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For running any of the e-commerce stores, creating an attractive and interactive design of the online store is a must. This should include a wide number of useful products and services so that it can be purchased by the targeted customers with the best help of Google. The sites of e-commerce are different from others, thus a different approach of SEO is followed for them.

As the popularity of eCommerce sites are growing with every passing day, a large number of buyers are fulfilling and shifting their demands towards these online sites. Well, there are many sellers of one single product, thus there is no monopoly in the online world as you can find a large number of sellers selling the same product.

As per the reports, more than 44 percent of the shoppers online start their digital shopping by searching the product or service through search engines. Thus, E-commerce SEO is of high importance. This can only be an effective and best marketing tool for you. Apart from social marketing and promotional marketing, SEO helps in the retention and acquisition of your potential customers.

Well, there are 10 common E-commerce SEO Mistakes People are Making and facing a huge loss because of that. You must be aware of these mistakes and avoid it for being on top search engine results. These top ten mistakes to avoid are,

1. No or fewer product reviews

This is the biggest mistake when you don’t get any product reviews on your product page. It creates a bad reputation for both company and product as customers never pay attention to them. More than 70 percent of the online shoppers read product reviews and then only purchases final product.

no products reviewsAs you can see in the above picture, it shows no reviews. This can create a bad impression in the minds of customers and will not be termed as SEO friendly site.

2. When a URL is not optimized

This can also be called a big mistake for a better SEO. You must know that keywords available in URL assist all search engines to understand better about the product page. Many of the eCommerce sites that possess a long number of pages, they go for the URLs which are non-descriptive and includes product number like this:

This is something wrong and will not help with good eCommerce SEO. The correct way is explained below.

It should be,

This can help in better results and is a correct way to optimize URLs for a proper search.

3. When product descriptions are missing

An eCommerce site is one which works in an online mode and is a form of an interactive tool where sellers and buyers without having a conversation. Without any personal touch, the sellers sell their product and service online and a customer purchases his goods and services. But when a product description is missing from the site, how will a customer understand the same product?

No description means that there will be no optimized SEO for the same. The search engine optimization method will fail because it will not be possible for it to trace the product keywords for men’s short sleeves shirt and just a headline will not fulfill the purpose because there will be many sites selling the same product and brand.

4. Duplicate content

If your eCommerce site content is similar to the other site, then the content will be of no use and is considered as duplicate because same content appears on two different locations on the web. Thus, it gets difficult for a search engine to decide as which one is better and related and which one should be displayed on top.

5. No Optimization of existing pages with good keywords

The existing pages must be optimized with better product keywords in order to fetch good results. This is one mistake which is generally followed by many of the sites as they don’t update them. For a good SEO, keyword research is important and should never be ignored.

If you want your webpage or site to be on top, the SEO optimization for existing pages is equally important.

6. Missing unique titles

The titles which are spammy, duplicate, manufacturers title and poor SEO is the main reason which can put your eCommerce site down in the SEO results. A good and unique headline is a must and should be paid more attention to better results. Many of the sites ignore them as they found it a bit tedious task and avoided the fact that this may affect their SEO results.

7. No sharing functionality

The buttons of Facebook, tweet, emails, pin on these eCommerce sites helps in building a good reputation about them. However, getting this sharing functionality can be a bit expensive but worth the price. Due to its high costs, many of the site owners avoid it and get into loss due to poor SEO results.

social media sharing

These sharing buttons above helps your targeted audience to know more about your company, product, and services. This is an important marketing tool and must not be avoided.

8. The slow speed in page loading

When the product pages take a lot of time in responding, this may result in poor reputation and customers will skip your site. Many of the ecommerce sites don’t make use of sprites and uses the heavy source code. There is a high need for cleaning up the mess and fluid. Good and faster speed loading can end up with better SEO and speedy results.

slow page loading speed

This is the most irritating thing for the site users and when the site takes too long in responding, the Google search engine also don’t find it better and never considers it to be displayed even on the first page of its results.

9. No security encryption

The security encryption can be bit expensive and most of the eCommerce site owners avoid it to save their money. But this is not the truth as it can drastically affect their SEO results. The SEO offer preferences to Security encrypted sites because it protects the customer’s information when they make any transaction on online sites.

The Google always wants to offer all the searchers the best results which it founds as accurate, safe, and trusted. For a quick SEO ranking boost, it is a must for your eCommerce site to get an SSL key certificate.

10. No physical location info

Many of the eCommerce sites are also having their physical location in one or the other place. If you also have a brick and mortar business location, then it is important for you to add on your address in your website footer. This attracts customers as well as Search engines.

This can assist the search engines in ranking you in a better way during the local search results.

Avoid all these top ten mistakes explained above can really help you in boosting your Ecommerce SEO. This will rank up your site in SEO results and will help you in getting more visibility for high-end returns. Try avoiding all these mistakes and follow the expert strategies for better results and to be a top ecommerce site as per SEO results.

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Shiva Kushwaha is a lead blogger and content marketer working with Ranking By SEO. He has been working in SEO industry since 2013. He has written on different digital marketing topics including, SEO, Link Building, Content marketing and so on…

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