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Websites now exist as stars in the sky or fish in the ocean. That’s why your website should be significantly different from the competition. To increase your return on investment, you need to analyze how your website differs from others on the Internet. By using website builders, you can save time and then earn a lot if you are interested, here you will find more information. Then success for your business will be ensured.

So, follow our advice. They will help increase your ROI and marketing strategy:

First impression

The design of the site makes the first impression, but remember, there is no chance to make a first impression twice. Therefore, you need to interest the user immediately. You only have a few seconds to do this.


Don’t forget about the mobile version. The interface must be automatically switched to another mode. It is very convenient and leaves a good aftertaste after visiting the site. This feature gives priority to optimized sites for smartphones on the SERP. Google has introduced that indexing for mobile phones.


The site should load quickly and without any delays. Of course, there may be some inconveniences, no one is safe from the shortcomings of the systems. Not every user will wait at least 30 seconds to load your site. Especially when you go to that site for the first time.

Quality content

Yes, this is also a part of the site design. When opening a web resource, the user should see the most important and high-quality information that you can offer. Over time, you will be able to analyze what customers like best. For example, funny pictures or articles with your own experience. This will help you understand where to invest next. Monitor the quality of the text: spaces, corridors in the text, exceptions, footnotes, clear graphics. In 2021, we are already noticing a deeper and more thorough approach to each client. So you need to research your audience to create relevant content.

This category includes high-quality photos. This is an extraordinary and revealing part of any visual. To increase your performance, you can create a separate department in your company to create unique photos. This will emphasize your uniqueness.



The basics of your site’s SEO must meet the general requirements. This can be compared to the battle for visibility. The code should be as convenient as possible for you, so more people will find your resource. If you are new to this, you can use the services of an SEO consulting agency.

Your title should be best suited to the system. This is important primarily for search engines. Browser scanners identify keywords in the index and ensure relevance, however, we must not forget that the keywords must fully correspond to the content of the site. This is known as search engine optimization. You increase your chances of getting new users of the resource.


This is not a trend, but a need. It is better to highlight the main, rather than trying to somehow desperately catch the user’s attention. Don’t forget about the ease of navigation. The user should be able to easily go to the home page.


To increase the return on investment of the site you need to try hard. This applies not only to this case but also to any other sphere of life. To take, you must first give. Different companies charge for the services of their designers from $1,000 for a freelancer and up to $100,000 for the company’s website. The cost takes into account not only the creation of the site but also programming, content, design, feedback.

One 2020 return on investment study found that 20% of the world’s marketing B2B departments would not track their company’s return on investment. Many sellers know absolutely nothing about the calculation and affect their decisions on return on investment. Sellers often describe the product from a purely technical point of view. They do not pay attention to emotions at all. This is a big mistake. An empathic approach is very much needed to maximize quality. You need to show the person how your product will help them become better personally and professionally.

Cooperation with clients

Although technical importance is essential, attention should be paid to this point. If a person sees that you have put a lot of effort into designing a website, it will inspire more trust in your company.

You need to cooperate with the client, find out his wishes or comments. For example, you can say that a buyer will save $ 100,000 in operating costs with this purchase. The person automatically encourages and evaluates the impact of your product.

You need to ask yourself how you differ from competitors, explore their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you rise in your development. While you are thinking about something, your competitors are already actively implementing it and making money. Therefore, constantly monitor similar companies and improve your own. Website design is an extraordinary opportunity to show your uniqueness.


Knowledge of all indicators is the key to success. The constant analysis helps to increase your ROI. It is best to measure the return on investment each quarter or each month. This will help you plan something new, you will be sure of the result.

Pay attention to the KPI (key performance indicators), which is relevant for marketing. Although ROI is the ultimate goal of marketing, you need to pay attention to small indicators every day to control the whole system.


All our tips are interconnected and work in a complex. To increase your return on investment, make sure you have all these items in order. Only a client-oriented approach and creativity will help you to reach new goals for your business.

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