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We cannot underestimate the importance of having content shared in the world of SEO. One of the undersung aspects of building links is the importance of social bookmarking sites. Having content shared through these types of sites can drive traffic back to your website. It’s a great way for people to organize and discover web pages that interest them using bookmarks. While social bookmarking sites are something that we should use, we must remember that it is one aspect of SEO, but if you aren’t using social bookmarking, let’s start by showing you a list of the best social bookmarking sites for 2024 so you can hit the ground running.

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Here are some of the big names you may know, but some you may also want to sign up for…

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  1. Twitter

While it might not be the first site to pop into your mind as far as content is concerned because of its large audience, it is perfect for posting content links and images that they can come back to later. banner

  1. Pinterest

The very definition of bookmarking. With 175 million users on average every month and with more than 50 billion pins it is the best way for anybody to bookmark images, videos, and content.

  1. Mix

StumbleUpon became Mix in June 2018 and is a fantastic way to use curated content, guaranteeing a higher caliber of results for people to bookmark, tag, and share content with others.

  1. Slack

With 12 million Slack groups and counting, this group messaging program gives individuals the opportunity to create private groups, message people directly, and customize channels for chats.

  1. Delicious

Perfect for individuals to build up additional content for research Delicious is an undersung, yet vital bookmarking site.

  1. Pocket

Great for individuals that need to reference something for later use while going offline. Pocket users can access anything through apps or online.

  1. Digg

A fantastic social bookmarking site for sharing content with an engaged audience.

  1. Folkd

Similar to search engines, but the results come from bookmarks content curated by the users. A fantastic way to get access to highly valued content. The higher the results, the more the content has been bookmarked by individuals.

  1. Reddit

Looking to promote your own content? Reddit is a fantastic tool for quick promotion by upvoting, downvoting, and generating bookmarks via sharing on this platform.

  1. Fark

One of the many top social bookmarking sites out there for individuals that need quality news. This social networking news site is a fantastic way to showcase talent.

  1. BizSugar

BizSugar is a great site for businesses looking to build brand authority within a pool of like-minded professionals all operating for the power and pull of small business prowess.

  1. Slashdot

One for the tech-minded, content covers gaming, computer hardware, cloud computing, security management, and anything you would care to submit on the world of computing.

All about the imagery. Users can bookmark and submit a wide variety of content that focuses on the visual rather than the written. Fantastic for people who are looking for swathes of color.

  1. Scoop.It

This is geared towards professionals who are looking to gain additional insight into creating content as well as predictive analysis. For businesses, they can opt for the paid version, and for individual freelancers who need an insight into creating captivating content, they can use the free option.

  1. Trendiee

Picking up the pieces of Newsvine, Trendiee is similar in stature that connects people with trending news.

  1. Diigo

For teachers and all manner of people in the educational sector, from students to researchers, Diigo is all about statistics, analytics, and industry research. Something a bit more for those who need facts and figures.

  1. BibSonomy

Great for businesses that publish scientific material, businesses, and academic types can collaborate and share with research-based material, really useful for those in the startup/biohacker spheres.

  1. Instagram

Here it is! The fourth most downloaded mobile app of the 2010s, with one billion users every month, and 500 million users of Instagram Stories every day, it is an amazing bookmarking platform for sheer engagement.

  1. Pearltrees

Looking to create collections? This social bookmarking site is perfect and easy to use for those looking to gather and share new content.

  1. DZone

For those in the software industry, DZone is a popular social bookmarking site for software developers who want to learn about the latest in software development.

  1. Medium

A site for personal and original stories, Medium has been a great site for repurposing content.

  1. SlideShare

Perfect for repurposing content that was originated on PowerPoint, it might not be as popular as other platforms, but if you’ve created a keynote, this is the best place to begin.

  1. Quora

A supremely popular platform for Q&A content brainstorming, Quora provides a wide range of topics to discuss and gain insight.

  1. Facebook Groups

A closed or open community on Facebook is great for users to post diverse content, from links to events, videos, questions, and everything in-between. With over 10 million groups on Facebook, it is a minefield of possibility.

Some extremely popular sites on this next batch, but also some that are worth exploring…

  1. Facebook

The most popular social network in the world, it is a major source of traffic for all manner of posted content, despite changes to the Facebook algorithm. Although it can reduce organic reach, it is a vital tool in any individual’s marketing strategy.

  1. Flipboard

A content curator site that brings all the world’s stories directly to you with minimal effort on your part.

  1. Feedly

Still the most popular RSS blog reader out there. Feedly has more than 15 million users, this news aggregator tool brings the feeds you need directly to you, so you can bookmark everything with minimal effort.

  1. Pinboard

Focusing on personal management of bookmarks organized by tags, Pinboard is simple, no fuss, and its basic design is purpose-built for people who need privacy and speed with their social bookmarking.

  1. Instapaper

Great for storing articles offline, when you are on-the-go, so you have access to great content regardless of the quality of your internet connection.

  1. Kirtsy

While it was once a content aggregator, it now allows users to submit slideshows. A perfect bookmarking site for those focused on imagery such as art and photos.

  1. LinkaGoGo

One of the long-serving bookmarking sites, since 2001 you have been able to view bookmarks with a variety of bookmark toolbars.

  1. LinkedIn

For those looking to engage with a more professional network, this platform with over 500 million members is an amazing way to share and curate content that gets you noticed in professional spheres.

  1. Disqus

This global comment system operates on the proviso of improving discussion on websites and building connections via web conversations across the whole of the internet.

  1. Listly

All about the top 10s, Listly helps bloggers and publishers to engage readers. Top 10 lists created by their communities encourage interactions and improves relationships between blogger and reader.

  1. Tumblr

This popular “microblogging” network, allows users to post content like multimedia into a short-form blog for easy digestion.

  1. Crazybacklink

This free social bookmarking site provides lists focused on identifying sites, so link building becomes effortless.

  1. Dotnetkicks

A community-based news site, this is edited by .NET specialists who post development techniques, tools, and tech for the tech-oriented.

  1. Emolinks

Being able to share content for free is so important, and Emolinks is a social bookmarking platform that covers all bases.

  1. TikTok

The success story of 2020, with over 800 million users, this video sharing service where users share videos between 3 and 60 seconds long. A goldmine of short video content that has made names of so many users with minimal effort. Short, digestible, and very, very popular right now!

  1. PiPiNews

For those who need their finger on the pulse, PiPiNews is a bookmark link sharing website for news, videos, and images.

  1. Sitejot

A free online bookmark manager, it is a great way to manage every one of your bookmarks in one place.

  1. Skybacklinks

This online service enables users to store, share, and add links across the internet.

  1. SocialBookmarkNow

The frustration for many individuals posting content is that they have to wait for the approval. SocialBookmarkNow boasts “instant approval” when submitting content.

  1. SocioPost

The SocioPost site allows its community to vote for the best-bookmarked content on the internet, including news, videos, and pictures. A great way to get your ear to the ground.

  1. TechDirt

An online news blog for users to post their stories. Great for those looking for original content in sly corners of the net.

  1. Tracky

Great for collaboration and project management. Individuals can socialize projects and store information with minimal effort.

  1. Zypid

Zypid is a great and simple social bookmarking site for saving and sharing web links.

  1. MetaFilter

This community weblog is great for anyone and everyone to contribute a link or make comments.

  1. AixinDashi

This bookmarking site allows free submission of articles.

  1. Steemit

This website focuses on blogging and social media that gifts users with its cryptocurrency, STEEM on condition of publishing and curating content.

  1. Bookmarkfeeds

Bookmarkfeeds is simple and allows users to submit article bookmarks from anywhere.

  1. BookmarkMaps

A bookmarking service for submitting articles and sharing the most voted content to the big social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

  1. Leavemark

New on the horizon, launched in 2020, this is an ad-free data storage and social media app to save videos and photos for sharing later. The nifty features include a time and space capsule for information to be released in various increments, such as 2 weeks or 2 years, and with direct messaging, a newsfeed, and a family tree feature, there is a lot for users to take advantage of.

  1. Fabric

This augmented reality (AR) app allows you to see people’s commentary on things near to you in the real world. A great way to start a virtual conversation and bookmarking information beyond the realms of the internet.

  1. Vero

One for those who don’t want to be slave to the algorithm, Vero is a social media platform that doesn’t sell data, has no ads, and no algorithms. Users select who sees their posts, and content is posted chronologically.

  1. Caffeine

A live content service for individuals to interact with on topics as diverse as gaming, music, sports.

  1. Twitch

With over 3.8 million broadcasts on Twitch, this video streaming service owned by Amazon focuses on live video game streaming, but also includes other types of content, such as e-sport competitions and music broadcasts.

  1. Houseparty

This group video chatting app has 20 million users and counting. A great way for face to face interaction.

  1. Facecast

A video community akin to chat roulette, users can share short videos, live broadcasts, and video chats.

  1. Masterminds

A social media platform for like-minded individuals looking to coordinate goal-oriented video chats. Ideal for people to learn through shared experience, comradery, and accountability.

  1. Triller

If you want to film yourself lip-syncing, or dancing, Triller is great for quirky content.

  1. WhatsApp

Great for personalizing content, this encrypted messaging service that has 2 billion users worldwide, perfect for sending media.

  1. Tagged

A great way to share tags and virtual gifts. This social discovery platform lets you browse the profiles of members.

  1. Wattpad

With over 65 million users, Wattpad services user-generated stories.

  1. Badoo

This social networking website aims to facilitate friendships, from romance to conversations. And since launching in 2006, 435 million members have built relationships, all verified by a moderator.

  1. Bubbly

Perfect for those focused on audio, Bubbly allows users to record voice blogs of up to 90 seconds (with voice filters, effects, and background music an optional addition) to subscribe to other voice blogs.

  1. Cellufun

This social program lets users play games together and comment. It is all anonymous, done through the use of avatars.

  1. Classmates is all for those planning a reunion. Users can make and search profiles, as well as gain access to reunion planning tools.

  1. CollegeHumor

CollegeHumor is great for those needing to submit quirky and humorous content. This internet comedy company creates original content, and allows user-submitted videos, articles, and other types of content.

  1. Discord

With over 250 million users, Discord is an instant messaging software to communicate via text, image, video, and voice, allowing for a multitude of content.

  1. GIPHY

This GIF service has around 250 million monthly active users, and now acquired by Facebook, it should become a key part of any marketing approach.

  1. Imgur

Imgur is an image-sharing community, making it great for viral images and memes.

  1. LINE

A messaging service that lets users communicate using a wide variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and has a news stream service called Line Today, as well as a video-on-demand service called Line TV, making it great for diverse content to reach to its 217 million users.


With more than 70 million people using Line Play, this app involves creating an avatar that becomes your alter ego to interact with other users and share creations.

  1. LiveJournal

A diary-based social networking platform with 2.5 million recorded users.

  1. MeetMe

A combination of social media platform and dating app, Meetme works by populating your information with Facebook data and shows nearby users to speak to.

  1. MocoSpace

Myspace, but a bit more contemporary, MocoSpace is a mobile social network with chat, games, instant messaging, and photos.

  1. Myspace

Not confined to the past just yet, 2016 recorded 15 million monthly MySpace visitors.

  1. Open Diary

Similar to LiveJournal and Xanga, this diary platform is great for sharing personal content.

  1. Skype

In March of 2020, Skype reported 100 million users every month, and 40 million people using it daily for communicating via audio, video, or text, as well as sending images, videos, and files.

  1. Telegram

A chat app for sending photos, videos, stickers, audios, and files, boasting over 400 million monthly active users.

  1. Tribe

An app where you can send recorded messages to your friends, and create groups. After the video is viewed, it disappears.

  1. Viber

Viber has over a billion users, and is a software for VoIP and IM-type communications where users are verified by their cell phone, and can trade images and videos.

  1. Vimeo

An ad-free video hosting platform, designed for professionals to connect with one another.

  1. We Heart It

We Heart It is an image-based social network, where users can collect their favorite images, and share with friends, as well as collate them into collections.

  1. Dropmark

This collaborative sharing tool allows users to collect files and drag them into their browser and share with other users or upload.

  1. Droplr

This platform lets you upload screenshots or screen recordings to the cloud, and share them.

  1. CloudApp

CloudApp allows you to share screen recordings or screenshots and broadcast screen recordings using the Instant Video feature.

  1. AixinDashi

A social network for promoting content submitted by its members.

  1. Patreon

Ideal for subscription-based content providers, such as video makers, podcasters, artists, and writers.

  1. OnlyFans

Similar to Pateron, OnlyFan is a popular content subscription service in the adult entertainment industry and fitness experts circles.

  1. Substack

This is a platform for creators to create and manage paid email newsletters. Substack comprises a content management system to create email newsletters, as well a method of collecting payments using Stripe, and a site to provide paid-for or free content.

There are also music-oriented platforms to consider.

  1. Datpiff

Focusing on hip-hop, rap, and R&B, DatPiff is an online distribution platform based on mixtapes or mix CDs for artists to distribute so music can be exposed to a larger audience.

  1. Last.FM

Creating custom playlists using this social media platform that is great for putting out music content to listeners with specific musical tastes. Last.FM gathers data from music streaming apps and internet radio stations, as well as a user’s desktop or mobile devices to curate a playlist.

  1. SoundCloud

With over 175 million monthly users worldwide, SoundCloud is a music sharing platform that is widely used by professional and popular musicians.

  1. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is a site for musicians, producers, and even venues to collaborate with each other.

  1. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a very popular audio distribution platform, where artists and labels upload their content, set how it’s sold, the price, the format, as well as the choice to sell merchandise and physical media.

Here are some very niche social sharing sites….

  1. Dribble

Focusing on graphic design, Dribble is a great bookmarking site for creatives.

  1. Meetup

With over 35 million users, Meetup harnesses online groups to coordinate in-person meetings according to people’s shared interests.

  1. Weed Life

As you’d expect, Weed Life is for cannabis enthusiasts looking to share content on a social network of like-minded people.

  1. Nextdoor

With 27 million active monthly users, Nextdoor is a social media platform for connecting with people in your neighborhood. A great way to share local and specific content to gain the attention of a small group of people.

  1. DeviantArt

An online community for art enthusiasts where people can share artwork, videos, and photos. The content can be browsed by various categories, like type, skins for applications, and many more.

  1. Goodreads

Goodreads is a social network for book lovers. Users post about and review books, and can create groups based on numerous tags, such as suggestions and blogs. As of October 2020, Goodreads has 90 million members.

  1. CouchSurfing

CouchSurfing is a social networking platform for couch surfers to lodge, create meetings and events, and many more.

  1. RunKeeper

A fitness-tracking app using GPS to map workouts such as walking, running, and cycling, and boasts over 50 million users that can share their workouts with other users via the Runkeeper community.

  1. Care2

Ideal for users dedicated to causes, Care2 connects people based on their unique activist causes. With over 56 million users, as well as 2,750 nonprofit partners, Care2 is responsible for nearly 450,000 petitions that have received over 1 billion signatures.

  1. eToro

eToro is a trading platform that offers financial and trading services, making it ideal for financially savvy individuals looking to receive and promote insight into this circle that is gaining more traction with every passing year. Users can follow, view, and recreate the practices of top traders, providing an insight into the trading world without the risk. eToro has approximately 10 million users.

  1. Gaia Online

Focused on anime, this social network and forum platform is great for lovers of alternative content.

  1. Italki

For language tutors looking to promote their services, Italki connects language learners to teachers via video chat. A great entryway for freelance tutors looking to expand their reach.

  1. Ravelry

Once upon a time, it was a niche or practice provided exclusively by your grandma, Ravelry is a social networking service for knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and everything you had no interest in as a child. Users can share projects, ideas, and yarn collections via this social media platform. With approximately 9 million registered users and 1 million active users every month, Ravelry is a great platform for the wool providers among you.

  1. The Dots

Creative professionals such as writers can network, collaborate, and get inspired by the wide variety of brands and teams that profile themselves.

  1. Ello

This social networking platform is an opportunity to showcase art, fashion, photography, and web culture, as well as services and collaborations, making this a great one-stop-shop for creatives looking for something new.

  1. Funny or Die

Funny or Die is a very popular comedy video platform where celebrities have made their mark, but users can submit content too.

  1. MyHeritage

If you need to create family trees, upload or browse photos, and search through historical records totaling over 9 billion, MyHeritage is a great platform for a rich tapestry of genealogical info.

  1. Viadeo

A lesser-known LinkedIn, Viadeo is a social networking platform for business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and managers looking for extra insights.

  1. Yelp

With 73 million unique monthly users on their mobile app, and over 100 million monthly users on their desktop site, Yelp is a crowdsourced review website that can make or break businesses by providing ratings.

  1. Letterboxd

Letterboxd is all about the love of film. Users can share reviews, keep diaries, and make lists, as well as interact with each other.

And finally, here are some social sharing sites that are great for an international reach….

  1. FilmAffinity

Originating in Spain, with 3 million unique users, you can rate and create lists of movies, as well as write movie reviews.

  1. Kuaishou

A Chinese video-sharing app, known as “Snack” video in China, you can create short videos, and with over 200 million active users every day, it is a great way to tap into a widespread community of like-minded individuals.

  1. Mixi

This Japanese social networking service focuses on connecting with users on shared interests by sending messages, reading and commenting on blogs, but if you are looking to register, you need a valid Japanese cell phone number.

  1. Qzone

A social networking platform based in China, as of July 2020, roughly 517 million monthly active users keep blogs, send photos, watch videos, and listen to music.

  1. Sina Weibo

Similar to Tumblr, Sina Weibo is a Chinese microblogging site where users can upload videos and pictures for sharing, where other users can comment as well as send messages via its instant messaging service. With over 290 million registered users, Sina Weibo has more active users than Twitter! Let that settle in for a second!

  1. Skyrock

This French-based social networking platform allows users to create profiles, instant messages, and blogs with other members.

  1. Tencent QQ

Usually known as QQ, this instant messaging program and web portal based in China is the setting for a variety of activities. From online social games to music, shopping, movies, as well as voice chat, there are more than 890 million active users, and is the sixth most popular site in the world!

  1. VK

As of August 2020, VK has over 500 million accounts. This Russian social networking platform allows you to share and tag images, audio, and video, as well as messaging services, public pages, and even browser-based games.

  1. WeChat

As of the end of 2019, WeChat counted 1.17 billion users. This Chinese developed platform allows messaging, social media, and mobile payment, and is touted as the “app for everything”.

  1. XING

Focused on the German-speaking market, Xing is a Hamburg-based site for professionals looking for extra social interaction. With 16 million members as of April 2019, the number of active users in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland makes it superior to LinkedIn for users in the DACH region.

  1. YY

YY is based in China but is more than just a social network for users to share videos, its own virtual currency is an amazing extra for content creators. Paid to people who create content on a wide variety of subjects, the currency can be exchanged for real money later on. Users can chat with each other, and with 157.8 million active users every single month, it is a massive platform to infiltrate. The platform also streams events, such as concerts, sports, and fashion shows.

  1. Douban

This Chinese social networking platform allows users to document information and create content on a whole manner of subjects. From TV and movies to books, as well as activities in China, it covers a wide variety of subject matter. With 60 million registered users and 150 million unregistered users, it is great for recommendations and reviews, and ratings of media.

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