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To remain competitive your business needs the best digital marketing strategies. Search engine optimization plays a key role in modern marketing, and best practices are always changing. To help you develop a killer SEO strategy, what you need is a top SEO consultant.

The first step is to research a few options, once you’ve narrowed down your search you’ll need to ask the right questions. To help you out here are all the key questions to ask SEO consultants.

Which SEO strategies do you offer?

There are several different strategies and tactics to implement SEO, and your SEO consultants should be able to explain their approaches in detail. Expect a step-by-step roadmap on search engine optimization. You’re looking to get the idea that these consultants are SEO experts.

How can I tell that these tactics will work for my business?

Any great SEO consultant understands that the SEO field is constantly evolving. Some of the SEO tactics that worked a few years ago are ineffective today. You’ll want to get the sense that the company keeps up with the latest trends.

The top SEO consultants will be testing their strategies over time, using their own website. Check if they can offer a specific analysis of your situation, they should have evaluated your site, and have performed a competitive analysis. Each industry is different and so what works for one business won’t necessarily be viable for another.

Can you offer example case studies from clients you’ve worked within the past?

When you’re hiring an SEO consultant ask if you can see case studies from their previous clients. Taking a look at their past work will help you to get an idea of their credibility and success. Your SEO consultant should be able to show evidence of their strategies, and prove that they work. Reviewing their successes should make you feel confident to proceed with these SEO consultants.

How do you measure SEO campaign success?

SEO consultants need to monitor site traffic, and note where this traffic has arrived from. SEO experts should be confident in tools like Google Analytics, to monitor improvement, and understand the rankings of your site. SEO includes several different metrics including clicks, positioning, visitors, impressions, and sessions.

An SEO consultant should be able to explain the metrics they measure and why these are relevant. They’ll be analyzing which keywords people are using to get to your website, the links that are driving traffic. Ask your consultant how they will use the data to improve your site.

How do you communicate with your clients?

Find out how often your SEO consultant will communicate with you, and which methods they will use. They will likely use a combination of phone calls, Zoom calls, email, and in-person meetings. If you have a preference on communication you should tell them this early on. The main thing is that your SEO Consultant offers regular communication and updates.

Can you tell me about your pricing?

It’s important to outline the pricing model from the get-go, you’ll want to be able to budget accordingly. Some SEO consultants set their pricing based on results achieved, while others use a monthly retainer.

You should get a thorough understanding of the contract, at this stage, you may still be making price comparisons with other SEO agencies. Most agencies do not charge a one-off fee, because SEO is a long-term strategy that can take time.

Who will I be directly working with?

To set your relationship off to a good start it’s helpful to understand how many SEO experts you’ll be working with. Find out who will be leading your campaign. It’s helpful to understand the roles that each team member plays, and how often you’ll be in touch. Steps like these can help you to feel confident with your SEO consultants, and improve your working relationship.

Which SEO tools are used to support your campaigns?

There are so many different SEO tools out there, SEO consultants should be able to explain to you which tools they use, and how they work. Find out how these tools can enhance the success of your campaign, and how you can support the process.

Hiring an SEO Consultant is a delicate process and not all agencies offer the same quality. It’s incredibly important to do your research and ask the right questions. Sussing out the key strategies and tools will help you to make the right decision. banner

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