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Find out why quality customer service is essential to your company’s results. The lack of quality in customer service causes companies to lose up to the US $ 217 billion per year, which shows a lot the importance of this issue within the enterprises. Zoetalent solutions offer customer service training to improve your business growth and helps to increase the customer service quality. Check over here to know more information about quality customer service training.

Nowadays, the public likes to interact, research, and communicate directly with companies. Therefore, it is understood that getting communication with customers right is one of the main points for any business that wants to be successful.

Thus, the search for quality in customer service is not just a differentiation strategy in the market, but a need for survival. In this article, you can find some tips on how to serve your audience with excellence and what tools can help your company.


As the name implies, quality in customer service is direct and well-communicated between the company and consumers. And that ranges from problem-solving to the use of tools that make communication quick and intuitive.

With the advancement of technology, customer service training has become an important differentiator within an increasingly competitive market. Thus, serving the public with excellence has become one of the main objectives of companies that want to differentiate and
grow today.

Service optimization can be done with tools such as:

  • SMS for assistance ;
  • Chatbots;
  • SAC – Customer Service ;
  • Contact CRM;
  • Email as a communication channel;

Telephone service integrated with a telephone exchange, among others. It is essential, therefore, that companies understand that customers’ experience encompasses making them feel satisfied with both the products and the services provided by the business, from the initial approach to the post-sale.


Service quality is no longer considered a differentiation strategy for a company, but a necessity for the good development of any business. Quality in the way the company communicates with
customers is also a kind of consumer-first impression of the enterprise.

Among the main benefits of maintaining the quality of care are:

Public satisfaction and empathy

When the company offers good service, public satisfaction is notorious. Even if the consumer’s needs are not completely met, they recognize that the company has endeavoured to serve him in the best possible way.

Feeling well served, customers can also more easily forgive errors, system failures, and even defective products, which is unlikely to happen in cases of poor and bureaucratic service. Hence the importance of companies paying special attention to customer relationship management.

Creates a positive image of the company

Maintaining the focus on the customer is the objective of the organization that aims to establish a relationship of trust and credibility with its public, taking into account suggestions and complaints from the same, to correct possible errors that may cause a negative image for the company.

Customer service training is essential for the survival of the enterprise, so just focusing on the final product is a mistake. Companies with a positive image among the public offer quality service, while the opposite opens space for competition.

A good corporate culture

The business universe must seek to create strategies that guarantee the well-being of employees, after all, this directly reflects on quality customer service. Often when the customer is poorly served, he understands that the company does not contribute to the professionals being good attendants. Therefore, managers should always look for viable means to prepare employees to provide adequate service to the public. Investing in good quality customer service is essential to achieve good results in this sector. Remember that the customer is always attentive to everything, especially when it comes to the service that is offered.


Quality in customer service

Many organizations make the serious mistake of offering a quality product, but do not add quality to customer service training. It is useless for a company to have good products and services, and not reflect this same quality in communication with the public.

Service with quality is a fundamental concept for any organization, whether small, medium or large companies. But, quality is a word that has a wide meaning and can be explained in several ways.

What is quality for the customer?

  • Quality means “doing the right things”. When there is a good quality performance in an operation, the processes become easier, and the results are more assertive.
  • When a particular company provides a quality service to its customers, the tendency is to show growth. Therefore, it is important to always seek a different dynamic to serve the public, with attendants who seek to resolve consumer issues in the best possible way.
  • Not for nothing, companies that have a staff that exudes sympathy and attention in the act of customer service training, are preferred by consumers. After all, quality is an indispensable factor in the performance of any professional activity.
  • It is important to remember that the customer has changed. If in the past he accepted a low-quality product and even submitted himself to a service that left something to be desired, today the profile is different. Consumers have learned to compare prices, service,
    quality in the provision of services and have a clearer view of their rights as a consumer.
  • Faced with this more demanding public and aware of their rights, the market needs to be more and more innovative, offering high-quality products and services to keep the public loyal.


  • It is indisputable that customer satisfaction is the foundation of a company’s success. To obtain this satisfaction, internal surveys must be carried out to understand the tastes and needs of the target audience of that business.
  •  In the need to serve customers in such an effective way, has tools that assist in this communication, such as SMS Marketing, which can be used in a personalized way. Some companies that already use SMS Marketing have managed to increase their conversion rate by up to 200%.

Learn more with us how to loyalty your customer ebook.

  • With the mobility of the digital age, communication channels with the customer are increasingly practical and complete. To learn how to talk to the audience, you need to find out where your customer is, and use the right strategies to impress them.
  • It relies on sending SMS through an SMS sending platform, which can optimize processes and reduce costs for companies in different sectors, as it is a mass, fast and agile communication tool.
  • Different customers can be served, such as retail, billing systems, medical and dental clinics, banks, dealerships, schools, and colleges, among others. The great advantage of sending SMS
  • Marketing is that the contracting company itself manages its system, creating campaigns and choosing the most diverse ways of sending.
  • The possibilities for using this tool are numerous, such as sending SMS to alert a customer to possible expiration of a term; for example. Or even offer information about services and invoices or just be present in your client’s daily life.
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