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Registering your business within a business directory or on a listing site is a highly effective way to boost your online visibility, maximise your reach to potential clients, and increase the number of leads your business can make.

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Business directories are essentially a list of all available businesses within a chosen area. Typically, listing sites will allow the user to drill down to specific industries or sectors, a specific location, or sometimes by the number of online reviews it may have. So, when registering your business on a listing site, you should ensure that as much information is present as possible. This will enable you to appear in as many searches as possible.

What Are The Top Business Directories or Listing Sites in Belarus?

When registering and promoting your Belarus business, you want to ensure that you’re registered with the top business directories, which will easily be found on a google search. This post will find a list of good listing sites in Belarus for promoting your business.

Enests is one of the top business listing sites where you can submit your agency, find top companies or better service providers, read or write reviews and make buying decisions. So list your company or choose the right service provider to make your business fly.


This is the official website of Belarus. It contains a business directory and plenty of information about travel, the country itself, and the government. It also offers advice on locating your business and setting it up. So if you’re new to being a business owner, this is a fantastic tool to make use of.

A trusted resource amongst those living in or travelling to Belarus is a great place to register your business details.


This is the yellow pages of Belarus, a fully comprehensive directory of businesses, organisations, and even sole traders or individual entrepreneurs. Complete with address, telephone numbers and website, this is the directory you want to head to promote your business online.

There are 1.2 million suppliers listed in this business directory. Members can search as a buyer or as a supplier. As a premium gold member: you can:

  • Contact unlimited buyers to sell your products to relevant people.
  • Display not only your business details but your actual product range, showcasing to buyers worldwide.
  • Push your google ranking results up
  • Make use of the inquiry tracker


A traditional listing site, you can refine your search by country and then sector.


Connect2 India has a global business directory, from which you can filter down to just Belarus.

PR Log

Just as they say on this site, “add your business and get found for free”!


Kompass is a worldwide directory. However, it has a very detailed section for each country, including Belarus.

Broadnotes Directory

You must be logged in on this website to find businesses and likewise register your business.

Described as “A business directory to promote local firms of Belarus with their products and services.”, you can generate more business enquiries by signing up and registering your business within this directory. Typically, this covers small and medium businesses in Belarus.


A quick search for the term ‘vet’ in Belarus quickly brought up a comprehensive list of 7 results that would have been of interest to me, should I really have needed a vet. Get added to this business listing site to be counted in searches, whatever your industry.


Not only can you list your business here, but you can also find existing listings and target them as part of a b2b campaign, should you wish. Just bear in mind that once you’ve registered, you will also be a potential marketing target for another business willing and keen to provide you with a service.

Express Business Directory

This page is in English, a straightforward layout to find your way around; you can search listings and register your own business listing. This site also covers worldwide.


A business listing site for small businesses across the globe can filter to the specific country, i.e. Belarus, and then further still to the sector required.

Global Resource Directory – Belarus

According to the Global Resource Directory, “™ has put together the best resources of each country to minimize your search time.” and just by clicking on to Belarus, you are faced with a very detailed list of sectors. On selecting seafood, for example, it will take you directly to a dedicated directory of sea-food contacts within Belarus.

This site also has traditional Belarusian music playing in the background once you’ve selected Belarus, which is a great touch.


Not only is this listing your details with the business directory, but there is also an option for users to send an enquiry to you through the site itself, adding yet another potential route for incoming leads to your business.

World of Manufacturers

Whilst this list is entirely based upon the manufacturing sector, it is complete with detailed filter options for the advanced search and allows visitors to request a quote directly through the site.

Things to include in your business listing

The more information a potential new client has, the more chances they will contact you. The listing doesn’t have to be novel-like, nor do you need to add too many irrelevant snippets of information. Keep it focussed, and remember to think about what the customer would be looking for.

  • Business name
  • Business address
  • Areas your business covers
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Sector
  • Services or Products offered
  • Web address
  • If there is an option, add a link to your public testimonials, such as Google Reviews or TripAdvisor.

Why Register My Business to a Business Directory in Belarus?

Google ranking is critical when it comes to being visible online to potential customers. When registered in multiple business directories or within listing sites, you give yourself a snippet of internet space dedicated to your brand and business.

Promote your business without having to try by registering within business directories in Belarus. Anyone searching for the products or services that you happen to offer will find you.

The majority of listing sites are free, quick and painless to complete. So, when someone next asks why should I register my business to business directories in Belarus, ask them: why not? banner

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