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Understanding which pages on your site are not indexed is pretty beneficial and can help you to improve your site’s SEO.

I have written this detailed article on how to find or check indexed and unindexed pages from sitemap or on a website.

Actually, some people asked me questions that are mentioned below:

  • How to check which pages of a website are not being indexed by the search engines?
  • Is there any way to find non-indexed pages of my website?
  • How to find the URLs which are not indexed in the Google?
  • What is the best tool for getting a report of URLs that are not indexed in Google for an entire site?

So, here are some most important ways to find out URLs which are not indexed in the Google.

1. Check Index Status of any URL using info: Operator

You can quite conveniently use info: operator to figure out whether a specific page is not being indexed. Go to Google, type in “” without the quotes. Please see the example below:

info operator to check the index status

Using info: operator to check index status is a good way but not efficient specifically when your website has several URLs such as 50-100. It may take a lot of time to check all URLs one by one.

So, you can use the second method (site: operator) to find out not indexed URLs of your website.

2. Check Index Status of your Website using site: Operator

Go to Google, type in “” without the quotes. You can check a site, a subdomain, and a certain page, etc. Check the list of all URLs Google shows in the search results and find out URLs of your website that are not in the search engine results pages. Most probably, they are unindexed URLs. Please see the example below:

site operator to check indexation status

Also, remember that you can do it on sub-directories or partial URL paths for specific results. For instance:

Of course, if you have thousands of URLs this method is not ideal, so you can try the third method (use index checker tools) which is my favourite method.

3. Use Google Index Status Checker Tools

Greenlane Google Indexation Tester is my favourite tool to find out indexed and non-indexed URLs quickly and efficiently. You can even check indexation status of thousands of URLs at once. Please watch the video tutorial about how to use Greenlane Google Indexation Tester or see the image below:

Google Indexation Tester

Index checking is also a good tool to check indexation status of URLs. This tool support URL’s up to 25 at once!

Useful Tips

Read the article: How to check which URLs have been indexed without upsetting Google: A follow-up

Once you find out URLs which are not indexed, you have to ask Google to recrawl or reindex your pages by using Fetch as Google tool or submitting a sitemap.

Use Google Search Console to check sitemap and index status & make sure all the pages of your website are indexed in Google.

You can also hire us for SEO services to improve indexation status and ranking of your website.

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