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SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and it’s the process of increasing the quantity and quality of organic traffic to your website through search engine optimisation. This works by using relevant keywords in content and throughout your site to help your website rank higher on search engine results.

Being SEO-friendly for your business is imperative, as it can help direct more traffic to your website which can then turn into sales. Not only does SEO help direct more traffic to your website, but it also increases the quality of that traffic, meaning the people landing on your webpages are relevant to your industry and therefore increase the chances of a sale.

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If you’re in Canada and are looking for quality SEO services, take a look at this comprehensive list to help you make a decision. Here are 50 of the Best SEO Services Companies in Canada.

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Search Engine People

They’ve mastered search engines after 20 years and 2,000 clients. Working with an SEO/SEM team will result in more actual leads, sales, and revenue. When you work with SEP, you’ll get a tried-and-true SEO strategy that will help you improve your rankings, drive more traffic to your site, and increase your sales. To give your company a competitive advantage, use their patented SEO data analysis and reporting technology. They have consistent processes with predictable growth goals, whether it’s on-page, off-page, or technical SEO. banner


Automation, AI, and Machine Learning are used by this leading SEO and PPC agency to achieve multi-award-winning results. Over 300 companies have put their confidence in them. They define and appreciate their clients’ needs through a combination of direct and regular contact, as well as insights gained through data analysis. Then they concentrate on putting their knowledge and expertise to work for their clients, innovating and delivering effective and positive results.


As one of the leading SEO service companies in Canada, Brandlume SEO management service includes an innovative Search Engine Optimization strategy based on two main pillars to leverage your rankings and organic traffic in your industry. Google’s ranking algorithm is constantly changing, but they’ve been able to produce impressive and long-lasting results by combining these two fundamental processes with their other SEO services.

Major Tom

Established in 2000, Major Tom is one of the leading SEO services in Canada. They include SEO audits for existing websites to determine where you stand in terms of search relevancy. They also follow best practices for both technical SEO and content on all new pages. If you’re moving your site, a migration plan that includes 301 redirects will ensure that any organic traffic loss is reduced and your site authority is effectively transferred.

Konstruct Digital

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be very challenging, so at Konstruct, they aim to make their SEO services as easy as possible. Their Calgary SEO experts work hard every day to stay on top of the latest trends and strategies, as well as the 600+ changes Google makes to their search algorithm each year. By following a well-defined and transparent process, they use this expertise to provide predictable and sustainable development.

Kinex Media

Kinex Media is a knowledgeable SEO Toronto firm that offers services that give your company a competitive edge. Their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are a dependable way to get your business in front of the right audience, rank highly on SERPs like Google and Yahoo, and give your customers the best user experience possible.

Edkent Media

Edkent Media will help you get targeted traffic to your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can dominate and stay ahead of your competitors. They’ll also see long-term organic growth month after month, eliminating the need for paid advertising on Google, Bing, and Facebook.

Jelly Digital Marketing

They evolve and adapt the company’s online marketing to capture the best opportunities on Google and beyond with their three compatible pillars of social media, PR, digital ads, and SEO services, which is why they are the trusted Vancouver SEO Agency that many organizations have reached out to.

Status Bureau

Status Bureau are based in Vancouver, and can provide technical and content SEO audits on your website to see where your website could be improved. With over 14+ years of experience, they can provide a multitude of SEO services from your website including local SEO and off page SEO services.

Top Draw

Top Draw goes deep under the hood of your digital presence in search of the finer points. They put on our technical hats to figure out how to make your current SEO efforts more successful. They optimize all aspects of your website and online credibility to move you higher in Google rankings, from content and keywords to user interface and authority building.

SEO plus+

Since 2012, they’ve collaborated with their clients to develop and execute comprehensive on-page and off-page SEO strategies. They offer a variety of packages that can be customized to suit your budget and requirements. They specialize in assisting small businesses in enhancing their online presence and increasing their visibility through all major search engines, not just Google.

Marwick Marketing

Make sure you’re the website your customers go to when they’re looking for your services and products online. Marwick Marketing offers SEO services that are specifically tailored to your company’s objectives. They’ll assist you in improving your Google, Bing, and Yahoo rankings. As a result, your company will make more sales.

Ignite Digital

They are a group of search engine marketing experts who are both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject. They’ve built strategies for companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries. They continue to cultivate good relationships with customers while keeping a close eye on their progress. Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Management, Social Media Strategies, and Research are all part of their Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program.

Local SEO Search

Their team has over 40 years of local search experience and has provided internet marketing services to over 10,000 local businesses in Canada across all industries. In Toronto, New York, London, and Sydney, their in-house experts have handled SEO campaigns and online ads. Make the Local SEO Search team a part of your family’s service. You’ll be happy you did.

Digital Ducats

The search engine optimization services provided by Digital Ducats increase the value of your website. They build your site to be an income-generating asset for your company. They boost any element of your website’s success that it requires to rank competitively. The end result is higher rankings, improved search visibility, increased traffic from the organic search results, more leads and new clients.

Nova Solutions

For search engine optimization, Nova Solutions offers Original Content, Focus Keyword Diversity, On-Page Component, Off-Page Component, Local SEO, pay per click, and social media marketing. Their Toronto SEO search engine optimization digital marketing campaigns’ ultimate aim is to organically increase places, which will result in more traffic, exposure, and conversions. They can plan each custom optimization strategy around your company thanks to their search engine optimization expertise, resources, and tools.

Digital Shift Media

When it comes to ranking high in search engine results, website optimization is the most important factor to consider. You’ll increase your online visibility and better target your audience with Digital Shift Media’s SEO services. Their digital marketing experts begin by conducting thorough research, examining each keyword for competitiveness and search volume. They’ll show you how to make it easy for potential customers to find your business online by identifying opportunities to optimize content, images, and code. With Search Engine Optimization, you can create a long-term lead generation strategy!

Matterhorn Solutions

Because they are so confident in our SEO services, Matterhorn Solutions is one of the few Calgary SEO companies that does not require a contract. They consider it a success if we can earn your business month after month with our SEO services.

Let’s Get Optimized

Let’s Get Optimized provides a comprehensive range of Internet marketing services. Their agency has collaborated and worked with some of Canada’s most well-known brands to include strategic online marketing campaigns, and they have over a decade of Canadian digital marketing expertise. Their passion is providing improved website exposure for small and medium-sized companies through outstanding Organic & Local Search Engine Optimization performance!

Art and Science Digital Experience Design

Their process begins with a comprehensive SEO review of your website and online presence, as well as a detailed discussion of your market goals and top competitors. They have all of the latest SEO tools on hand, as well as experts who can interpret and break down the results in a way that makes sense for your business. They then devise an SEO strategy and conduct keyword research to confirm their findings.

1st On The List

They provide specialized SEO services to businesses at all stages of their SEO journey, from startups to SEO newbies to Fortune 500 companies with in-house Digital Marketing Managers. They will assist you regardless of the current state of your website and online presence.

Bluehat Marketing

BlueHat Marketing has been at the cutting edge of SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing, and web design since 2001. They are a group of people with diverse backgrounds in technology, marketing, and design who work together to stay ahead of the curve. They are a results-driven Toronto and Montreal SEO firm that sets itself apart from the competition by providing quantifiable and long-term SEO services that give real results.

New Design Group Inc

New Design Group Inc provides a powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service for your website, ensuring that it ranks high in search engine results. Since search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing use extremely complex ranking algorithms to determine the website most closely matches the search terms, SEO is an art best left to the experts.

Stigan Media

Stigan Media’s years of experience and expertise have positioned them as one of Vancouver’s top SEO firms. SEO entails more than simply putting keywords on a page or writing an article about the subject. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes to keep your domain running smoothly. Consider hiring a local SEO company in Vancouver like this one to boost your local rankings!

Adster Creative

Adster Creative, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency. As a Featured Google Partner, they use world-class search engine optimization (SEO), Google Advertising management, and website optimization techniques to help companies win new customers, generate quality leads, and expand their online presence. Their experienced SEO programs and link-building services not only follow Google’s best practices guidelines, but they’ve also worked with more than 500 clients across North America.

Social media 55

Their SEO experts are among the best in the industry, and they are accredited to provide results that you can trust will hold you in good standing with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. If you’re one of the hundreds of clients who have entrusted Social Media 55 with their SEO services, you’ll be glad to hear that they only take on clients who they are sure can effectively populate their first page of search engines in the quickest way possible.

Active Business Growth

They begin by conducting an in-depth analysis of your current website. They examine all of your website’s technical components with best-in-class SEO software (code structure, meta tags, page loading speed, mobile optimization, broken links, etc.). They also employ their tools to determine all of the keywords for which your website currently ranks, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ pages.


Positioning your website among the first pages of search engines for the keywords that your customers are looking for is a big challenge that can give your company a significant competitive advantage. After all, the first two organic results of a Google search account for more than half of all traffic. The aim of Digitad’s SEO agency is to help you capture this amount of eligible leads in a long-term manner. The worth of your web assets and your company will rise.

Nirvana Canada

Since they believe in long-term partnerships with our customers, Nirvana Canada strictly adheres to white hat SEO best practices, unlike many SEO companies. They understand that using spam strategies to quickly get a website to the top of the search results would only yield temporary results. When Google detects the spam activities and penalizes the website, the site will ultimately lose its rankings. They understand that SEO is a process that takes time to produce consistent, long-term results, and are upfront with their clients about the time and effort needed.

SEO Gorillas

At SEO Gorillas discovery process, keyword research, competitive analysis, web site architecture assessment and consulting, benchmarking, reporting, and personalized support are all part of their service offering. They handle the entire process for you and use SEO best practices that can help you improve your rankings significantly.


Many organizations have benefited from their SEO investment and increased website traffic since 2008. Visualwebz always gets the results they want, whether you’re looking for basic SEO services, PPC, or social media gurus to drive more traffic to your website.

The Story Web Design and Marketing

The Story Web Design and Marketing work closely with you to improve your SEO and search engine ranking with three simple steps; they look at the best keywords for you to rank for and see which ones your website would easily rank for. They then launch a campaign to help Google rate your website higher by positioning it with Google.  You will get to see your company expand through their reporting service.

Brighter Digital

Brighter Digital employs a range of best practices to optimize your website and brand online so that you appear for those important local searches that contribute to more traffic and sales. Their approach is best summarized as a six-step search engine optimization process that analyzes your website, competitors, and target audience in order to improve search performance and sustain growth.

First Page SEO

Search engine optimization is an essential aspect of every company’s marketing strategy. First Page SEO will design and implement a measurable SEO campaign for you. They will help you improve your site’s rankings and traffic with anything from an in-depth review to onsite and offsite SEO.

Optimized Webmedia

At Optimized Webmedia, they understand how important it is to rank well in search engines and drive traffic to your website. Organic site traffic will theoretically increase site visitors by 50% if your website is properly optimized. Your website will become more accessible around the internet if its SEO is configured. They are Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Content Marketing, and Copywriting certified at Optimized Webmedia.


Delante always prioritize the clients’ needs, and as a result, they’ve put together a list of main SEO services, as well as complementary services, to meet your company’s specific requirements. From technical SEO, conversion-focused keywords to SEO-oriented content, they can help your website rank higher on search engine results.

True Market

If your new and existing customers can’t find your website, it’s useless. True Market will help you shape your content and code using a strategic collection of tools and industry best-practices to track progress and step up the Google rankings. If you want to have effect, find your target audience and appeal directly to their needs. True Market can assist you with this.

First Rank

First Rank’s goal is to assist companies in generating leads from their websites. They place a lot of emphasis on SEO because they believe it is one of the most cost-effective and high-converting types of traffic generation. However, traffic isn’t enough to develop your company on its own. To get the most out of your advertising dollars, combine SEO with conversion optimization, email marketing, and retargeting.

Hilborn Digital

They’ve helped clients in a variety of industries rank on Google’s first page for their target keywords. Try Googling “Toronto SEO Agency” and you’ll find them on the first page! Their SEO team has spent nearly a decade honing their skills, with all work completed in-house. Their clients are aware that they devote whatever resources are necessary to achieve and sustain first-page rankings.

Mediaforce Digital Marketing Agency

The aim of Mediaforce’s SEO strategy isn’t to get you to the top of Google’s first list. The business impact generated by organic traffic is how we assess SEO performance. Measures of On-Site Engagement (such as bounce rate, session length, pages-per-session, time-on-page, conversion rate, and so on) are key signals that Search Engines use to determine the quality of a visitor’s experience on your site. User Experience Optimization must be done on a regular basis in order to retain rankings and outrank competitors.

Gustin Quon

A world-class search engine optimization company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Gustin Quon will work closely with you to create on-page SEO, technical SEO, blogger outreach, keyword research and much more tailored to your website. They’ll be with you every step of the way either in person or on the phone.

Momentumm Digital

Based in Montreal, Momentumm Digital provides a variety of SEO services to help you boost your rankings and optimize your ROI such as optimization for Google My Business, “on-site” optimization, “off-site” optimization, reputation and listings management, and Video SEO. They will work closely with you to optimise SEO in all aspects of your website to help you rank higher.

Hunter Canada

Hunter Digital believes that it’s all about repairing what’s broken (inside / backend web architecture), developing what they can (on-page, content, etc. ), and then working with what they have to get the site to the top of the search results for your preferred keywords (By building links or better known as Off-Page SEO). As a result, your site appears when someone types in the keywords you want to rank with, and the user takes the desired action. When the ball is rolling, they’ll move on to more advanced tactics and begin making serious inroads into your niche.

Connection Incorporated

The SEO professionals at Connection Incorporated create strategies that bring in high-quality traffic and consumers for years to come.  For your targeted search phrases and clients, they will help you get to the top of Google and other top traffic sources.  Their SEO service also provides a tailored online reputation management plan to help you convert more of your new visitors into customers by leveraging online feedback.

dNOVO Group

For over 15 years, their experts have been practicing Internet marketing and researching user behavior. Use what they’ve learned to build your own unique marketing plan. Following a consultation, the team of marketing experts at dNOVO Group develops a comprehensive strategy and action plan for your company that includes industry-specific branding, conversion-based website design, media development, and an SEO strategy.

Ten Thousand Foot View

Since 2002, Ten Thousand Foot View have been offering SEO services to websites all over Canada. Their process is simple, but effective; keyword strategy, onsite SEO, offsite seo/link building and their link disavow service, which removes any potentially toxic backlinks to your website. They offer a wide range of SEO services that can be purchased individually or as part of a kit. Their robust SEO packages provide excellent value at an affordable price.

Money Monk Digital

Money MonkDigital understands what distinguishes your website from others. It’s a website that’s been optimized for search engines. They also know which digital marketing efforts yield the best results. It’s SEO-focused advertising. Their marketing and development activities are search engine oriented, attracting Google and Bing crawlers. If you want to see real results, hand over your SEO gimmicks to Money Monk Digital. They’ll refine your company to the point where it will continue to produce results even if the campaign has gone off the rails.

CodeTactic Media

CodeTactic Media will help with anything from a simple SEO audit to finding what’s working and what can be improved, what keywords are driving traffic, identifying online rivals, seeing what they’re doing and what they’re not, backlink analysis of your site vs competitors, keyword analysis of your site vs competitors, and even resolving page not found errors.

Atrium Digital

Covering Edmonton and Vancouver, Atrium Digital creates a competitive advantage by increasing the popularity of your website over time by improving your search engine ranking. They will work closely with you to provide services such as keyword research and content creation to help your website rank higher in search engine results.

1Up Digital Marketing

1Up Digital Marketing have been on the scene since 2013, with the added bonus of providing SEO services in a multitude of languages. They devise strategic action plans and ensure that they are carried out correctly, and have the perfect mix of technological know-how and marketing know-how. Your website will be assigned to a senior expert to help your page rank higher. Organizations in the tourism and hospitality and healthcare sectors, as well as eCommerce platforms and B2B tech companies, have benefited from their SEO management services.

As you can see, there are a plethora of SEO service companies in Canada to choose from, and that’s just scratching the surface! Which one will you choose for your SEO needs?

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