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With more people looking for businesses online, local businesses in South Africa can benefit from an increased search engine visibility. While there are many ways to do this, local directory listings have been proven to help.

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Local South African directories have the following benefits:

  • Increases businesses’ relevance locally
  • Makes it easier to find the business on the search engines
  • Improves the business’ trust ratings by allowing customers to leave reviews
  • Drives more traffic to the business’ website

If all these sound good to you, then you should work hard to get your website and local business listed in the South African local business directories listed below.

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.

This is a high-trust, free business directory run by The goal of the directory is to support South Africa-businesses and help them increase their visibility on the search engines. So if you reside in South Africa and have a local business in the country, your website and local business should be here. This has a high domain authority (DA) of 44 and trust factor (TF) of 26.

Easy Info

Easy Info is a local business directory website that caters to local South African businesses. It comes with a DA of 35 and TF of 22. This free South African local business directory is great for people who are looking for ways to promote their websites for free within the country.

Go Organic

This is for local organic produce businesses in South Africa. If you produce or sell organic items in South Africa, then you need to have your business listed here. However, unlike the other South African business directories that are free, Go Organic is a paid directory. This is why it has a high trust rating among visitors and listed businesses.

Bizniz Directory

This is a free business directory that caters to all types of businesses within the country. While most of the businesses listed are in the B2B space, retailers and B2C companies can also list their websites and contact details there. Bizniz Directory has a DA of 23 and TF of 19. These are pretty decent trust metrics for a business directory that accepts all businesses.

ezSearch Business Directory

This is a high-trust directory with lots of local businesses listed there. It has a DA of 43 and TF of 23. This free business directory allows the listing of all types of business within South Africa. Businesses listed here are more likely to rank better on the search engines.


This is a more recent business directory that caters to B2B and service-based businesses within South Africa. It also allows for the listing of limited B2C firms in the country. It has a high DA rating of 40 and TF of 40. This makes it a high-trust free business directory in South Africa.

South Africa Everything

This paid business directory in South Africa is a high trust directory. It attracts over 500,000 visitors monthly, most of which are from people looking for products and services on the website. If your website is listed here, you’ll end up enjoying significant search rankings and higher traffic volume. It is a high trust directory with a DA and TF of 36 and 34 respectively.


This is South Africa’s travel tourism directory website. So if you have a travel agency, tourism business, a hospitality outfit, or any travel-related business this is where you should list your website. TravelDex is a highly trafficked website with lots of people searching for travel destinations, guides, hotels, and much more there. The listing here is free.


This is a free South African business directory site that doubles a classified ads website. So apart from businesses that are listed here, there are ads listing all sorts of items for sale. This has a high DA of 52 and TF of 27. To add your website, just scroll down to the bottom of the page, click Add a Website, and follow the prompts.

Cylex Local Search South Africa

As one of South Africa’s leading online business directories, Cylex focuses on connecting customers to businesses and vice versa. The online directory largely caters to B2B and service-based businesses. Listings are free and can even include reviews from previous customers or clients.

SA Business Direct

SA Business Direct is an online directory for small businesses in the country. They have good traffic metrics, which means they can easily drive some traffic to your business. Listing your website is pretty straightforward, but they have both free and paid options.


This is the South African arm of the popular Yellowpages that has a global reach. As one of the most popular online business directories, Yellowpages not only generates significant traffic, but also has high search rankings.

So if your website is properly listed and optimized, it could rank for targeted keywords. They allow free listings and have high trust metrics like a DA of 50 and TF of 27. If there’s one online directory that your website should be listed on, it’s YellowPages.

South Africa B2B

This online business directory offers all types of businesses the opportunity to list their websites and get them ranking. So there are all types of businesses listed here. The listing is free and offers high trust ratings with DA of 26.

EnrollBusiness South Africa

This popular online directory is the offshoot of the global EnrollBusiness directories. This has a high DA rating of 44 and provides a free listing option. It caters mostly to B2B businesses and drives decent traffic to websites and listings there.


This is a free classified ads website that doubles as an online directory. It generates decent traffic and has a decent DA of 37. This makes it incredibly useful as a great place to not only generate traffic but also place links that can increase your website’s search engine rankings.


This is a leading South African online business directory and classified ads website. As a popular website, Junkmail attracts a lot of traffic, so your website will benefit from that traffic. It’s also a DA 55 website which means that websites listed here will enjoy increased search engine visibility. banner

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