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Sitting just South of Mexico, Guatemala is one of the largest countries in Central America. This means that it has plenty of businesses calling it home, and it can be a great place for new companies looking to get started.

Finding the right directories for your business in Guatemala will be essential, and this article will be exploring some of the most popular options around to get you started.

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Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.


Designed for business across the world, Yenino is one of the largest global directories found online today. This site offers a range of listing options, providing your business with everything it needs to generate quality backlinks. You can list your business for free on this website, and you can find categories for just about every business type in existence. Of course, though, you need to put effort into making your directory stand out for the best results.

Express Business Directory

As another global directory website, Express Business Directory is able to provide excellent backlinks for free. The Google-style listings found on this website rank well on their own, giving you the chance to generate leads and receive customer contacts without having to pay anything. You can’t pay extra to have your advert boosted on this website, and this means that you have to write a good listing to make sure that you show up in as many searches as possible.


Expat is a business directory that is aimed at English-speaking people across the world. Thanks to its reach across many different countries, this site has become a go-to for those who have moved from their home country and live in places like Guatemala. Expat can provide free listings that will generate strong backlinks, while also offering users advice and tips that can lead them to your business without costing you a penny.

Business Yellow Pages

Business Yellow Pages is primarily designed for B2B interactions, making it ideal for companies that work with other businesses. This site offers free directory listings with a Google-style layout that ranks well on search engines. This means that posting on this site can get you organic hits, while also improving your SEO with backlinks. Like many directories, there is a strict vetting process in place when you sign up for this directory.


Starting as an India-based directory, Connect2India has long had a global reach. Countries like Guatemala form a large part of the listings found on this website, and you can get started with your own listing for free. This site has a focus on companies that want to import and export goods across the world, allowing you to post a general business listing along with listings that are aimed at specific resources and products.

Qtell Free Business Directory

Qtell Business Directory is completely free, providing businesses with the chance to create detailed listings that tell customers exactly what they do. With a global audience and a high DA score, this website is ideal for those looking for easy backlinks that require little effort. Unlike many other directories, this site has categories for just about every type of business on the market, making it great for those who operate within a niche.


GetAtOz is quite a unique directory website, offering sales services that can enable your business to make money with very little effort. You can make your listing for free, but will have to pay a small commission on each of the sales you make through it. Alongside this, you will also need to go through a verification process to ensure that you offer the services you list yourself for. This is ideal for companies looking to improve their SEO, while also providing you with a passive marketing system that sees millions of users each day.

Biz Bamboo

Biz Bamboo is a global directory with strong roots in countries like Guatemala. This site is designed for small businesses that are looking to grow their website and online presence, providing you with the ability make both free and paid listings to get your website into the hands of more people. This website doesn’t have strict verification in place, making it best for those who are willing to pay for their listing.

Info Clipper

Info Clipper is different other directories, acting as a way for people to find information about specific businesses. You can create a profile for free and improve your SEO with this website, with its high DA score providing great backlinks to those who make detailed profiles. Of course, though, you won’t benefit from people finding your website organically through this directory, as you will need to have people search for you directory for good results.

South American Business Directory

As its name suggests, South American Business Directory is a listing website that covers the whole of South America, including Guatemala. You can create both free and advanced listings with this website, providing you with the chance rto choose exactly what information you would like to provide. This website is good for both generating backlinks and organic hits.

Guatemala Yellow Pages Directory

While not as large as other directories, Guatemala Yellow Pages Directory is a good choice for companies operating solely within the country. This directory is packed with business from across Guatemala, and you can make a listing for free to benefit from the backlinks they can provide.


Yelp is a hospitality business directory that is well-known across the world. This website is best for bars, restaurants, hotels, and other companies in this category, with listings in just about every country across the world. While Yelp isn’t as big in Guatemala as it is in other countries, it can still provide you with a good way to get a backlink for your business.

With all of these directories in mind, you should be feeling ready to get started on getting your Guatemala-based business online. You can sign up to as many directories as you want, but it will always be worth using unique content on each one to make sure that you get the best results. banner

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