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SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, and it is a modern way of marketing your services and products. SEO has become significantly essential for every company to promote their business online. It ensures the online presence of the business and enhances the ranking of the websites on search engines. There are plenty of SEO companies around the world. However, if you are searching for the best SEO Services Company in Manchester, here are the 50 companies that must be on your list:

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1. Embryo Digital

Embryo Digital is an SEO and marketing agency based in Manchester. They provide a range of services, and are considered one of the top SEO agencies in this part of the world. And they don’t just help their clients through SEO services; they also provide PPC and content marketing services.They have highly qualified personnel that have expertise in SEO and content marketing. Their other services include web development and web designing. So,they are experts in such a vast range of services. If you are looking for exceptional quality services, this is your destination. banner

2. Soap Media

Soap Media is one of renowned digital marketing agencies in Manchester. Their SEO services are regarded as high quality by their clients. They are experienced and have served numerous clients in Manchester and other cities of the UK. Their services include search engine optimization, planning and research, development and design, digital consultancy, digital marketing, digital audit, and market and competitor analysis etc. Seek their services in Manchester and you will get a prompt response. They ensure excellent customer support.

3. CandidSky

Candid Sky is believed to be leading SEO agency in Manchester. They have a highly talented and qualified staff that has expertise in SEO and digital marketing. They are famous for their skilled personnel. They deal in all sorts of services ranging from social media marketing to search engine marketing. In addition, they offer quality content marketing services. Their expert level staff has a set of skills when it comes to content marketing. They have all the tricks in the book to lead their way to success in SEO and digital marketing industry

4. Gorilla Marketing

Gorilla marketing is run by a bunch of highly experienced individuals. They provide quality services. Their range of services is not just limited to search engine optimization; they assist with a variety of other tasks. They can handle SEM, content marketing, PPC and much more. Nothing can beat the experience, and this is what they believe when they run their ventures. Over time, they have led some successful projects. They have mentioned their most successful ventures so far on their official website. For quality SEO services, this is a suggestion from our side. A combination of experience and devotion

5. Outrank

Outrank is as good as it sounds. This SEO agency has been a renowned company. It has not been very long since they captured the market. Their services revolve around search engine optimization and content marketing.They believe in long term interaction with the clients to work for as long asthey can. They have proven results to showcase to their clients. They ask you for your desired services and then begin. They offer a great range of services such as web designing, SEO and Ecommerce. They specialize in all these categories, and their work tells their expertise.

6. Red Cow Media

Red Cow Media is more a brand. In the recent past, it has earned a great name in the world of SEO and online marketing. They have accomplished recent success which has made them famous nationwide. This digital agency is not restricted to search engine optimization. They have enormous range of services including website migrations, PPC, audits, content marketing and much more. Such a vast range of services them takes them to the top of SEO companies in Manchester. Content translation is one of their most appreciated and sought after services. This is a big reason behind their popularity in the UK.

7. Bigfoot Digital

Big Foot Digital is yet another digital agency that offers a great number of services. Their services usually relate to SEO, PPC, social media marketing and SEM. However, the big factor that has made them one of the trusted SEO companies is their ability to handle different ventures. They consist of highly skilled personnel who have the expertise to handle marketing projects with ease. This is the ease they work with. They are one of the larger companies in this part of the world. You can seek their services for quick and positive results.

8. MadeByShape

Made By Shape is one of the finest and renowned SEO companies. Based in Manchester, they have clients throughout the UK. They are known for their ability to provide better ranking results. They are experts as far as improving the rankings of the websites are concerned. They assist businesses in improving their online presence. They are familiar with all the ranking factors and hence they can quickly produce results. They take right steps to quickly improve the ranking of the websites. They can maintain better outcomes for a long period. This is why they are trusted across the country.

9. Kelsall SEO

Kelsall SEO is run by some expert level digital marketers. Itis a top SEO agency which is destined to help businesses grow at a rapid pace.Their services revolve around search engine optimization. They know how to begin with the SEO ventures. And, they are capable enough to achieve the desired results quickly. Above all is the right decision at the right time. They execute right strategies to get to the best outcomes in quick succession.Indeed, they are one of the best SEO companies in the city of Manchester.

10. Digital Media Stream

Manchester is already crowded with SEO agencies and companies.Earning a name in such a crowded industry is difficult. However, Digital Media Stream has terminated this myth. They have quickly grabbed the attention of the clients through effective SEO services. They provide an extensive variety of services; mainly search engine marketing and optimization. In addition, they are capable enough to lead all projects to big success. Most importantly, they are B2B marketing agency that offers services such as content marketing, digital PR, PPC, CRO, marketing automation, and social media marketing etc. So, such an immense selection of services builds a trust among their clients and they are inclined towards their services.

11. Fly High Media

Fly High Media never disappoints. They are one of the most trusted SEO agencies in Manchester. They have a great clientele and they love to serve the community at large. Their services mainly include search engine optimization and all others incorporated in digital marketing. In the recent few months, they have increased the range of offerings. Since they are expanding, they are touching the skies of success. For a long time, they worked to improve their services. As of late, it seems as if they have created a significant trust and faith in their clients regarding their marketing services.

12. SEO Enterprise

SEO Enterprise is one of Manchester’s leading SEO companies. They follow latest strategies and tactics to execute their operations. They have a firm belief in trending ways of digital marketing. They adapt to the innovation and try new ways to lead their ventures. Considering their services, they are countless. A great variety of services feature CRO, SEO audits, SEO,and other web related services. The most special thing about SEO Enterprise is the way they stick to their tasks. They experienced staff is always ready to work with the clients to understand their goals and then strive to achieve them.

13. Red-Fern

Red Fern believes in customer satisfaction more. They are an SEO company headquartered in Manchester. It has not been very popular, but has dramatically become popular as of late. They do offer SEO and online marketing services, but they focus heavily on meeting the requirements of their clients.They work closely with their clients before initiating the project. They strive to understand the needs of their clients and try to accomplish their desired goals. This has been a key to their enormous success in the recent times. Red Fern is your destination if you are seeking reliable SEO services.

14. Vindicta Digital

Vindicta Digital, as the name suggests, is a digital agency providing services such as SEO, SEM, SMM and Inbound Marketing. This company deals in all these services. In any case, they ensure exceptional quality services. There are many services that are trusted and reliable as far as Vindicta Digital is concerned. They have recently accomplished some projects that have made them top the list of best SEO agencies in Manchester. This digital marketing company offers a lot. Moreover, they promise extraordinary survives and also ensure the satisfaction of their clients. The ultimate purpose of their services is to build long term relations and trust with their clients.


SEO MCR is one of the most popular SEO agencies based in Manchester. Manchester is one of those cities where some top SEO companies are serving the community. SEO CMR has been serving their clients for years. They specialize in SEO, SEM, and other digital marketing stuff. The most significant aspect of their services is the consistent customer support. They ensure to keep their clients with the progress they make throughout the project. With extensive support and utmost devotion, they lead their ventures towards huge successes. By far, they are one of the best companies working in Manchester and surrounding areas.

16. Reward

Reward Agency is a top SEO and marketing agency. Their services differ from all other companies enlisted here. They deal in Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Designing and Sustainability Communications. This variety of services has made them popular in Manchester. They have some proven strategies to lead SEO projects. Their previous projects tell the story of their success so far. They determine the expertise of their staff at handling such projects. In the recent past, they have led some incredible projects. They offer guaranteed marketing results and that too at a rapid pace. For quick and desired results, seek services from Reward

17. Coffeepot Digital

This is another digital agency located in Manchester. Founded in 2013, they have quickly managed to get the top positions. David Taylor was the founder of this company. They deal in search engine marketing and digital marketing services. Moreover, they provide social media marketing services as well. They know what’s included in SEO. Hence, they come up with all services such as content marketing. They have a qualified and experienced staff that has the required set of skills to lead your SEO ventures. This is one of the many reasons that will urge you to seek their SEO services.

18. NetSixtySix

Net Sixty Six is a popular name in Manchester. This is a Digital Marketing Agency based in this city. It has become a top brand as far as SEO and digital marketing services are concerned. Their name reflects their story so far. They have led close to a hundred projects so far. They have led some successful projects as well. They have a nice success story so far. They have managed to bring desired results for their company. They are reliable and trusted. Their clients’ stories are highlighted by the company, and this is a reason behind trust in this agency.

19. Carousel Projects

Carousel Projects are the search engine specialists. Based in Manchester, they have a great portfolio. They have managed to earn a name in the industry after completing some successful projects. They are specialists when considering search engine optimization. They promise quicker results that usually don’t occur. But, they take the right steps at the right time to lead their projects towards quick success. They provide all the related services to SEO. They also specialize in content marketing. They have team full of expertise and experiences of working on numerous types of marketing and SEO ventures.

20. Search Creative

Search Creative is one of the most renowned Manchester SEO agencies. They also specialize in Search Engine Optimization. They believe in creativity. Their team has a group of creative individuals who can handle SEO and marketing in a professional manner. As they take charge, they build creative tactics to lead towards a win-win situation. They adopt creative strategies and execute them to achieve desired results. Achieving your desired results is never easy in SEO. However, these professionals don’t just promise better results, they work to achieve the goal. They work closely with you as far as SEO audits are concerned.

21. Grapefruit Digital

Grapefruit Digital has a mission to assist businesses in ensuring a great online presence. They bring fruitful outcomes, thanks to their untiring efforts. They work with businesses in particular to improve their rankings on search engines. SEO is all about improving the company’s online presence. This is where companies grow and digital agencies like Grapefruit Digital help. They provide services like digital marketing, SEM, SEO and content marketing. These services are essential for the growth of your business. Also, it is necessary to maintain an upper hand in the industry. You must seek their services for reliable services and consistent support

22. Bulldog Digital Media

Bulldog Digital Media is a digital agency in Manchester known for digital marketing services that they offer. They specialize in PPC and SEO. They drive results by working with devotion. They also specialize in content management and link building. They have great personnel that works with you to identify your requirements. Nothing is better than constantly being supported by the expert staff. Such digital agencies remain in touch with their clients to drive desired outcomes. Their PPC and SEO services are unbeatable. If you explore their recent projects, you can realize the enormous success they have gained in the recent past.

23. Kudosable

Kudosable is a popular SEO agency in Manchester. They claim to provide the best internet marketing services in Manchester. By far, they have served many clients. The clients have responded in a positive manner and showed trust in the company. They believe in excellence and handle projects with great care and support. You are promised to receive quicker results through their quality SEO services. Kudosable never disappoints its clients when considering their services. They are reliable and trusted in the city. They determine their expertise to their clients and keep them informed about the progress through site audits.

24. Digital Web Services

As the name suggests, this is a digital web agency. They specialize in a wide variety of services. They assist their clients with web designing, web development and website audit. Moreover, they provide digital marketing services. They specialize in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing and much more. For reliable and a variety of services, you can contact them. They guarantee desired outcomes in quick succession. If you are urged to taste quick success, seek their SEO services. They are reliable and have experience of working with many businesses. They are easily one of the best digital agencies in Manchester.

25. Tecmark

Tecmark is one of many SEO agencies in Manchester, but it easily grabs one of the top positions. From web design to digital PR, they offer a variety of services. They have customized plans to assist your businesses. They can help you with building designs for your websites. Moreover, they can assist the companies with their SEO strategy. They offer exceptional quality SEO services. They offer reliable services of all types. They can deliver services such as on page optimization, off page SEO, content analysis, and many more. Also, their website analysis will help you in improving their websites.

26. CGO Media

Another SEO company based in the city of Manchester, and also one of the leading companies. They offer a vast array of marketing related services. One of the most appreciated companies in the recent past. CGO Media specializes in all digital marketing services. The good thing about their personnel is that they ensure consistent support to their clients throughout the process. Continuous support of the client is quite critical. You have to ensure that you are striving hard to assist them. Specifically, SEO is one of those services that demand serious devotion and passion. You can check their range of services on their official website.

27. Heavygate Marketing

Heavy Gate Marketing promises proven results for businesses in Manchester. Over time, they have served their clients and quickly drawn favorable results. They provide tested SEO services. They claim to be the best SEO agency in the city of Manchester. And rightly so. They have produced quick results through their extraordinary performance. They offer full SEO service including strategy documents and SEO audits, link building and much more. In fact, they bring a blend of different services that lead to excellent results. They specifically take strategies to bring your website to the top search engine rankings.

28. Manchester SEO Company

One of the top SEO companies in this city of the UK is the Manchester SEO Company. They specifically offer their services in Manchester. Again, they claim to be the top SEO service providers in the city. And yes,they are indeed one of the high quality services providers. They are proud of their past records. It has a decent track record and the company is making good progress day by day. Since Manchester has a lot of companies that offer SEO services, not all are reliable. This company is one of those who are efficient with their work.

29. I-COM

I-COM has 15 years of experience in the world of SEO. They have worked on hundreds of projects and have successfully accomplished them. They specialize in marketing ecommerce websites. They have assisted a lot of ecommerce businesses in getting their goals met. There are a few SEO and marketing goals that every company sets. The staff at I-COM works with their clients to establish their digital marketing goals and then strive hard to accomplish all those goals. They are experienced and renowned in Manchester. Their services are reliable and top quality. These trusted service providers must be at your priority if you are demanding extraordinary SEO services.

30. Blue Whale Media

Blue Whale Media is another top digital marketing service provider in Manchester. They have a comprehensive set of expertise. They can help you with website development, website design and digital marketing. They specialize in SEO services by the way. Their exceptional services are appreciated throughout the UK. They work very hard to improve the Google ranks of your websites. This is the ultimate purpose of their services. They exist to assist the businesses in making their presence felt in the online market. They are highly experienced and can help you achieve your marketing goals quickly

31. Lowcostseo

Low Cost SEO is one of those SEO agencies that believe in lessening the cost of services. They provide premium quality services at such a reduced price. They understand that a few clients have lower budgets for SEO and digital marketing. Generally, SEO is not an expensive service. This is wrongly believed by a few people that SEO is expensive. However, SEO is not just cheaper, it is also quite fruitful. Though you do invest for the betterment of your business. So, if you want high quality services at a low price, this is your destination. They promise to serve their clients regardless of their low budget

32. Alloy Marketing

Alloy Marketing is a digital marketing company that specializes in a lot of services, typically related to search engine optimization. They can deliver quality and assure success in quick succession. They can work with you to identify your objectives. Then, they can perform all types of services ranging from establishing SEO strategy to PR and social media marketing. They can perform both on page and off page optimization and get your desired results quickly. SEO takes time but does pay off. If you hire these marketing and SEO specialists, you can quickly grab ideal results for your business. This is why SEO and digital marketing have become highly significant for businesses. if you don’t have a great online presence, you are not even in the competition.

33. Made By Factory

Made By Factor are experts at search engine optimization. They cover a great range of services, but mostly related to SEO and SEM. Social media marketing and other marketing tactics are a part of SEO strategy and can assist you in getting your business uplift at a rapid pace. SEO agencies like Made By factory have an ultimate purpose to help businesses grow. Your businesses websites need to be accessible to everyone and hence their rank at Google and other search engines must be high. SEO services are essential to achieve this feat.

34. Smarter Digital Marketing

Smarter Digital Marketing, as the name suggests, is just another digital marketing agency. This agency has a lot of expertise. Their personnel specialize in SEO and marketing tactics. They can establish and execute excellent strategies to ensure your business growth. Digital marketing covers a lot of things. It includes search engine optimization (both on page and off page), social media marketing, and link building etc. The idea is to improve your website’s ranking on search engines. This helps a lot in the promotion of your website and business.

35. Gekkoshot

Gekko Shot has a brilliant track record. The company has made immense progress in the recent past. The company includes expert professionals who have experience of accomplishing numerous and different types of projects. They promise to handle every project with great expertise and achieve your goals. Gekko Shot is one of top companies in Manchester that provide a wide range of marketing services. They don’t just guide you on how to improve your SEO strategy, they also help you with your website and determine the weaknesses in it. Moreover, they help you with on page and off page optimization and content improvement.

36. Iceberg Media

Iceberg Media has made a name for itself in Manchester with their extraordinary SEO services. It is one of the leading SEO agencies that come up with appropriate solutions for your marketing and website business needs. Iceberg Media has worked with their clients to improve their website structures and enhance their google ranks and rankings on other search engines such as Bing. They also specialize in content analysis and work to improve your content on the websites. They have experienced content developers who can create the best content to improve your website

37. SEONo1

SEO No 1 is indeed a number SEO website. If not number 1, they deserve to be in the top SEO agencies in the UK, not just in Manchester. Their services are reliable and efficient.Thanks to their highly qualified staff, they can offer magnificent optimization services. They provide services including SEO audit, SEM, CRO, content creation, content management, social media marketing etc. The good thing is that they are experts at all these services. If you want reliable and number 1 services, you must contact them to seek their services. You can ask for their help and guidance on SEO and marketing as well.

38. Equill Media

Equill Media does not disappoint when it comes to high quality SEO and marketing services in Manchester. They provide productive services that are result-oriented. They execute marketing tactics and strategies that bring promising outcomes. If you check their recent records, you can clearly observe the effort out in by their team to get favorable results for their clients. They work closely with their clients and ensure complete support while they serve them. After all, the interaction with the clients and consistent communication is key to success. They can perform SEO audits on a monthly basis to highlight the success or progress made by them so far.

39. RS Digital Marketing

As it sounds by the name, RS Digital Marketing is an agency that deals in digital marketing. Their digital marketing services are immense and vast. They cover a lot of secondary services. Above on the list is search engine optimization. This is their highest grade service. Through their quality SEO services, they help businesses and online stores to improve their rankings on the Goog;le. Their experienced personnel know all the ranking factors that matter. Considering all these factors, they establish SEO strategy that can bring excellent outcomes and enhance traffic and search engine rankings.

40. Novi.Digital

Novi Digital is based in Manchester and they have their expertise in digital marketing as well. Basically, digital marketing incorporates all sorts of marketing services. SEO is a part of digital marketing, but it relates to search engines. The purpose of SEO is to improve traffic and sessions on your websites. Also, it helps in taking your website at the top of the Google ranks. The idea is to bring it to at least the first page of the search results. In this regard, SEO is quite advantageous. More than its usefulness, it is quite necessary.

41. Custard

Custard has become a real brand in the SEO industry. They help you with organic traffic at your website and improve search results. Since they are one of the SEO agencies in Manchester. Custard specializes in search engine optimization. They execute step by step strategies to get to the desired outcomes. Obviously, your SEO goals mainly include enhancement in the traffic, and betterment in the rankings on different search engines such as Bing and Google. Moreover, they work closely with their clients to get their requirements fulfilled.

42. Spray Marketing

Spray Marketing may seem an odd name, but it is one of the top SEO companies in Manchester. They have a history of working with popular projects. Their portfolio includes a variety of offerings. They provide all services related to online marketing. Start with search engine optimization, they know how to perform on page and off page optimization. Also, they include some professional and experienced content developers who can create engaging content to drive traffic on your websites. Their social media experts are also quite capable of driving traffic on social media pages and accounts. So, seek their services for desired and quick SEO outcomes.

43. Finsbury Media

Finsbury Media, like many other SEO and marketing agencies,focuses on optimization services. It is one of the finest SEO service providers in Manchester. They are the right service providers for many reasons. First of all, they have a team of expert individuals who are expert at everything. They have social media experts who can quickly promote your social media accounts and drive traffic on their pages. Their content creators are highly qualified. They can develop excellent content to engage maximum people on your websites. So, if you want to hire all rounders and experts for your business, Finsbury Media is the best choice.

44. Brand That Name

Brand That Name is destined to assist small business. SEO is the best way to enlarge your small business and promote in the best possible manner. They work for branding your business. They specifically focus on growing your business in the online market. SEO is ideal in this regard. it includes off page and on page optimization, improving your website ranking on search engines, link building and creating effective content for your website. They also have expert blog writers who can promote your business through blog writing. For all these efficient services, consider hiring them for your small business’s growth.

45. Reboot Online

Reboot Online is another top SEO company. Based in Manchester, they have earned a place in the foremost SEO service providers. In such a high competition, they have managed to stay ahead of their competitors. They key to their success is their quality services and excellent customer support. These two ways have assisted them in maintaining a position in the SEO industry. If you want reliable services for your business and promote it in the best possible fashion, here is your destination.

46. Toni Marino

Toni Marino is not an individual, but a SEO agency working in Manchester. They have a team of expert digital marketers who are experts at a lot of services. They are familiar with all types of SEO strategies. Once they identify the needs of their clients, they start working to achieve the goals. They provide a great range of services including SEO, SEM, Content Development, Social Media Marketing, SEO audit and a lot more.

47. PNdigital

PN Digital, based in Manchester, is one of the SEO experts. They serve the businesses through a wide array of services. Their extensive range of services include PPC and SEO in Manchester, London and other parts of the UK. Furthermore, they provide digital marketing, mobile app development, and web development. However, their expertise is SEO and PPC.

48. Peppersack

Pepper Sack specializes in all types of digital marketing. Another SEO agency working in the city of Manchester. Their services mainly include SEO. However, they offer a great variety of services, such as inbound marketing, content marketing, PPC and social media marketing.

49. Search Candy

Search Candy is an expert at search engine optimization, and has been working for a long time in Manchester. They deal in full service SEO campaigns, onsite audits, technical audits, local SEO and blogger outreach. Contact them for this range of SEO service.

50. Serpify

Serpify is one of the renowned SEO services providers in Manchester. They have a great repetition when it comes to result driven search engine optimization. They promise excellent results which has taken them to the top of SEO agencies. Their successful campaigns are mentioned on their official website.


To conclude, one can say that all these are the best agencies or top SEO Companies in Manchester. They are all high-quality SEO and digital marketing services providers. If you are searching for reliable and quality SEO services, you can hire any of these for effective SEO and digital marketing services.

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