be so engaging that they instantly become embedded in people’s minds.


There is no denying that memes have gained tremendous traction among people of all ages. Easy to create, memes have the power to bring communities together. Above all, memes crafted with diligence can pave the way for a higher number of social media shares in less time. With 4.9 billion people accessing the internet from different corners of the world, it is not surprising why memes are being consumed more than ever.

Given their worldwide appeal, memes can work wonders for communicating your brand story on a much wider level. What’s good is that you don’t need to possess any special technical expertise to get started with meme marketing. First, however, you must deploy the best GIF meme maker to create classy memes that compel people to discover your brand.

Adherence to the tips above will enable you to implement meme marketing in the most efficient way possible. So, ensure you keep all the pointers above in mind while crafting memes to quickly make your marketing campaign succeed. banner

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