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Google has hundreds of different SEO factors, by understanding these factors individuals and businesses can improve their website rankings. If you have your own website you might be wondering does SSL improve SEO?

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What is SSL?

SSL refers to an SSL certificate, it means ‘Secure Sockets Layer’. It’s essentially a layer of security that protects web users and their info. It’s a type of security tech which provides an encrypted link between a browser and a web server. The security ensures that the data that’s transferred stays private. When a web user lands on an SSL certificate site, their data will not be shared or leaked.

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Does SSL improve SEO?

Yes it does! Websites that have a secure connection are ranked above non-secure sites. Due to this, an SSL certificate can improve your SEO. Web security means keeping user data safe. (Google doesn’t like to send users to sites that are unsafe to use)! For this reason, Google is now placing more importance on SSL for SEO.

Since there are hundreds of other ranking factors, having an SSL certificate alone doesn’t immediately send your page to the top of the search results. Website owners need to pay attention to all of the key SEO ranking factors. One thing’s for sure, an SSL certificate can help you to remain competitive, and keep user info secure.

Unless your site has an SSL certificate the user will be displayed with a ‘website not secure message’. Research shows that this message can increase bounce rates, sending web users elsewhere. To boost the SEO of your site, ensure that your website has an SSL certificate. banner

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