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Listing your business on an online directory can help increase brand awareness and reputation. A business listing should involve your services and your contact information, which allows customers to choose you and get in contact to give you their business. If you are looking to increase your businesses promotion and attain more customers in Italy, here is a list of the top business directories.

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Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.


Europages is an online business directory and portal that allows businesses to connect with customers and other businesses. The platform allows customers to discover businesses by searching for specific services and/or locations. Furthermore, there is a B2B business portal to help businesses connect and work with one another. There are over 600,000 companies on Europages with even more customers.

Ital Trade

Ital Trade is an online business directory and listing site that helps to enhance a businesses reputation. They believe that the base of a business is good customers, which they help to attract. They recognize businesses that have great vision and opportunity and help them create a profile to attract the most customers.

Pagine Gialle

Pagine Gialle is an Italian local business directory, that promotes local businesses to local residents. There, businesses can provide detailed information, contact details, as well as payment methods. Customers can book directly through the site, which cuts out the middle man. There is an app available too, which allows customers to find businesses on the go.


Kompass is proud to be one of the best up-to-date Italian business directories. It ensures that all business profiles are updated regularly so that customers are not disappointed. Updated profiles enhance a business, as it shows off the best abilities and service offerings. It helps businesses explore the market, sell themselves effectively, and increase brand awareness.


Cylex is a location-based Italian business directory, which allows customers to find the closest business to fulfil their needs. They promote all types of business and link contact information so that customers are always one click away from using your business.

Italian Web

Italian Web is a local listing site that promotes all areas of business. There, customers can discover new and local businesses. The main purpose of the Italian Web is to put new businesses on the map and help them grow and attract more customers.


Yelp is a worldwide business directory site, that offers customers the chance to look for specific locations. Thus, for Italian customers and businesses, you can search and share any niche location. Through Yelp, customers can make a booking or purchase. Or, they can get in touch with you from your seamlessly displayed profile.

Pagine Bianche

Pagine Bianche is a telephone-based business directory, that allows customers to call and ask for specific needs and locations. Sharing your business with Pagine Bianche will make you more discoverable by a wider audience, typically those who do not use internet services.


Hotfrog helps millions of Italian businesses every year. They put them on the map and share businesses with every customer. No matter if you are specific with your services or location, Hotfrog will promote you to the right people.

Just Landed

Businesses in Italy can share their business on Just Landed by creating a profile in their directory. You can share business contact information as well as a list of your services and a link to your website so that customers can easily find you.


Virgilio is a mail and news site. Yet, it also has a business directory that allows its readers to find and discover local Italian businesses. You can list your business no matter its size or service and get seen by more people.

Mister Imprese

Mister Imprese is an Italian online business listing site that shares all types of companies and professions. No matter if you work in education or as a fashion designer, Mister Imprese can list your business and share your services and contact information with its customers to attain more business.

Factual at Foursquare

Factual is a leading business directory that focuses on a businesses location more than anything else. This allows local residents to specific Italian towns and suburbs to find the closest and most reliable business to fulfil their needs. They paired up with the leading business directory Foursquare in 2020 to maximize business leads and success.


Opendi is a business directory that allows you to share a profile with those looking for specific needs. Customers can search depending on service type or location and leave reviews when they have finished using your business. Any Italian business can use the listing site and share their business with more people.


ProntoPro is a listing site focused on Italian businesses looking to grow their customer base. Your business can create a profile here no matter its services. It allows customers to find any service and profession they need at the click of a button.


The Italian business directory Colist is a site that allows businesses to sign up to be members and have access to their customers. Sharing your business on Colist will help you be discoverable by more customers and grow your business reputation as customers can leave reviews.

My All Day

My All Day is a business directory focusing on Italian businesses in specific areas. No matter your region, you can share your business on the site so that customers can find you. The service is location-based. Thus, you must ensure to list all available locations that you can provide to in order to be discoverable by more people.

Company List

Listing your business online has never been easier than with Company List. You can get help with setting up a profile that will maximize your business and boost its sales. It promotes multiple business sectors from construction to fashion. Thus, you can share your business online and increase your brand awareness no matter what services you can offer. There is also a map feature so that customers can discover businesses closest to their home or business. banner

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