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Most business owners are aware of the existence of online business directories, yet they do not know or understand the range of benefits of listing their business on an online business directory. Online business directories aren’t going away any time soon, so every business should know on which specific platforms that they need to be listed in order to attract sufficient attention.

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However, it can be difficult to identify which specific online business directories your business should make the most of to benefit from the best potential ROI. Luckily, there are a few key online directory platforms that have been proven to attract the most attention, and it couldn’t be easier to register your business today! So, if you’re interested in finding out more, then simply read on.

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.

Google My Business

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Google My Business is the largest and most popular business directory that spans across each and every continent and country around the globe. No matter where you are in Lebanon, the biggest online business directory will always be a well-known search engine like Google, as you can simply type in whichever service or product that you need to invest in to receive thousands upon thousands of search results to choose between. Google attracts millions upon millions of avid users each and every day, so there’s no time like the present to register your business on the über popular platform.


Though you may not expect the second most effective online business directory to be a social mediat platform, Facebook is one of the most effective websites on which you can list your business in order to let the world know that your doors are open and ready to receive customers.

Facebook is slowly but surely transforming into a profit-focused platform that focuses far more on business and sales, and there’s never been a better time to cash in on such an opportunity by registering your brand today. Facebook allows you to easily share your business with a network of hundreds of thousands of people in your area, so it’s a great way to spread the word.


Though Yahoo! isnt quite as popular as Google, this search provider is used as a main alternative and can attract many visitors as a result. Utilizing Yahoo! as an online business directory can benefit your brand, but you must make an effort to prove your site’s authenticity so that other users can fully trust your webpage. There are far fewer results when searching on Yahoo! in comparison to Google, so you have a greater chance of climbing to the top of search engine pages so that potential customers spot your brand far sooner.


Yet another social media platform can be of benefit when seeking to register your business as part of a popular online directory, as Instagram has taken massive leaps towards becoming a more commercial, profit-focused platform that allows it’s users to do business in a simple way.

Instagram boasts many unique features that allow you to declare your profile as a professional business as well as giving you the opportunity to makret and advertise your posts, so it’s a great opportunity to list your brand and make a mark.


As a Lebanese business directory, users can search by category to find any business in Lebanon. Categories include hotels & tourism, automotive, business services, sports, and much more! Having access to a wholly Lebanese platform allows you to access good local people without having to wade through the masses of other foreign users that may stumble across your social media pages, so its a super efficient way to register your business to attract new customers.

Downtown Beirut

Downtown Beirut is another popular online business directory that operates exclusively inside the area of Lebanon, but more specifically Beirut. It contains information and contact details for many different brands and businesses that exist inside of Lebanon, making it the perfect platform for residents and nearby communities to get more information about what’s available around them.


Yelleb encourages your brand to become more visible, helping you to obtain new customers and generate more traffic when listing your website with their directory services. You can improve social media shares, get reviews and grow your business reputation as a result of your efforts. Your Yelleb business profile can include a brief description, a range of your products, a photo gallery showcasing your best features and even your business location shown on a map to make access as easy as possible.

Yellow Pages Lebanon

The yellow pages have been around for decades, and they are well known for their effectiveness when it comes to providing detailed directories. Yellow pages now have their own country specific online platforms, so you can make the most of their website to register your business in order to attract more customers! Some people view the yellow pages as somewhat outdated, but more often than not they are referred to as an original, trustworthy source.

Trade Key

Trade Key is a global platform that operates in almost every country around the world, acting as a vast online business directory database to help people uncover a variety of brands and traders nearby. Almost all topics and areas are covered, allowing visitors to access what they’re searching for each and every time. Users from around the world navigate across the site, helping you to achieve a wider spread reputation.

Using an online business directory can benefit your brand dramatically. By making sure that your business details are correct on the different online web directories that you use, you can begin to increase your chances of being discovered whenever a new customer searches for services or products like yours, even if they do not search your specific brand name. This is extremely useful as a large portion of customers will not search for an exact business name when looking for a service or product. banner

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