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A brand is the essence of your company; it is the unique identity that sets your venture apart from other. A brand building is not just about creating awareness amongst the audience, but also about providing some worth to the organization. It is a never-ending process and takes a lot of time and effort to establish.
Before I talk about the elements that you need to look out for building a brand, let’s talk about:
What is brand building?
A brand is the visual identity of the company that makes it recognizable for the audience and brand building is the process through which we communicate this brand to the consumers by creating value for them. Usually, brand building is of three type- Service brand, Retail brand, and product brand.
Now, here are 5 things that will help you build your brand:

1. Know your competition

You can’t build your brand without knowing your competition, it is crucial because you don’t want to use the same elements using. Also, it helps to know what worked for them and what didn’t? Here are the questions you need the answer to:

  • Find out who are your direct competitors in the market. You can do this by typing the keywords in Google that best describe your products.
  • How is their product different than yours, what is the unique selling point of the product is something you need to know?
  • Check out the reviews so that you know what is not working for them so that you can avoid doing the same mistake.

2. Know your product

It is important to know every detail about your product so that it is easy to create a brand for it which delivers the intended message and is clear about its purpose for the audience.
Try to answer the questions like what is the product? How will it help people? Who it will help and why should they care about this?
Once you are clear on them, find a simple way through which you can convince the consumers about these questions too. For this, you should try to sell the product to your family and friends and get their reviews.
It will help you to come up with better answers for convincing the right audience about the usage of your products.

3. Know your buyer

Now, that you are well aware of your product and competitors, it is time to find the right target audience and create a brand that will impress them. The product/service you are launching cannot be for every person, so it is imperative to find the right audience by researching there:

  • Location – can the product reach her/him and is the location suitable for the product.
  • Age- the product is appropriate for which age group.
  • Income- is the product feasible for low-income people or high or moderate, branding and pricing will be done according to that.
  • Gender- The product target either gender or one.
  • Usage, education, and Family

This is known as creating a buyer persona, once done this, it becomes easy to build a brand that will market to their needs.

4. Chose a brand name

Now that everything from product to consumers is sorted, it is time to name your brand. This is a hard task as you can’t just pick any name. There are certain factors like long-term goals and expansion plans that you need to think of. Here are some pointers:

  • The name of the brand should resonate with your product and must describe what the business is all about. Also, don’t make it specific to one thing otherwise expansion would be a problem.
  • The name should be such that people can easily remember it. Also, it should be easy to pronounce and write.
  • Don’t use a brand name that has already been used by someone else, make your own unique name and register it so that you get the trademark.
  • Also, the name you select should be free to use in every social media as this the new tools for marketing and promoting any brand.

5. Create a visual identity

Once everything is sorted, it is time to create a brand story. A brand story is just like about us that are states how the product came into being and what are the goals, mission, and vision of the same. Now, create a visual identity of the product keeping in mind the story and product and audience.


  • A logo is the first thing anyone notices about your brand and also the most important visual element.
  • A simple but elegant logo that delivers the intended message to the audience helps them to remember the product.
  • This is one of the hardest things to get right and thus must be done by a professional. But if tight on budget, you can use the free and easy logo maker tool of Canva.

Other elements are the color scheme, typography, images and tone of the various marketing tool like the website, business card etc.
These 5 points are the most important thing you need to remember while building your own brand. It is a time consuming and never-ending process, but the end results and success makes it worth the time and sweat.

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