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We frequently read and hear that “Content is King.” What is content and what type of content is king? And shall we consider that Content alone is sufficient for success? Reading some material on others website and reproducing it, is sufficient? Because content is king.

The very simple answer to these question is “No”. Though content is king, unique content is a royal leader. Reproducing the content will not serve the purpose, and you will not get the vote. You have a competitor in your niche so why the loyal visitor will visit your website. Why they will leave the sites, they are visiting for a long time. The secret is the unique content.

What is unique content?

Unique content is the material which is not produced ever. You present something totally new that was not introduced before. Your idea is unique. Such material is called unique content.

Avoid publishing the material already published, or Google will penalize you. Such contents are called Duplicate content which is defined by Google;

Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or is appreciably similar. Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin.

To avoid duplication of content and to attract the traffic, create something unique that is never done before manually or using paraphrasing tool English. Your idea should have features which are your creation. If your idea has 60-70% exclusivity, it shall be considered unique. Unique contents are very time to consume and require brainstorming. But the result is very fruitful.

Writing Unique Content:-

We have a clear concept of unique content; now the question is how to work on it. It is very simple. First, do some research and find the idea to be worked. If you get the idea of having uniqueness in the feature, you have done 80% of work. After that take a paper and pen and write your idea. Then start writing all the points that you have in your mind. Don’t worry about their sequence. Just put all raw points on paper, and when you feel you have sufficient points, it is time to arrange them in a logical sequence. Start reading your points and give them a number. When you have done all this exercise, you are happy that you have done all this exercise in a very effective and efficient way. You have done your homework.

Final Thoughts:-

In the last, start writing about all that points according to their sequence. You have now a unique content which is produced by you.

Try to follow these guidelines by seo magnifier to take full benefit of your work, don’t post your article anywhere. Wait for 6-7 days allowing search engines to crawl and index the page. By doing so, you have time-stamped your hard work and search engine will treat you as the first and innovative owner of the article. Then post your article on the social bookmark, social networking and on article submission web site.

In producing unique content, you may require to quote the references from other sites or books, so use quotations and references and give full URL path of the source.

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